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Blocky Raider Cheats & Strategy Guide: 4 Tips to Earn More Coins and Unlock New Characters

Full Fat Games’ Blocky Raider (iOS) is a title that, based on the game’s name and its mechanics, shares a lot of similarities with Crossy Road. It is an endless hopper that, in this case, will have you moving through a temple and avoiding a number of obstacles such as fireballs, boulders, walls, blades, and many other traps. Think of it as a Crossy Road-style game that draws a lot of inspiration from games like Tomb Raider, or even Prince of Persia. It’s a game that could appeal to casual mobile gamers, as you basically collect coins, gun for the highest possible score, and unlock new characters along the way.

Like a lot of casual titles, this is a game that’s easy to learn but hard to perfect. Now, nobody’s perfect when it comes to these games, but we can at least offer you some useful Blocky Raider cheats, tips and hints that can help you go as far as possible on your endless hopping journey.

1. Take It Nice And Easy

If you’re going too fast and dying too soon, then you’ll need to slow it down and take some time to avoid the obstacles. The obstacles, after all, have patterns which you can follow and easily remember. Before you run into an obstacle, make sure you stop, and watch how the obstacle tries to get in your way, so you have an idea of how long you’ll remain safe.

2. Use The Time Lapse Cheat For Redeeming Your Free Gifts

Every now and then, you’ll receive a free gift. You’ll get one every few minutes in the early parts of the game, but you’ll soon have to wait a couple hours or more before you can receive them. Feel free to set your device’s time accordingly if you want to receive the free gift without having to wait; you’ll see a timer that states just how long it’s going to take. Just be sure to restore the time to normal – doing so won’t forfeit your free gift.

3. Use Multiple Ways To Earn Coins

There are other ways to earn coins aside from getting them through free gifts. You can collect them naturally throughout the course of the game, or watch ad videos to get coins as a reward. Rewards for watching ad videos are solid, but not as large as they would be if you’d take advantage of the free gifts.

4. Unlock New Characters, Here’s How

The gumball machine will allow you to buy a new character from it for each 100 coins you earn. But like in Crossy Road, the only difference between characters is their appearance. They all perform the same and don’t come with any special skills, strengths, or weaknesses. But it’s still cool to unlock or purchase these characters – they all have amusing hashtags, and you can even luck out and unlock a mystery character. Again, much like you can do in Crossy Road, though in this case, we don’t have any information yet on how to unlock these secret characters.