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Call Me Emperor Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Powerful Dynasty

Clicktouch Co., Ltd has been around since 2017, though their name may not be well-known globally since their first 4 game releases were not English titles. For the first time, though, the company’s latest mobile game, Call Me Emperor, which was released just a month ago, is in English title and is quickly gaining popularity on both Android and iOS platforms. Call Me Emperor is a unique strategy RPG that offers a good mix of kingdom management, epic army battles, marriages and offspring activities, and a wide variety of other empire-related agendas. If you’re up for a non-stressful online RPG you can casually play with friends and other people, then Call Me Emperor may just be the game you are looking for!

Call Me Emperor takes you to the era of dynasties in ancient China with the goal of becoming the most powerful and most popular emperor of the time. On top of developing your kingdom and raising power, part of your duties is to gather beauties from all across the land and bear children to serve as future heirs of your kingdom. As an emperor, there are battles you need to engage in to raise popularity as well and with an ever-increasing difficulty on that respect, you must continuously train your generals as well as recruit soldiers to grow in power. There are various activities to engage in although not all will contribute directly to increasing your power and influence. Just the same, every bit of time you spend on any of the various structures and features of the game contributes to improving your kingdom and the overall time and dedication you commit to it will also be the primary determinant of your progress.

There is a quick and easy-to-follow tutorial available as soon as you step into the world of Call Me Emperor. You may want to pay close attention to everything being discussed as there are a lot of important details to remember from it though playing the game afterwards can give you a good rundown of things you need to know. As you go through various activities surrounding the usual activities you will soon regularly engage in, you will level up and unlock new features of the game. Don’t worry, though, as every new structure or feature you unlock comes with a brief tutorial.

Despite the enormous content of the game, it’s still pretty easy to play and is a lot less stressful than conventional RPGs. If you want to progress as much as you possibly can and be among the top, if not the best, emperors of the land then our Call Me Emperor tips, cheats and strategies presented in a complete strategy guide can help you take the necessary steps to grow your kingdom most efficiently.

1. Push To Complete Quests

Your progression in the game basically revolves around cycling through a variety of activities you need to perform as the emperor of your kingdom. As there are numerous affairs you need to handle and more become available as you progress further, it is fairly easy to lose track of some of these activities. The Quests you need to accomplish can be found on the lower left side of your screen and accomplishing these as strictly as you can will reward you with much needed resources to grow and develop your kingdom faster.

call me emperor quests

A lot of actions you will have to constantly do still contribute to quests you may not readily see. Don’t worry about it though as in a lot of cases, you will see quest objectives already completed and you will have a “claim” button instead of a “go” one to receive your extra rewards. It is simply more practical to allow these quests to serve as your main guide towards progress especially if you just recently started the game and still need to be introduced to many of the game’s features and activities.

2. Claim Tax, Grain Levies And Recruit Soldiers As Often As You Can

One of the structures in Call Me Emperor you ought to visit as regularly as you can is the Governance Hall and by choosing “govern” within it, you earn basic resources and troops that you will always need for various activities in the game. As you will never have more than enough of anything you can get out of these resource structure, always take note of the time it takes for you to again be able to claim resources.

call me emperor strategies

Taels, which serve as the basic currency in the game can be gained from the Tax Levy. Grains, which you will need to recruit more troops and grow your army, can be claimed from Grain Levy, and the grains you collect and save will be needed to recruit more troops for your kingdom. Take note as well that the higher your account level goes, the more attempts you can stack up on the levies and recruitment. At some point, it will take a lot longer to fully regenerate all attempts to claim resources which will consequently be more convenient for you.

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3. Progress Through Stage Battles To Grow Your Fame

You will have several chances to go through some stage battles early on in the game and from time to time; completing certain stages will form part of the main quests. Stage battles are divided into chapters and each chapter is further divided down into 6 stages with the second and fifth stages having elite enemies and the sixth and final stage being a boss battle. All stages except the last one will be based on your military strength and the higher the disparity between your military power compared to the enemy’s, the less number of troops you lose on each battle. For the sixth stage which is the boss battle, your top minister with the highest military prowess will take on the boss and it’s basically a battle of combat power.

call me emperor tips

There are basically only 2 things to keep an eye on for the first five stages of each chapter, the number of your troops compared to the enemy’s and your comparative military strength. You need to ascertain that you have a big enough advantage on both considerations that can sustain you enough through the series of battles on each stage. Preferably, go for battles that has low loss rate for your troops especially in stages where there are too many battles to go through per stage. The elite enemy troops are expected to be a little more challenging as well so pay close attention to army strength and troop count variance in those stages. In case of doubt with regards to claiming victory, you can always back out, claim more resources and grow your army more before daring to challenge the battle stage again.

4. Upgrade Your Ministers Regularly

Managing all the affairs of an entire kingdom is a feat that can overwhelm even the best of emperors as no single entity can make any kingdom grow and prosper out of his sole effort. As such, you need your ministers to build and strengthen your kingdom and as each one of the many ministers you will have has his own unique strength and capability, it is best to ensure that you keep ministers as strong as they can be.

Ministers have unique stat attributes based on 4 specializations. Ministers with a high proficiency in commerce can help with boosting taels you gain from the Tax Levy. A high level of agriculture directly impacts how much grain you can reap from the Grain Levy. Politics have an impact on the troops you can gain from recruitment. Last but not the least, Military is a minister specialization that affects strength in battle and impacts how many troops you will lose per fight. Ministers typically specialize in one of these attributes well over the others though some will have a combination of two strong stats.

call me emperor ministers

You can upgrade each minister at the cost of taels and each new level reached results in an increase of their stats and combat power which also raises yours. Take note of each minister’s potential per stat as this will influence how much bonus stats he will get from each level up. There are plenty of consumable items like potential fruits and titles which can instantly raise a minister’s potential and depending on your needs and preferences, you may have to think it through before choosing which general you ought to spend these items on.

Every time you gain a new level, you can acquire an additional minister through the imperial exam. As you can choose 1 from among 3 choices, be sure to read through each potential minister’s description particularly their strengths and choose the one that you need the most. Considering everything, it is best to keep all stats as balanced as you can with a little more emphasis on military as the stage battle is perhaps the only feature in the game that can hamper your growth and having exceptionally high military power is highly important for you to conquer it.

Within the imperial academy as well, the Grand Council is a structure you need to invest some resources and time on to further boost the strength of your ministers as it serves as an educational institution where an appointed minister can gain growth points and skill points from. You will only have one available slot here initially and assigning a minister will take time to receive growth points and skill points. For best results, spend some gold early on to unlock additional one or two slots early on to be able to assign more ministers and make the most out of your occasional visits here. Gold is a premium currency that ought to be saved for important necessities and this is one of those necessities to boost your kingdom’s growth and progress.

5. Spend Time With Consorts And Descendants

Consorts and descendants are both crucial to further raising your each step of the way in Call Me Emperor. As the game is set in ancient times, you are free to marry as many consorts as you can who in turn will bear you descendants that will also gain you more power and influence over the land. One of the biggest challenges in the game is actually collecting consorts which are somewhat based on random encounters through Cruise.

call me emperor consorts and descendants

Once you have a consort, you can visit her through the Harem structure in your kingdom. Your goal with every visit is to raise your intimacy level and influence with any consort as intimacy level will affect your future descendants’ aptitude, specialty, and level limit while influence can boost stats of certain ministers which lead to an increase in your total power. To raise a consort’s intimacy level, you must give her gifts which you can acquire from quests and events. For influence to increase, simply expend random summon attempts which replenishes over some time as well.

Random summons may result in the birth of a descendant that you must educate from time to time for his or her continuous growth and development. You can visit descendants at the Education Room and every vitality point spent on each child will result in their increased stats as well as increase in your power. As you only have 2 attempts to spend on each child before the 1 hour wait to replenish additional vitality, you can use Vitality Pills to instantly replenish their vitality and grow faster. Once at full maturity, you can marry your descendants off to descendants of other players which will greatly increase your power.

6. Expend Stamina In Cruise

call me emperor guide

The Cruise is one of the many locations you can get to once you decide to go outside of your kingdom and explore the world outside. The Cruise serves as a unique game mode where you roll a dice to head to random locations within the town and earn a variety of rewards. Each dice roll consumes stamina although it replenishes over time. Although you are more likely to gain taels from most turns, there are several great rewards and also slim chances of raising affection levels of potential consorts. Be sure to always take note of how much time it will take to earn more attempts here and occasionally go out of your kingdom to spend a few turns for rewards here.

7. Participate In Naval Battles

call me emperor naval battle

Naval Battles are among the first game modes you can unlock in the game and can easily be accessed through the “Go Out” button at the bottom right side of your main screen. In Naval Battle, you take on pirate ships and progress is determined by your combat power which is dependent on your minister’s total power and a bit of precision. To deal the most damage, you have to time your shot as the marker moving along the target line is at the dead center of the crosshairs. Your performance in naval battles has corresponding points and the end rewards are based on the total points earned by all players across the server. If and when you fail to eliminate a pirate warship, there will be a cool down period for an extra retry to replenish, so be sure to frequently visit this game mode to contribute points and possibly earn top rewards.

8. Complete Daily Quests, Achievements And Event Objectives

Every activity you engage in as you play through Call Me Emperor’s many features and game modes almost always reap instant benefits either with gains on influence, power, consumables, or even combinations or mixtures of the same. Quest completions hand out additional rewards but more rewards are still available for you to claim depending on your activities in connection with daily quests, achievements, and events.

call me emperor daily quest

For the most part, what you would normally engage in as you play Call Me Emperor each day results in the accomplishment of the objectives listed under daily quests and if you really love the game and want to progress on it as much as you can, you will strive to always try your best to complete each given task listed here and claim the most rewards out of it. There are rewards to be claimed for every task you can accomplish but more importantly, the accumulated activity points unlock claimable chests that contain rare items you can use to boost your progress. To ensure that you get the most out of the time you spend playing the game, make it a habit to always check for daily quest objectives you may have forgotten about but are otherwise easy and fast to accomplish.

Achievements, on the other hand, offer one time rewards for milestones you have reached through your progress in the game. There are also plenty of rewards to be claimed here which are mostly consumable items but some achievements give you gold. Potentially, playing the game regularly will have you earn all claimable rewards here but just the same, working towards getting them sooner will be best for you if your aim is to be among the top emperors in the server.

There is a time-limited event available on the first seven days of your play time that offers plenty of items that would otherwise be challenging to earn elsewhere. The rewards here are based on general activities as well as accomplishments in the game much like daily quests and achievements. The difference is that you only have a limited time to accomplish the set goals here and claim your rewards.

9. Visit The Emperor Hall And Rankings Daily For Free Gold

call me emperor free gold

As these easy boosters do not form part of the tutorial and may be missed altogether, it is important to remember making it part of your daily routine to click on both the Emperor Hall and Rankings within your kingdom. Inside the Emperor Hall, you can consult famous emperors and claim free gold which is almost the same as worshipping top ranking players in the Rankings for the same rewards. As gold is a premium currency which is a lot more difficult to earn than taels, and generally so easy to run out of, be sure to grab some free ones on both these structures as you will never have enough of this premium currency in the game.

10. Check Your Inventory For Consumable Items

Rewards you claim from completing quests and accomplishing milestones under achievements and events wind up in your inventory. For the most part, there won’t be any indicator to let you know of new items you have earned and it’s very much possible to not notice the Treasury icon at the bottom of your screen. As a lot of the consumable items you have in your bag are best used sooner than later, make it a habit as well to frequently look into the assorted items you have collected and check to see which ones are best used at the soonest.

call me emperor cheats

One of the common resources that can greatly boost your kingdom’s growth and power come in the form of books which can instantly boost the attributes of your ministers. Without you noticing, you may easily earn over a hundred of these easily most especially during the initial hours of gameplay. You may also have several potential fruit shards, as well as potential fruits, which when synthesized and consumed will also lead to a boost in your ministers’ overall capacity. There are also items that you can use to instantly gain basic resources. In any case, feel free to explore and read through every item you have earned here as some maybe immediately needed to push through a battle stage which on the other hand may be too challenging with your current combat power and resources.

Call Me Emperor certainly holds a lot more features and secrets just waiting to be uncovered but for now, this is all we have for our beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you read through each of the tips and strategies we shared here and that you enjoyed the things you learned from this guide. With the sheer size of the game’s content, it is still possible that we missed a few tricks here and there so if you have additional Call Me Emperor tips, cheats or strategies of your own that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to do so through the comment section below!


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Can you unlink Google account from your Call me emperor account and link it to another Google account?


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Can I get my old account of this game


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@Harshpshetty, i dont think you can... lost my account twice after months and months of game play. i still havent recovered it.