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Call Me Emperor Advanced Guide: Tactics & Strategies to Increase Your Combat Power and Earn Valuable Resources

A little over a month after Clicktouch Co., Ltd.’s launch of the unique RPG Call Me Emperor and it is still going very strong on both Android and iOS platforms. On top of the plethora of content to keep players occupied and amused for hours of game play daily, Call Me Emperor also continuously hosts new events that reward activity with great rewards. If you just started out playing the game, though, be sure to read through our Call Me Emperor beginner’s guide as it discusses the basic mechanics and features you need to engage in to keep increasing your combat power (CP). Moving forward, we will now be tackling advanced strategies that cover more ways to increase your CP and earn valuable resources to support you in your journey towards becoming a top-tier emperor.

It is important to know and understand at this point that while all your efforts in Call Me Emperor work towards amassing more and more CP, some activities don’t necessarily lean directly towards it. In a lot of cases, some activities and decisions you need to make later in the game may be aimed towards better balancing of the 4 main attributes you need to maximize productivity and efficiency amongst other things even when the end result won’t necessarily be a higher overall CP. So without further ado, let’s move on to our Call Me Emperor tips, tactics and strategies in order to incease your CP, earn valuable resources and build the strongest empire!

1. Join An Active Alliance

One of the key aspects of Call Me Emperor that we did not consider to include in our beginner’s guide is membership in an active alliance. If you are not familiar with this concept, alliances, which may be called guilds or factions in other online games, refer to the grouping of players who exert effort towards achieving a common goal. Although there may be some variances between how alliances work from one game to the next, the similarities lie in contributing effort individually for communal rewards that everyone can gain from. Alliances in Call Me Emperor become available a little late in the game as compared with other games and although it may seem disadvantageous, it holds more benefits for most alliance members as it rids the possibility of having alliances full of inactive players. There’s a huge chance that you won’t be able to unlock the ability to join an alliance on your first day as it requires you to be at account level 11 to be able to join one.

call me emperor alliance

In Call Me Emperor, alliances start off with only a maximum capacity of 11 members. As your alliance grows stronger through gaining experience points and levelling up, more slots become available for new members. As a member of an alliance, it is your duty to contribute as much as you can to ensure that your alliance will grow as fast as it can and help each of its members gain a more competitive edge over players from other alliances.

The first thing you need to ensure is to make a contribution daily to your alliance. Initially, this can be done by clicking on the Alliance Hall and choosing to donate for the Daily Construction. If you are feeling generous, then by all means spend gold for a huge contribution which also grants higher alliance experience points and wealth. Typically, especially for free players, contributing with taels will do.

Once the alliance leader makes the alliance realm available to battle, you can rack up more contributions by participating in the battle. Enemy monsters stand between your alliance and victory and each member must exert effort to defeat the boss of the unlocked area. Three enemies will have to be eliminated first, though, and you can contribute by sending each of your ministers to battle the enemy. Chances are, you won’t be able to defeat an enemy with the entirety of your army but keep in mind that this is a team effort so your aim is not to defeat the enemy on your own but to deal as much damage as you can with the hopes that you fellow alliance members can finish the job.

Lastly, for now, being a member of an alliance will unlock the Alliance Recruit in the Governance Hall which can earn you free troops for a maximum of 6 times a day. What makes this unique though is that it has a long cool down period and to cut down the waiting time, you need to request help for fellow alliance members. Simply click on the request help button below it and a prompt will appear on all other alliance members’ screens when they are online. Likewise, be sure to also provide assistance to fellow members whenever you see the “help” icon pop up on the lower right side of your screen.

2. Participate In Parade Ground Activities

The Parade Ground basically holds 2 separate game modes where you utilize your ministers in battle. The main mode which requires a little more dedication and strategy is the Random Invasion where you go against another player and take down as many ministers in his kingdom as you can. The difficulty here lies in the random probability of using your top minister which is why you would want to balance out each of your minister’s strengths and stats if you want more successful runs here. You can participate up to 4 times each day and the cool down period is 1 hour.

As each minister can only be used once each day, you may keep track of how you would fare in battle later on depending on which ministers have previously engaged in battle. On each match, you will choose 1 from 3 ministers whom you would do battle with so feel free to get to know each minister to help you choose more efficiently among the choices you encounter on each stage. Before the match starts, you can opt to purchase temporary boosts and health restores which consumes a limited item exclusive to the game mode that replenishes each day. You can also use gold but we don’t actually recommend it as gold can better be utilized in a lot of other areas of the game. Keep in mind that once your health goes below a hundred percent, be sure to keep an eye out for health restores as you will always want to keep it as high as possible for the rest of the oncoming battles.

call me emperor parade ground

If an opponent defeats 5 or more of your ministers, they will become your foe and be displayed on the Foe List which you can access at the bottom right of your screen. You can battle them back by clicking on the “Avenge” button and consume 1 hatred. You may want to take note of the opponent’s rank which can very much give you an idea of how strong they are.

For the Challenge, defeating all of the enemy’s minister or 20 ministers in a row will put you in the Notice Challenge and will enable any other player to challenge you in battle. Likewise, if you feel competitive enough, you can also attempt to take on other players here. It is a bit of a gamble choosing from among the list of players which one can be easier to battle as your only basis would be the number of ministers they defeated which can be very much dependent on luck relative to their previous opponent’s strength.

On the PvE side, you should use your daily attempt to participate in the Capture Rebels mode. You can choose your top minister for this endeavor and the merits you receive can be used to rank up your minister. Your Rank on the Parade Ground will determine which gang bosses you can go after and all battles in the Parade Ground can gain you points except for the Capture Rebel.

Once you have earned enough merit points from participating in all activities within the Parade Ground, you can use these points to rank up your ministers. Each rank up not only boosts the stats of your ministers but also increase their initial attack values as well as skill activation chances.

3. Hold And Attend Banquets

call me emperor banquet

A good way to help friends out and also earn rewards in return is through the banquet. If you have an active guild or friends in real life whom you can play with in this game, you can gain great opportunities through attending each friend’s banquet as well as asking each one to attend yours. Holding banquets cost hard-earned gold which means that each attempt to do so should be compensated by a good enough attendance to rack up points worth of what you spent. The points you earn can be used to purchase a wide variety of consumable items to help you with the other tasks you need to make progress on.

4. Spend Your Cruise Tokens Strategically

As you begin to play Call Me Emperor more regularly, one of the regular activities you will have to engage in is the Cruise, where you roll a virtual die and randomly travel to a variety of spots on the map. Playing through it enough times, you should notice that whenever you land exactly on one of the establishments, you can raise your affection level with a potential consort situated in that location. Once you do several times, you will notice that some potential consorts are a little easier to acquired than others as affection levels vary between 5 to 15 which means that maxing out 15 for that consort will be a longer challenge due to probabilities.

call me emperor cruise tokens

Depending on how much time you spend on the game, strategize on which potential consorts to aim for with the use of your very limited cruise tokens. As these tokens are very challenging to acquire outside of limited quests and events and at the shop, you should decide on how to use them before actually spending even just one.

If you play the game a lot and more or less maximizes engagement in all activities several times a day, then go for the harder to acquire consorts first and if you don’t play that much and find even the easiest ones to acquire to be that big of a challenge, then feel free to spend your cruise tokens to visit the establishment where to get them. While within the cruise, simply tap on a desired location and click on the “Directed Cruise” button. This action will consume one cruise token but requires no stamina to activate. Keep in mind that these direct visits won’t guarantee that you will encounter the potential consort and raise affection level, but then, it can still contribute to hastening the process altogether and will potentially net you more consorts sooner.

As having more consorts lead to higher CP amongst other benefits, be sure to try and divide the necessary resources amongst all you have to keep their intimacy levels as close to one another as you can. As summoning consorts are also random, keeping them practically at the same level will have better results for you in the long run.

5. Appoint Ministers At Level 100

It is very understandable to try and keep all your ministers at the same value and level for the initial part of the game. Especially considering the Parade Ground which we covered earlier, the PvP aspect which very much sends in a random minister practically screams that you should empower your ministers in almost the same way. As some ministers who have higher rarity and potential are definitely best to invest on, choose a couple or more to prioritize as far as levelling goes.

call me emperor ministers

Once a minister reaches the initial maximum level of 100, you can appoint them and each of their stats will increase by 1000 points. Beyond that, their level cap will increase further opening up more opportunities for you to raise your CP as you strengthen them further. Though you may want to prioritize levelling them up and appointing them based on their rarity, a good point of consideration is again be those with high military prowess. As battles are mostly the only thing you can lose from in the game, keeping military strength just a little above all else is a good way to build your empire.

And that is all we have now for our Call Me Emperor advanced guide. Following this, as well as our initial guide, will definitely help you a lot in making a competitive empire to challenge players from across the land. Again, your growth and progress in the game will largely depend on the amount of time and effort you can put into it and given the plethora of activities to engage in relative to the time you can spend on the game on a daily basis, it will be a challenging feat. If you have tips, tricks or strategies relevant to the guides we provided and would like to share the same with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out through the comment box below!


Wednesday 29th of September 2021

How can we claim RPs in alliance??


Monday 25th of January 2021

Yes because it gives taels, taels are a very important resources for upgrading minis, attending banquets and much more whereas military only helps in stage. Your stats should be balanced like this Commerce>Agriculture=Politics>Military. Remember after a certain level you have to balance Agriculture and Politics as same to recruit a better amount of troops


Friday 27th of November 2020

how can i get consort Mi Yue ??

Sanaa K. Mohamed

Monday 8th of November 2021

@any, Mi Yue isn't a Consort, she is a Superheroine. In order to get her, you must unlock her by obtaining 100 Mi Yue souls, (the green ones), and I believe when you unlock a Superheroine, you automatically unlock the respective Consort, and if that is not the case, then I guess when you unlock the Superheroine, you can unlock the Consort with 10 Confidante Jade Souls, (the light pink ones with the flower). I hope this was helpful.


Friday 6th of November 2020

They say, commerce is more important than military stats.

Sanaa K. Mohamed

Monday 8th of November 2021

@Hani, I'm not sure if I believe that. I believe that should try to keep all of your Stats at a relatively even level, in order to have a properly balanced Empire. That way you are likely to become more powerful. I hope this was helpful.


Friday 30th of October 2020

What vip would i get if ever i bought the national fund power cause im planning on buying it pls help.