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Cabal Mobile Closed Beta Test Now Live in South Korea

Based on the famous MMORPG Cabal Online which was released by ESTgames back in 2005, the CBT for Cabal Mobile has finally gone live on March 13th in South Korea! Keep in mind that the Cabal Mobile CBT supports only KR languages. Though there is no precise launch date, the global version release is scheduled this year.

cabal mobile closed beta test

Cabal Mobile promises to maintain the original system of Cabal Online and deliver spectacular action: dungeons, thrilling combo action, a battle mode, and even an “Auto Quest” system designed to enhance the gaming experience on mobile devices.

The Closed Beta test for Cabal Mobile has already started in South Korea and will last until March 17th. Players can still register for the CBT. If you are located outside South Korea, you will need to use a VPN. You can use this link to register. Keep in mind that the game requires Android OS 4.4 or above, RAM 3G or higher, and 2.8 GB or above memory space.

If you want to keep your CBT data safe, make sure to log in with your Facebook/Google account.

For more information, make sure to check the game’s official Facebook page.