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Rolling Sky 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels

A sequel of the renowned Rolling Sky mobile game, Rolling Sky 2 is Cheetah Mobile’s newest release exclusively on iOS, a gorgeous auto-runner that promises to deliver a unique gaming experience. If the original game had players controlling a ball through moving platforms, the new release replaces abstract geometry with beautiful scenery and challenges players to time their movements to the beat and grab the 3 stars. The levels vary between 30 seconds to several minutes and require precise movements to get through them.

If you want to nail all the levels in Rolling Sky 2 and predict the unexpected, keep reading for a series of useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. The Key To Success: Trial And Error

rolling sky 2 tips

Grabbing all the items in one go is not an easy task. You will need to move to the beat and put your reflexes to a serious test. If you fail at first, don’t get discouraged. The best strategy to nail each level is simple: try, try again and again. The more you play, the more you get used to the game’s mechanics, learn all the tricks, and figure out those trip-ups that have been thought out to catch you off guard. There are paths that will simply disappear in front of your feet. So make sure you are always ready for a last-second dive. If you manage to predict trip-ups, winning a level will become much simpler.

2. Work On Improving Your Movements

Mastering a level implies quick reflexes and precise movements. It is extremely important to learn how to swipe from one side to another. Otherwise, you will simply fly off the stage. The good part is that your character jumps automatically. So that’s a movement you don’t need to worry about.

3. Try To Learn Each Level

If you can’t follow the beat instinctively, move at your own pace. Learning the levels will allow you to move better and better each time you replay them and grab all the stars.

4. Pay Attention To The Music Icons To Earn Gems

If you check the menu screen, you will notice some music icons. If you tap on them, you can earn a free gem. Watching ads can win you nice bonuses, including gems. So don’t hesitate to tap on the music icons. Gems are rather easy to get in Rolling Sky 2.

5. Use Gems Or Watch Ads To Revive

rolling sky 2 guide

Rolling Sky 2 offers you the possibility to revive by watching ads or spending gems. Though ads can be irritating, they are sometimes useful.

6. Spend Gems Or Money To Buy Buff Packages

Rolling Sky 2 offers you the possibility to purchase special buff packages (shields, super buffs, revives etc.). You can pay with gems or with real money.

7. Play Longer By Modifying The Game’s Graphics Quality

If the game is too much for your phone, you have the possibility to modify the graphics quality (1 to 5). Turning off sound and music will also help to ease up your phone’s system load.

And this is where our guide for Rolling Sky 2 ends. If there are any other tips or tricks you can add to our list, we would be more than happy to hear from you!