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Buzzy Bubbles Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Complete More Levels

Buzzy Bubbles is a new mobile game for iOS devices by Trilink, that appears like a bubble shooter game, but is actually a hybrid bubble shooter/Match 3 title with 345 levels. By matching three pieces, you can pop bubbles and go through the levels with a cute spider and lovely ladybugs, exploring different locations and meeting different kinds of critters per episode. Like you can in other Match 3 games, you can complete levels faster with your Boosters and Super Powers, though you will also have to deal with bubbles, cocoons, bees, and “deadly dangers” – what they are isn’t specified, as you’ll just have to play the game to find out what they are.

Those who have played Match 3 games might need no sort of primer for Buzzy Bubbles, but we beg to disagree – like the majority of high-profile titles in this ever-popular genre, there are special features and unique touches that make it different from the rest of the pack, despite sharing a lot of similarities. And that unique touch, we would say, is the fact that there are bubble shooter mechanics mixed in with the Match 3 features you know and love. So read on, and check out this list of Buzzy Bubbles tips, hints and tricks.

1. Go For The Thinner Parts Of The Board

There are narrower, thinner parts of the bubble mass that won’t last long when you’re making matches. Go for those narrower parts of the board, but also remember that bubbles need to be connected to other bubbles in order for them to be supported. If a bubble loses its last remaining support bubble, that would cause it to break apart, and if you play your cards right, you could end up taking out a plethora of bubbles, all in one shot. Look for the weakest link and take it from there.

2. Work From The Bottom

As this is a Match 3/bubble shooter hybrid, the old standby of both gaming genres still applies; you have to work your way from the bottom, moving up. The camera won’t go up unless the lowest bubbles are taken out, so you’ll want to, once again, work on the weakest links on the board. The goal here is to make it to the top of the bubble mass, and you will also have to get rid of the bubbles in the flower row. That, once all is said and done, is the most important thing you need to do so you can reach the top of the mass.

3. Conserve Your Moves And Take Your Time

Fortunately, Buzzy Bubbles is not one of those new-style games in the Match 3 and bubble shooter genres where you have to go through time limits, while also making sure you use as few moves as possible. Like most classic games in this genre, you can take all the time you need, so that you can properly utilize your moves with none of them going to waste.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will always have two active bubbles at the same time. You can toggle between these bubbles simply by tapping on the shooter. With that in mind, you should do everything in your power to keep your moves to a minimum, as any excess moves you have upon completing a level will be converted into bonus points, and would go toward your total score for that level, thus giving you better chances of hitting the three star mark. Generally, you should work toward removing big bunches of bubbles, as that’s a whole lot of progress and a whole lot of points if all goes according to plan.

4. Use Bank Shots

Like in other bubble shooting games, you’ll need to be a little fancy in your firing technique when trying to reach the more difficult bubbles. Banking your shots, in fact, is one of the firs things the game will teach you, and you should practice this technique, as it’s a neat way to take out hard-to-reach bubbles, and basically qualifies as your “trick shot.” Get acclimated to the game’s physics as soon as possible, and banking shots off the walls will soon become second nature.

5. Use Power-Ups To Help You In Banking Shots

Last, but not the least, we understand that not everyone will pick up bank shots as soon as others do. If this sounds like you, there’s a power-up that will show the specific trajectory of you bubble; use it if you need a “cheat sheet” of sorts when aiming for a bank shot.

cathy shirley

Friday 24th of May 2019


I play bubble shooter fruit and I cannot get past level 36 HELP. lol Thank You for your time.