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Burger Please! Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Grow the Best Burger Chain Across Every State

Despite the obscurity surrounding the history of hamburgers and the overabundance of claims to its origin being disputed or debunked for lack or absence of indisputable evidence, fast food lovers around the world, especially in the U.S., Italy, France, and the U.K. can all agree that burgers are hard or impossible to live without. What used to be hamburgers had numerous variants and even to this date, burgers continue to evolve, expanding its alluring taste to more and more people.

For some, the fondness for burgers may be limited to their consumption. However, presented with an opportunity to run and manage a business centered around burgers, even virtually, burger lovers are sure to be stimulated to experience what it is like to be in a different perspective of what goes on inside a burger fast food joint. Naturally, you can expect a burger business sim game to have more of the fun and excitement and less of the risks and uncertainties that come with every business venture.

burger please pick up money

Supercent’s Burger Please! is an idle clicker business sim game that lets you fill the shoes of a neophyte burger joint business owner. Starting with being the all-around crew of your first fast-food restaurant, your goal is to continue improving your burger business. The goal does not end with simply maxing out the burger joint as there are plenty of other areas where you can put up new branches.

Just like most other idle clicker business sim games, you can expect Burger Please! to be as simple as can be. You only get about a quarter of a minute to be guided after diving in and that is certainly all you need to know to be on your way towards growing your burger joint empire. There are no losses in Burger Please! and you will continue to have customers and earn income regardless of how you handle your business.

However, if you are raring to become the best and biggest burger joint franchise owner across every state, then read our Burger Please! Guide for a bunch of useful tips, tricks and strategies!

1. Master The Basic Operations

Even if the entirety of running a burger joint in Burger Please! has been tremendously simplified, there are still some basic processes and operational procedures that you need to understand especially if you aim to grow your burger empire as fast and as efficiently as possible. Again, Burger Please! guarantees that you will enjoy having customers and earning income without fail regardless of how you run your business. A good understanding of how the business works, however, ensures that profits will be at their peak considering your efforts and investments.

To start, your initial customers will be exclusively dining in so the most basic components of your fast food establishment will consist of a griddle to cook burgers, a counter where the orders of customers are taken and provided, a table set where customers will eat, and a trash bin to dispose of the burger wrappers. With customers that continue to pour in and burger production fully automated as well, you can start to earn income all on your own to save enough for the needed upgrades later on.

burger please cash

The cycle of operations begins at the griddle. Once burgers are cooked, you can proceed to take them and bring them to the service counter for the lined-up customers. Once a customer’s order has been provided, they will head over to a vacant table to start dining. Consuming burgers naturally take some time and you can expect to see some burger wrappers atop the table after the customer leaves. No new customers will choose to sit at a table with some trash in it so part of your cyclic routine, so to speak, includes picking up some trash from the dining area and taking them to the trash bin.

burger please customers

The line of customers waiting to be entertained will not dwindle if you simply maintain the status quo. Besides, it only comes naturally that you would want to continuously provide better service and at the same time realize bigger profits. Burger Please! provides you with an abundance of upgrade options to improve various aspects of your burger business and understanding the cycle as well as the steps involved for a full rotation of tasks involved in operating a burger joint will enable you of more crucial upgrade needs given your business’ current situation.

burger please line of customers

Within the same burger joint, you will soon have access to 2 sets of upgrade options, one for yourself and another one for your staff. At the same time, your burger joint will also be offering a drive-thru service. This section acts like a separate line of operations where burgers cooked from the griddle will first be packed for takeout and brought to the window where drive-thru orders are serviced.

burger please operational cycle

Although new stores you put up in other locations will naturally be bigger and have some extra amenities, this will be the most basic operational cycle you will cater to as the owner and manager of your own burger fast food restaurant. There is you and some staff that can help you tend to the unending flow of customers and then there will also be occasional opportunities to further boost your productivity and performance.

2. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

Regardless of the game’s genre, part of what makes every adventure enticing is having a perceptible sense of progression with the currencies or resources you gather. For almost every game within all other genres, it becomes natural to exercise as much prudence when it comes to utilizing resources, even the most basic currency. For idle clicker business sim games, however, the general approach when it comes to earnings is swerving more towards the opposite end.

burger please upgrades

Given that cash continuously flows in Burger Please! regardless of what you do, it is a given that you will never run out of it. As much as there is undeniable satisfaction in seeing your cash grow over time, it is necessary to expend as much of it as possible since there are no real expenses in Burger Please! and every bit of cash you use is considered as part of an investment.

Expenditures in Burger Please! can be easily categorized regardless of how much progress you make and how much of the map you have conquered with the expansion of your burger joint from one state to the next. There are sections to unlock within each establishment and some of them, like the griddle, can be upgraded as well. Improving your performance as a manager and all-around crew costs money as well and there are attributable costs as well to hiring and training the restaurant’s service crew.

burger please profits up

Even if not every bit of investment you spend will directly lead to higher profits, anything that relates to expansion and service improvement has an impact on the time element of operations. Ultimately a bigger area can tend to more customers simultaneously and better apparatuses can have an increased production rate or decreased production time. Every upgrade spent on you or your crew leads to having a more efficient workforce, which ultimately leads to catering to more customers in a given period and earning more profits.

3. Make Investments Starting From The Cheapest Option

Burger Please! does offer plenty of upgrade and enhancement options for you to spend that not-so-hard-earned cash on. Although maxing it out seems like part of the challenge, these upgrades also become your means to accomplishing the other challenges in the adventure. In addition to achieving your burger store’s optimum upgraded capacity, the upgrade options also serve as your key to expanding your operations to the next area.

You can see a progress bar at the top of the screen and, if you are a beginner, you may wonder about its significance other than an indicator of your overall progress. Every bit of upgrade you purchase and every new expansion you unlock increases the progress bar and you will know that you have purchased every possible improvement for your burger shop once the bar reaches 100%.

burger please investment

Some of the possible expansions in your burger joint will only become available after reaching a certain level of overall progress relative to upgrades. In this sense, upgrade choices available simultaneously will be limited. Despite this, it can still be a puzzle as to which of the available upgrades should be prioritized over the others. After all, each of the available purchase options can be considered of equal value and importance.

In this regard, our sole basis for determining priorities leads us to consider the attributable costs for expansions and upgrades. It can be expected that upgrades are not one-time deals and you can expect succeeding upgrades to become available following the initial purchase. It should be no surprise as well that succeeding upgrades will be more expensive than the previous one so spending cash on 2 consecutive upgrades should likewise be avoided.

burger please expansion

Initially, HR upgrades that deal with improving your crew’s performance and upgrades on your performance will be the cheapest compared to unlocking new areas in the restaurant or upgrades to some of them. Expectedly, the next level of upgrade will not be the cheapest one available, so you should consider looking into the other available upgrades first.

burger please upgrades maxed out

4. Max Out People Upgrades At The Soonest

The consideration to prioritize upgrades based on their relative costs follows the logic that if you choose to invest in more affordable options, you will wind up being able to afford more purchases with the same amount of cash you invested. As prices of upgrades increase with each level, the impact stays the same as the previous upgrade purchases, making them a little less viable than the cheaper alternatives. While cash will continue to pour in and more will be gained with each upgrade purchased, you will naturally still experience not having enough idle cash to purchase upgrades one after another.

In as much as Burger Please! provides more than enough ways for budding burger entrepreneurs to amass profits and reinvest the same to grow and develop their businesses with ease, there are also additional means to hasten progress even further. Burger Please! utilizes ad offers that allow you to purchase upgrades for free all at the cost of playing a 5 to 30-second video ad.

burger please player upgrades

Well, getting to see video ads too often can be an annoying experience for some players, but if you can play video ads continuously while doing something else like watching TV and just running one ad after another, even the maximum duration of 30 seconds per video ad will be worth the little effort. You can always just spend cash for the initial upgrade purchases that have 3-digit costs and then simply play the ad boosts when the succeeding costs grow higher.

For both sets of upgrades that improve your performance as well as your team’s productivity, you can continue to take advantage of the ad boosts until all options are maxed out. Occasionally, upgrades on some facilities will randomly be available for free upgrades thru ad offers. Taking advantage of these is advisable as well. It will certainly take some time and work to fully expand your burger joint but as far as the upgrades on human resources and the manager is concerned, you can max them out as soon as they become available for purchase.

For the player, the available upgrades can boost profits, capacity, and move speed. For the staff, there is an equivalent upgrade option for capacity and move speed but employing additional staff comes in place of profit increase. Although the outright boost to profits seems like the top pick, its equivalent on the other side of the upgrade set, which is hiring additional staff, is also very important.

For the increase in move speed and carrying capacity, what you should prioritize depends on your play style and availability. If you prefer being more of a hands-on restaurant manager and spending a lot of time taking care of business, then prioritize upgrades for yourself. Move speed lets you travel faster around the restaurant, which means you can make more rounds within the same amount of time. Carrying capacity increases the number of burgers or trash you can carry at a time, so improving it boosts your efficiency as well.

burger please upgrade benefits

On the other hand, if you tend to spend more time offline and away from your virtual business, then you might as well consider maxing out the moving speed and carrying capacity of your crew, given that you have maxed out their numbers through recruitment beforehand.

5. Continue Being One With The Crew

Burger Please!, as an idle clicker business sim game, lets you earn idle income so long as you have a staff member to handle the business in your absence. Even in real life, you can perfectly imagine just how difficult it would be for just 1 person to take care of every customer that comes into the burger joint. Even without the drive-thru service, the speed at which customer orders are served and income generated will surely be at a snail’s pace, to say the least.

With some upgrades from HR, particularly hiring additional staff, you can get up to 5 more people to help you out in running your burger joint. Although more staff to work with can improve your productivity especially if they have max upgrades for move speed and carry capacity, they will never work half as efficiently as you can. In this sense, maximizing productivity and profits in Burger Please! means getting yourself involved with actually running the burger place.

burger please staff performance

In terms of move speed and carry capacity, you can perform much better than any of your staff. Since a fast food supervisor or manager in real life can be expected to perform the task of his or her every subordinate, actively engaging across every available task within your burger shop should be considered a basic part of your routine. Additionally, your crew can never pick up cash so you will constantly need to move about wherever cash drops to rack up money faster.

What makes you far more efficient than your staff is your ability to determine where you are needed the most. Oftentimes, you will notice counters running out of burgers to sell as the crew that transports products from the griddle will occasionally pause for breaks as well. A fully upgraded griddle will also produce burgers a lot faster than your staff can transport so cooked burgers will normally pile up beside the griddle and reach their max production capacity.

Your staff cannot be expected to be fully efficient in terms of cleaning up after customers as well. What they would usually do is pick up trash from the table and proceed to dispose of it in the bin before heading towards another table to repeat the cycle. In your case, you can easily pick up wrappers on numerous tables before heading to the garbage bin in one go.

burger please route

In a sense, you can establish a route within the burger joint where you will run in circles. This may be centered around grabbing cash from the drive-thru and counter as well as the dining areas. On the side, you can help clear some trash from the tables or grab some burgers from the griddle to take to the counter or the packaging area.

6. Cycle Visits Across Your Different Branches

Some idle clicker business games are designed in such a way that finishing all upgrades in the business will take you to the next one just like some adventures take you from one level to the next. The conventional gameplay mechanic is that you will start from scratch again in the new and more challenging level but with a higher rate of earning to make up for the higher costs of progression. While these common mechanics can be attributed to Burger Please! as well, the huge and important difference is that you can continue to operate your earlier burger restaurants and will still be able to earn from them.

burger please burger map

As an idle clicker business sim game, you can expect every new burger shop you unlock to be more challenging to grow and develop than the previous ones given its size and attributable expansion and upgrade costs. However, given that you will have to max out upgrades on the previous burger branches before opening a new one, even the idle earnings from them alone can be a huge help to your stream of profits.

When you log back into Burger Please! after being offline and away from it, you can claim idle earnings from each of the burger shops you have unlocked. These idle earnings, however, are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, as visiting each of the locations can yield you more cash than you can manually collect by going around the store.

burger please shake burger income

Whether you have just returned from a long break or have been actively taking care of business in the most recently opened burger joint, make a habit out of visiting your other burger restaurants to claim the stashes of cash in them. Naturally, the earlier shops may not generate as much income as your current one but a quick run-through around the place is still worth your while.

7. Take Advantage Of Ad Offers

Ads have long since become a common and expected part of free mobile games. While some players may have come to terms with the presence of ads in mobile games, some players, especially people who are relatively new to mobile games, may still find the idea annoying or distracting. Most video ads in mobile games can only play following a confirmatory action from the player although ads that randomly appear while you play are still very common.

It is important to consider that while some ads can be rather intrusive, it counts as the cost of being able to play the game for free. Burger Please! certainly has its share of ad boosts that greatly reward you for playing 15 to 30-second video ads although it also contains those video ads that randomly pop up as you play the game. In the case of the latter, though, you can either skip these ads as soon as they appear or you have to wait for 5 seconds to hit the skip button.

burger please offline reward

While the randomly appearing video ads in Burger Please! can be a bit of a turn-off for some players, it is important to note that these ads are not being forced on anyone. To avoid seeing video ads in Burger Please!, you simply need to play it offline by simply turning off your Wi-Fi or mobile data before launching the game or at any time while playing it. There are no online features in Burger Please! and the only real reason to play it online is to avail of some ad boosts that speed up your progression.

Earlier, we talked about the human resource upgrades for both staff and managers and how you can choose to play an ad for each upgrade until everything has been maxed out. For facility upgrades, you may also be presented randomly with an ad offer to get an upgrade for free. Beyond these, Burger Please! still offers some extra ad boosts that you should take advantage of, making the idea of playing online attractive despite the presence of ads that randomly pop up.

burger please ad offer

One of the best ad offers in Burger Please! presents itself to you after you log back into the game following a long break. A huge lump of cash will always be waiting for you as a result of your idle earnings and while you can claim it outright, playing a short video ad at this point will double those earnings. Naturally, this is an ad offer that you should not pass up on especially if you have been away from your virtual burger shop for several hours or so.

If you happen to put up more than one burger joint in your journey, a different ad offer will be available for each branch. Additionally, on the map screen, you can also take advantage of an ad boost that permanently increases the idle earnings for a specific burger joint. Just like the upgrades for the manager and the staff, we recommend taking advantage of this and doing it sooner than later.

burger please capacity up

As you roam around your burger restaurant to collect cash and perform some needed chores, you may come across different icons that randomly pop up within the shop or on the right side of the screen. These are ad boosts that can give you temporary buffs like an increase in move speed or a boost in carry capacity, which will only apply for 3 minutes. If you are planning on spending some time actively taking care of your shop, then you should grab these ad boosts. Occasionally, you can also play a short video ad to receive a huge sum of cash instantly.

And that about sums it up for our Burger Please! Guide. We hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you will help you unlock every burger joint in the game at a much faster and more efficient pace. If in case you uncovered some neat tricks of your own in addition to what we have covered above, do not hesitate to share them with us through the comments!