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BitLife Blonde Bombshell Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Blonde Bombshell Challenge

With the wait having recently started once again for the next major BitLife update, Candywriter is still keeping players on iOS and Android devices engaged through those weekly challenges. At this point, the challenge feature has been around for more than half of BitLife’s existence as an app on the App Store or Google Play Store, and it can be argued that the game wouldn’t have had its enduring popularity without these limited-time events, which are based on a specific pop culture theme…or anything the folks at Candywriter think of that allows you to live your characters’ lives unusually.

bitlife blonde bombshell challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge pays tribute to one of Hollywood’s biggest screen legends of all time. As the name suggests, the Blonde Bombshell Challenge is based on the career of Marilyn Monroe, and thankfully, this one focuses on her rise to fame as opposed to any controversies or dark moments in her career, of which there were tragically many. The challenge is fairly easy to complete with few unexpected twists, if any, but we advise you to keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide if you need some extra assistance at certain points in the challenge.

Getting Started — Music as a Special Talent is Highly Recommended

As the Blonde Bombshell Challenge is essentially BitLife’s way of allowing you to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s rise to fame, you should keep re-rolling for a character that has high Looks (80 percent or higher) while also being born in Los Angeles — nothing too out-of-the-ordinary here, and nothing too difficult. However, it is also strongly advised that you choose Music as a Special Talent in the character creation screen.

bitlife special talent

The Blonde Bombshell Challenge will require you to achieve 100 percent mastery in piano, and if you only remember this requirement later in the challenge, you will a) have to pay some money for your piano lessons and b) run the risk of plateauing at some point in the learning process.

Granted, there will still be some points where it seems your piano skills have plateaued, even if you chose Music as a Special Talent. But as long as you start learning as early as possible (age six is the earliest you can start) and you take at least three lessons per year, you can take care of this all-important requirement sooner rather than later. That said, it is still possible to fill up the Skill bar at some point even if you don’t choose Music as a Special Talent, but the process will invariably take longer and cost you more money.

taking piano lessons in bitlife

Other than focusing on the musical part of the challenge, there isn’t anything special that you need to do in your childhood and teen years, and you can move on to the next requirement as soon as you graduate from high school.

You Only Need to Spend One Year as a Factory Worker

Considering how Monroe got started on her road to fame, BitLife will also require you to be a factory worker, which, as we noted above, you can do right after high school graduation.

bitlife factory worker position

This isn’t a very high-paying job and will barely pay for your piano lessons if you’re still taking them, but the good thing is you only need to spend one year as a Factory Worker before resigning from the job. Your one year’s experience will still be credited as part of the Blonde Bombshell Challenge, and the corresponding task will not be unchecked after your resignation.

It Could Take 10-15 Years to Achieve Fame as a Model

The next step after that quick stopover at the factory should be the actual start of your modeling career, and that would mean starting as a Foot Model.

bitlife foot model job

The pay isn’t that much more than that of a Factory Worker, but if you keep on using the Work Harder option (recommended at least 2-3 times a year) and stay away from trouble with your co-workers — ignore all instances of bullying, pranks, or rumors — you should reach the highest possible position in this career track in about 10 to 12 years and become a Catalog Model. Likewise, also make sure that you’re avoiding any distractions such as offers of drugs and alcohol if you choose to go clubbing, and preferably saving any big purchases (houses or cars) for your rise to fame.

bitlife runway model

In the real world, supermodels often become famous or reach such a status well before their late 20s or early 30s, but in the BitLife universe, this is the earliest point at which you can reach this position. And as far as being famous is concerned, give it about two to three years as a Catalog Model — as long as your Performance bar is still full, that should be the point where you receive a notification that you are a world-famous model.

becoming a famous supermodel in bitlife

You Can Complete the Final Requirement Upon Reaching 40 Percent Fame

The last requirement in the challenge is to pose for a “scandalous magazine,” and to do this, your Fame bar will need to be about 40 percent full or greater. It may be challenging in your first few years as a famous model to reach this level of Fame, but as long as you keep doing commercials and publishing books when you get the chance, and doing well in these endeavors in terms of your Performance bar, your Fame should steadily increase. It also helps if you maintain a decent social media presence and share some posts, as that too could lead to a small uptick in your Fame rating.

bitlife nude

Once you reach 40 percent Fame, you can pose for a photo shoot, which, at this point in your career, will almost always qualify as a “scandalous” one. Do the magazine shoot and you’re all good — that should wrap things up for the Blonde Bombshell Challenge and allow you to claim the usual prize, meaning a new hat or new eyewear from one of the four prize chests.