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Bullet Boy Cheats & Tips: 5 Stunning Hints to Get More Coins, Power-Ups and Complete More Levels

Kongregate’s new game Bullet Boy is now out for iOS and Android devices, and it is immediately made out to be the “coolest game you’ll play all year.” With all the competition from other titles, it’s hard to say whether we agree with them or not, but it is quite a fun and addictive title where you play the role of Bullet Boy, a courageous kid who rushes to escape a deadly tornado, while he tries to collect the missing pieces of some very mysterious and fascinating statues. You’ll have to avoid your share of obstacles, including birds, buildings, and “weird machines” by tapping quickly, and you’ll also need to make sure your aim is spot-on so you can make it to the next cannon.

All in all, this game should remind you of older arcade titles, and in terms of its genre, we can definitely say it is a puzzler, with more than enough levels for you to complete. And now, we’ve got some useful Bullet Boy cheats, tips and tricks that can help you in completing more of these levels.

1. Act Fast And Be Rewarded

In Bullet Boy, you have to practically be as fast, if not faster than a speeding bullet. That’s because completing stages quickly will allow you to earn more coins through the combos you string together. You can always repeat older stages once you’ve completed them – by “grinding,” you can have the resources you need to complete harder levels. However, we should also inform you that it’s best to try to grind older levels by completing them faster than you did before; this may be tough, but it can certainly help you earn more coins.

2. Other Ways You Can Make Your Character Move Wicked Fast

Yes, speed is a key ingredient when it comes to being successful in Bullet Boy. It is possible to go as quickly as possible, or as quick as the parameters of a level would allow. You can go even faster by skipping a couple barrels, or taking aim just a little bit over or under a given obstacle, provided you have the opportunity to do it.

3. Take Advantage Of Your Power-Ups

Aside from simple strategizing, you can also finish levels quicker by means of the power-ups you encounter. Take full advantage of these power-ups, such as the bouncy head power-up, which specifically lets you bounce of walls. One great way to use this is when you’re dealing with a barrel close to a wall; try repeatedly shooting yourself towards the wall so you can string together some combo points easily. The drill power-up, on the other hand, lets you skip multiple barrels at a time, as it drills through the obstacles you encounter. Be careful, though, as your character could get killed if you aren’t careful.

4. Spend Your Coins On Power-Ups

Speaking of power-ups, the coins that you earn would be best spent on them. We suggest saving your coins until you reach the harder levels, so that way you can buy power-ups at just the right time. As for earning more coins, there are a few good ways to do this quickly, such as logging into the Kongregate website (500 free coins), or beating Level 12 and unlocking Endless mode.

5. Watch Ad Videos To Refill Your Hearts

Normally, you’ll have to spend money if you want to refill your hearts, or your revives for the game. But you can get more hearts for free by watching ad videos; doing this will easily revive your character for free.