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Botworld Adventure Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Outsmart Your Enemies and Uncover the Secrets of Botworld

Welcome to Botworld — a world surrounded by towering piles of scrap where wild robots (or Bots) roam free and both adventure and danger lurk in every corner.

You are a Botmaster. An anthropomorphic cat, dog, buffalo, or lizard with a Botpack; a powerful tool that helps you communicate or control your Bots. It’s with your trusty Bots and Botpack that you brave the wilderness of Botworld. But like most adventures, perhaps there’s a bigger picture out there for everyone to see; a world full of secrets and revelations and it’s up to you to find out how it all came to this.

Featherweight’s release into the creature collector RPG genre is the aptly-titled Botworld Adventure. The game plays quite differently from most collector RPGs. Your Bots fight mostly on their own, activating their ultimate skills once their bars are full, and you support them from the sidelines by making them stronger by buffing them or assaulting the enemy Bots with an expansive and customizable arsenal.

botworld adventure guide

There is plenty of room for exploration in a vast, sprawling world with different kinds of enemies seeking their next opponent (meaning you). But like many creature collector RPGs, many players often struggle in finding the best ways to overcome their opponents both big and small.

Are you out to be the number one Botmaster? Do you wish to uncover the hidden clues left by the ancient world? Are you prepared to fight for a brighter future where people and Bots can live in harmony? If you’ve just arrived in Scrapper’s Coast and want to know how to be ahead of your fellow Botmasters, read our Botworld Adventure beginner’s guide below!

1. Familiarize Yourself With Your Bots For A Well-Rounded Team

botworld adventure team
Ready for battle!

Like every other creature or hero collector RPG out there, Botworld Adventure has its own share of classifications for the Bots you will fight alongside. Each Bot has its own unique talent. For example, some Bots are more apt at defeating their opponents quicker than the others in close-range combat, while others can deal damage to groups of enemy Bots clumped together. If you’ve familiarized yourself with their types, you should have no problem making a team that will suit your every need.

Let’s take a quick look at what each of these classes do:

botworld adventure chaser


Speedy but often fragile, Chasers live up to their class name. They’re highly mobile and can easily pin down enemy Bots that love to fight from a distance. Given their swift nature, Chasers are often accompanied by an impressive amount of damage that they deliver with each attack.

(Examples of Chaser Bots: Ram, Slash, Slicer)

botworld adventure tank


Tanks are the tough and lumbering Bots that take a while to put down. As they are heavily armored, some tanks come with sheer amounts of defense while others have an interesting crowd-control style skillset. They should also be deployed if they need to protect their allied Bots with thinner armor like Chasers and Snipers.

(Examples of Tank Bots: Thump, Barrie, Chainer)

botworld adventure evader


Feeling mischievous? Evader Bots are the most annoying Bots to ever enter the battlefield… if you’re on the receiving end. Deploying Evaders is a quick way to distract enemy Bots that aren’t very fast. Use these Bots to easily keep Tank Bots or Brawler Bots busy since some Evaders have an impressive amount of range that rival that of Snipers or Splashers. And, as their name states, they will evade attacks to stay alive.

(Examples of Evader Bots: Froggy, Icicool, Flamer)

botworld adventure brawler


Brawlers are the rough and tumble type of Bots that nobody wants to mess with. While not as sturdy as Tanks, and not as deadly as Chasers, Brawlers can hold their own in a fight against almost any Bot. These Bots thrive in the thick of battle and won’t back down until their ocular sensors go dark. Put ‘em up and prepare for a bout!

(Examples of Brawler Bots: Yanky, K.O., Scatter)

botworld adventure sniper


The specialty of a Sniper Bot is being able to take down their foes easily from a distance. Their range is second to none and their presence in a fight can make the predictable unpredictable. With powerful shots coming from a place they can’t reach, the enemy has all the right to fear Snipers. If the enemy gets too close for comfort, Snipers will try to distance themselves by running away.

(Examples of Sniper Bots: Chomp, Longshot, Pupil)

botworld adventure splasher


A relative of the Sniper, Splasher Bots love to send their enemies off with a bang. Using powerful ordnance in their tiny frames, Splashers are effective against groups of enemies congregated against an allied Bot. Their range, damage, and behavior are quite similar to Snipers but they deal with crowds better.

(Examples of Splasher Bots: Lobby, Rocketeer, Mort)

botworld adventure support


Support Bots aren’t effective fighters. They are, however, effective at helping their friends win a fight. While their main attacks don’t deal so much damage compared to their contemporaries, Supports make up for it with their unique skills. These skills may range from keeping their enemies from moving, powering up their friends, protecting their friends with shields, and more.

(Examples of Support Bots: Tether, Halo, Beat)

Having at least one of each of these Bots in your team of 6 is a good way to keep it well-rounded and ready for any scenario. Naturally, how you deploy them in a fight is the first big step you make. Screwing this up may instantly turn the battle in the enemy’s favor, so let’s now talk about placement.

2. It’s All About Placement

botworld adventure placement
Time for some 4D Chess.

There are a few rules you have to go by when doing a Bot Battle:

Firstly, only three of your Bots may be deployed at a time. You alternate in deploying your Bots with your opponent with you having the first deployment.

Secondly, both Botmasters may assist their Bots by using the weapons in their Botpacks to attack the opposing Bots. Any Bots belonging to each Botmaster may also be strengthened or buffed mid-fight.

Thirdly, a battle is settled when all Bots on an opposing team have been defeated.

Let’s not have the third happen so quickly and this item will help you by discussing the first rule of a Bot Battle: deployment.

When you deploy a Bot, their placement on the field is important since it will determine where they might go and who they might fight. Your Bots are programmed to engage the enemy Bot they are closest to regardless if they are ranged or melee. Once an enemy Bot gets closer to your Bot than their initial target, they’ll attack that enemy Bot instead. This is why placing your Bots wisely in a fight matters a great deal.

botworld adventure auto battle

The best way to start a fight is by deploying a Tank. The enemy will most likely try to counter this with an Evader. You may follow through by countering the Evader with a Sniper or a Splasher, or you can choose to assist the Tank with a Brawler. Either way, the enemy will try to outsmart you but can you outsmart them?

Here are a few things to take note of when it comes to placing bots in Botworld Adventure:

  • As stated above, if you have a Tank, deploy it first.
  • Evaders are great counters to Tanks, Chasers, and Brawlers that don’t have the ability to draw their enemies close (like Chainer or Yanky). Keeping the melee Bots away from their ranged teammates is a good way to get the upper hand.
  • Snipers and Splashers can counter Evaders because of their range. The only time this may not work is if the Evader is a Dune Bug since its range rivals that of the two aforementioned Bot classes. If this is the case, opt to use a Chaser instead. Do note that Snipers should always be deployed last since their positioning makes for unpredictable behavior.
  • Chasers can ruin a Sniper or Splasher Bot’s position. If the Sniper or Splasher was initially placed in a vantage point to attack your Tank, Chasers can make them run from the Tank.
  • If the enemy has more than one melee Bot on the field, consider a Splasher. Having them tackle an allied Bot all at once makes them a big target for the Splasher. Through the course of the battle, the Splasher will make them incur a large amount of damage, or even outright defeat if the Splasher is strong enough.
  • Never deploy your Support if you do not have a Tank or a powerful Brawler on the field. Having a Support is an all-or-nothing tactical move since Supports do not contribute much to either DPS or tanking. If a Support is caught in the open, it’s doomed.

    However, if pulled off properly, this can make for a high-risk, high-reward scenario. Supports are ideally deployed depending on the skills of the Support Bot. For example, if the enemy has more than one Evader, deploy a Support like Tether to help pin one Evader down. The Tether should be accompanied by an allied Bot with high DPS like Slash or Chomp.
  • If you feel like your team lacks a push in DPS but also a frontline warrior, deploy a Brawler. Brawlers may act like pseudo-Tanks, but have slightly better DPS. These can throw the enemy off-guard since Brawlers pick fights with just about any Bot. Some of which even have interesting skills like K.O. where it gets stronger the longer the battle rages.

Deploying these Bots near the enemies they counter will help you win a fight quicker. Launching them far apart from each other is risky but offensive, and keeping them together is safer but defensive. Study the battlefield first before making the next move and you’ll be fine!

botworld adventure blueprint

That’s right, dear reader, you aren’t seeing things. We discussed tactics before discussing the battles themselves. There’s a reason behind this, and that reason is the very lifeline of each and every Bot you have in your team: Scrap!

3. Fight For Scrap

This is the true reason why you should be fighting.

Scrap is to water as your Bots are to saplings. Without Scrap, your Bots will not grow and they will often die out in battle. Scrap is used in a variety of things, but we’ll talk about that later.

In this item, we’ll talk about combat, the best part of the game. In defeating your opponents, you will be rewarded with Scrap. This is what you may encounter during your runs here in Botworld Adventure:

Wild Bots And Bandits

botworld adventure wild bot fight
They’re wild, and they’re a-comin’ to getcha!

Wild Bots are predictable but dangerous. They attack in swarms and, once you encounter them, their positions are already set on the field. For example, some of them have huddled together while others are spread out evenly across the battlefield. How you approach these mechanical monsters is up to you.

botworld adventure bandit fight
More mind games…

Bandits fight akin to you. They have their own Botpacks, they deploy their Bots the same way you do, and they also jetpack home when they lose! Compared to wild Bots, they have their own tactics and we’re not just talking about how they fight. Once they spot you, they will give chase, and boy do they each have their own way of getting into a fight with you.

Dog Bandits are persistent, Cat Bandits will try to outsmart you in a chase, Buffalo Bandits will charge at you in a straight line, Lizard Bandits will use nets if they get close enough, and Rat Bandits… well… there’s nothing too special about Rat Bandits (nothing that we’ve noticed anyway).

botworld adventure multiple enemies
Oooh, this one’s looking rough.

There is a possibility for you to encounter them at the same time or for nearby bandits or wild Bots to join into the fray. This is called a Multiple Fight. While it is rewarding to take out two opponents at once, your Bots will suffer greatly since you won’t have time for your Repair Canister to activate properly between battles (we’ll talk about the Repair Canister later). Try luring one away from the other and fight them one by one instead.


botworld adventure arena
Oh? You’re approaching me?

No guts, no glory, as they say! In the Arena, you may challenge various Botmasters from all over the island. As you rise through the ranks, your opponents will get tougher. But even then, your efforts in the arena will allow you to open chests every day granting you Scrap.

Sometimes, the Scrap can be of the Rare grade, so this is one of the better, albeit more challenging ways, to get only the best Scrap. If you’re looking to upgrade your Botpack, you’ll have to face Arena Masters; highly powerful and highly specialized Botmasters who could easily stomp your team if you aren’t prepared.

While the Bots themselves are quite important in a fight, at least 50% of the contribution comes from you. Your skill when using your Botpack abilities is one of the keys to victory in battle.

4. Use Your Botpack Wisely

Your Botpack comes with a loadout of gizmos and weapons that can help lead your team forward while they battle. Using them wisely could turn the tide but it also depends how you set them up before you’ve set out for your adventure. Here’s what we can recommend to you:


botworld adventure botpack ability

Each Botpack comes with charges that fill overtime as a battle goes on. Depending on the number of charges a Botpack has, abilities in your current loadout may be used. We recommend using low-charge abilities since many of them are flexible and helpful, but normally, abilities with higher charge requirements are more powerful. Having utility abilities like Gust is really helpful in pushing enemy Bots in the direction of the Tank, or Poison Bolt (if aimed well) can be used to wither the health of a problematic Bot on the enemy team.


botworld adventure gadgets

Once unlocked, gadgets may help give you the upper-hand during a run. They do not help in Arena Matches, but they’ll help you through the wilds. These, much like abilities, are merely equipped on a whim and may suit any player’s playstyle.

For example, the first two gadgets you may equip are either something that makes your Bots perform better or something that makes your Botpack Abilities quicker. Both are quite useful but it all boils down to the player’s preference.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Scrap is quite important and its ties with battle are inseparable. The best way to find Scrap AND bandits and wild Bots to beat up is to go exploring the world before you.

5. Explore The World

What is Botworld Adventure without the “adventure”?

The game has a sprawling, living world that’s ripe for exploration by anyone. It’s teeming with all sorts of creatures and nasty bandits out to steal your Scrap. Since Scrap is your priority in Botworld Adventure, there are many more ways out in the wild to get this. But as you venture forth, there are a few things you may need to pay attention to. Here’s what you should look out for while you’re hunting for Scrap in the fields of the unknown:

Landing Pads

botworld adventure landing pad
The surest way to land around these parts!

Okay, this isn’t really a way you can get Scrap, but these are important. Landing Pads allow you to jetpack to them without having to run out from Scrapper’s Landing and find your way there on foot.

After finding a Landing Pad, activate it so the next time you want to go adventuring, you may use your map to get around. Your character will jetpack to your newly-unlocked Landing Pads closer to your area of interest.

Scrap Piles

botworld adventure scrap pile
Trash! No… Treasure!

As the adage goes: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In Botworld, all Scrap is treasure. You’ll never know what you’ll need it for and you’ll be thankful to have surpluses of one item. There are Scrap Piles scattered all over each map. Finding them is one thing, but getting the Scrap from them safely is another. Make sure no hostiles are around to mess you up before you interact with these!


botworld adventure chest
Look at all that loot.

Chests are like Scrap Piles but they contain much rarer Scrap in them. They also take a much longer time to open, so watch your back! If you happen to find any of these, consider yourself as though you’ve struck gold.


botworld adventure rabbit
This tiny white rabbit on the left is hard to spot in the snow.

The little rabbits and bugs running about? They’re carrying Scrap! Chase them down and try to see what they have, but be careful about running into the enemy while you do that. If you’re in the desert, beware the scorpions, too. They sting and they’ll drain some of your Repair Canister. Oh, speaking of which…

Your Repair Canister

botworld adventure repair canister
Good enough for a few more rounds or so.

Do you see the blue and red bars at the top-left portion of the screen? The blue bar is the overall health of your robots. The red bar is your repair canister. Notice how after every battle, that red bar goes down to make the blue one go up. If you’re running low on your Repair Canister, it’s time to jetpack home. But if you’re out to live dangerously, then that’s completely on you.

Speaking of living dangerously, how about exploring a map with only the rarest materials but the most powerful enemies?

6. The Danger Zone Rewards The Brave

botworld adventure danger zone
Do you dare brave hordes of enemies on your way to treasure or do you dare brave a boss battle? Get going!

Welcome to the Danger Zone where the name of the place fits to a tee!

Unlike exploring the wilderness, Danger Zones only give you 1 chance to get as much scrap as you can before you get defeated. Either you fight until the end or you leave after finding what you need. While it’s true that the Danger Zone has all sorts of rare Scrap needed to build the most powerful Bots imaginable, every Botmaster has access to such a place only once a day. If you choose to jetpack out of there, you won’t be able to come back until the next day.

To tackle a Danger Zone properly, you have to first mentally outline your priorities. Are you here to find rare Scrap in the chests? Are you out to fight the toughest enemy out there? Open the Danger Zone’s map and study it.

We recommend dodging your would-be opponents along the way due to the abuse your Repair Canister will receive after every battle. This place is littered with enemies (there are more than usual) so you’re bound to fight at least two or three of them as you explore. Either way, we wish you good luck and a good haul should you attempt this adventure.

While you’re out exploring and finding all these neat things to further your progress through the game, there are actual quests that guide the player.

7. Complete Contracts

botworld adventure contract
The mayor thinks the bandit banners are litter… or did he really say that?

Contracts are like the sidequests of Botworld Adventure. While not as lengthy or difficult as the Main Quest, these often get refreshed every now and then. There are different kinds of contracts for you to fulfill. A few examples of these include:

  • Defeating enemies
  • Activating or finding things on the map
  • Catching critters
  • Rescuing civilians
  • And more

After accomplishing these, you will fill up a meter for a pass. This is what grants you your rewards. Each Botmaster starts out with the Free Citizen Membership where you get a slew of rewards already but if you would like to support the developers and the game, you may get yourself the Mayoral Membership for even more rewards.

Contracts basically help you make the world a better place. But wouldn’t you like to know the goings on of the world itself?

8. Follow The Main Quest

botworld adventure main quest
Dude, not cool. The Stylist over there is a cat. Let’s hope she didn’t hear you.

The Main Quest is what propels the story forward. While some of the requirements can get steep later on, this is how you can bring yourself through Botworld Adventure’s main storyline. You will be acquainted with its lore, its unique cast of characters, and you might even grow closer to your own team of Bots. Most of the objectives of the Main Quests may take time to complete, but this should be a reason for you to strive for a better team and a better you.

The best part about following the Main Quest is that it also helps reveal to you what you need to upgrade next. It’s with these upgrades that you’ll get much further into the game.

9. Upgrades And Fusion Are Important

As it is in many RPGs, a level up is an improvement. Each level up carries your character forward and Botworld is no exception. Almost everything you have is upgradeable and it may need your attention as you progress further into Botworld Adventure.


botworld adventure ai upgrade
Smarter than before.

Naturally, your Bots will level up on their own. This will improve their AI. Upon doing so, each AI upgrade is actually a list of quirks that you can use to slightly alter the way they behave. For example, some Bots will be able to apply stuns when they strike at their enemy with regular attacks from now on.

botworld adventure upgrade
Stronger than before.

When you’re in the boat, your Bots can be physically upgraded. This means an overall increase to their stats, making them more powerful than before. After you reach Upgrade 10, they’ll have reinforced Bot plating, gaining some new duds in the process. It really adds to their personality.

Ability Fusion

botworld adventure fusion
No dances required.

Want more abilities for your Botpack? Try having them fused. Not only will you gain access to rarer and more crafty abilities, but you’ll also clear your bag of duplicates. If there’s a particular ability you’re using, however, and it has two more duplicates, don’t fuse it unless you won’t be needing it. This ability will most likely be lost forever.

Botpack Chips can be fused the same way and follow the same rules, too.


botworld adventure boat
Let’s turn this dinghy into a cruiser… No offense, dad.

The boat is an integral part of your stay here in Botworld. It’s basically your home where Mom and Dad help improve your Bots as well as house new members of the crew that supports your journey.

The reason behind it being integral is that a better boat means farther destinations. Some quests and upgrades even require your boat to be upgraded to a certain level. Aside from the Main Quests and Contracts, this is a whole different quest on its own.

Boat Generators

botworld adventure generators
Who’d say no to extra Scrap?

Boat Generators create a passive flow of money, materials, and chips for your Botpack. You may even get double rewards by watching ads for each. After upgrading your boat, you may choose to upgrade these as well. If you frequent the wilds, we recommend you also upgrade the Scrap Upgrades.

Scavenger Training and Shakedown are recommended if you prefer fighting over treasure hunting and Treasure Hunter and Metal Detector are recommended if you prefer treasure hunting over fighting. The choice here is completely yours.


botworld adventure recruit
Thanks, Claw.

Recruits are NPC Botmasters that may accompany you on your journey. Aside from passively doing jobs for your boat, they can be summoned in the field to help you soften enemies up. Much like you, they have their own Repair Canister. If that runs out, they jetpack home and can’t be called unless you end the run yourself.

Recruits can be strengthened if you upgrade the other Bots you have; the ones you aren’t using. The cumulative upgrade levels of these Bots dictate the level of your Recruit. Ergo, if you want stronger recruits, upgrade all of your Bots.

10. Buy Scrap From The Shop

botworld adventure shop
Lots of useful stuff!

Occasionally, you’ll notice that you’ll have a scarcity of that one Scrap item. If you’re lucky, the shop might have it. Every day, the shop gives away a free Scrap item, but if you need those bigger amounts for upgrades, you may also buy the Scrap that’s for sale.

These purchases are worth it especially if you’re trying to focus on building up this one Bot you have in your team. Don’t keep buying out Scrap you don’t need yet, that’s what adventuring into the wilderness and the Danger Zone is for.

They say that the real journey is the friends you make along the way, and it’s true. In Botworld Adventure, all of the Bots you discover, build, and fight alongside will teach you valuable lessons in getting better at the game as well as strategies that you can own.

The allies you bring into your boat will greatly assist you in keeping your Bot team strong and every character has their own story to tell. The wilds of Botworld are calling. Wear that Botpack with pride and both straps!

Got other tips you’d like to share with your fellow Botmasters? Is there anything we might have missed? Shoot us your ideas in the comments below!


Wednesday 27th of July 2022

Where i can complete the task 4 I can't upgrade the boadt to lvl 4 cause i cant get the tast 4


Wednesday 16th of March 2022

Those are all of the things that you'll find out by yourself in your first 10 hours of gameplay. What I really loved that someone told me before I started to play Botworld Adventure, is some tips for making the gameplay easier and avoid some stupid irreversible mistakes at start.

So, what I found out after grinding for 60 hours: - This game is single player, even though it tries to look like multiplayer. - This game is free to play, free to win, and with ads by choice (so you can technically play without watching ads at all!) BUT it will take a LOT of time to progress, and will virtually come to a halt around level 20 (out of 25 levels max). So prepare to see at least 5-10 mins of ads per hour gameplay or spending 10-20$ minimum per month. - Initial choices have a profound effect on your game experience. So be sure to build your boat wisely with those 3 powers you receive for each level.

Tips: - Initial bots: Froggy is trash, Thump is cool, Ram is OP. - Game is super gold hungry, but makes you think the opposite. Up until level 10 all upgrades will cost you like 5-50 coins, so at some point in game you will have 3-4k gold and don't care about it at all. Just save that gold for another 20 game hours, cuz if you spend it carelessly on resetting bot AI(100 for each level) and other expensive things, you'll run out of it and will be empty forever. Because starting from level 15, all prices just go so much up! WHILE DIFFICULTY OF THE WORLD SCALES WITH YOU, LOOT DOES NOT! So getting 3 coins from every scrap pile at start, when upgrading costs 10 coins leaves you with a lot of extra. Fast forward to level 20 - and every upgrade costs 300 coins, pushing you into the endless grinding wheel. So save the gold early, have that arcade machine on your boat produce 120 coin/6 hrs asap, plan ahead, how you will upgrade your bots, because there's no turning back - it's only once in the game you'll have a lot of gold. - DON'T RUSH player level. Player level is determined by your average level of 6 strongest bots rounded up, REGARDLESS of whether you have them equipped or not. Meaning, eg. that as soon as you upgrade your 4th bot to, say, level 10 - your player level will be 10. All enemies on the world map will scaled to that. So if you upgrade one of your fighters far beyond every over bot in your stack, that will be a problem - and this is a trap I fell into: I was just upgrading my favorite 6 bots all of the time, got them to level 18, and suddenly found out, that my recruits are trash. Oopsy... Recruits are a big part of the game, ONCE you don't have enough gold. But remember - I thought I had tons of it, so I spent it lavishly on stupid things. So I didn't care shit about recruits - they were just there. Now I am playing metal gear solid or hitman style, cuz I was forced to give all of my top bots to recruits and left behind with bots 5-10 levels lower, than my enemies. So far I have only 1 strat on how to beat enemies that much higher in levels, so game also starts to get boring, as every fight is just like the 100 before it. And now I really need to grind a lot even to level up 1 of my bots - and I have 6. And I have 6 other low levels bots (out of 12 total) that I need to level up for recruits. You get the picture. Bottom line: DON'T RUSH PLAYER LEVEL. Level up all your bots in action evenly. - RUSH boat level. While there are both "main story" and missions in the game, neither of them will have any significant impact on your progression. And if one shall compare - side missions are a lot more rewarding. What will have a profound impact is some of the perks, unlocked together with you boat level. So if there's one thing worth concentrating about - it's your boat. So it's pretty simple: play to fulfill all the requirements for the boat, upgrade, repeat. Everything else is a "side mission". - ARENA will give you botframes for some of the best bots in the game early on, so don't neglect it. I couldn't find out how to get arena until late in game, and what a relief was it, when I finally got a good sniper. - USE THE RECRUITS all the time. Pimp your recruits. Give them the best bots early on and let them fight your wars. They'll do it in a fraction of the time. Send them on missions (they will perform much better with better bots, so even if you're not giving them your best bots during gameplay, you can give them your best bots temporally, when they're on a mission and you're not playing, like at night). Research Shared Scrap in your boat tech asap, since that will give the bounty earned by bots. Power up your recruits in every possible way otherwise - by researching tech, giving them the best boosters, BUT be careful with what you give them of abilities. Don't rely on autoload feature: bots will grab the most rare abilities, but will fail miserably many times, if those abilities are skill based. Give them something that is single target ability, and they will perform well.

Hope you enjoy the game, gl&hf


Thursday 27th of January 2022

Can you lose the scraps you've collected when all of your bots die?


Wednesday 16th of March 2022

@TheA, no, you don't loose nothing by loosing


Wednesday 15th of December 2021

Best guide. Thanks!


Sunday 12th of December 2021

Great article.