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BitLife Halloween Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Halloween Challenge

If you’re waiting for the next big thing from Candywriter, it does seem like DogLife might be out sooner rather than later, but in the interim, BitLife players have been returning to the game in droves every weekend to complete the latest challenges the company rolls out. These limited-time events are based on a certain theme and come with several tasks you need to complete in order to abide by this theme, and it’s not surprising that the more recent BitLife challenges we’ve played have stayed in the spirit of the spooky season.

In the spirit of Halloween, Candywriter has rolled out yet another spooky challenge, and this one is a direct nod to the killer whose presence has graced most of the films in the franchise that bears the holiday’s name. This is the Halloween Challenge, and in here, you’ll be asked to “recreate” some of the most infamous moments in the life of Michael Myers — killing his sister and killing even more people, to be more specific.

bitlife halloween challenge requirements

We’re going to get to the bloody, gory details below, so keep on reading if you’re trying to finish the Halloween Challenge. It may be relatively easy to complete, but this BitLife mini-strategy guide could help you get it done even faster.

Getting Your Character Started – Some Re-Rolling May Be Needed

The first requirement of the Halloween Challenge is, as usual, the easiest — your character needs to be a male born in the United States in order to ensure similarity with Michael Myers of Halloween fame. The exact city doesn’t matter, and neither does his starting stats, and in an interesting twist, you may or may not want to set Crime as a Special Skill if you have God Mode enabled.

bitlife character

The advantage of this is that it will be easier for you to commit crimes without getting caught, but that might work against you while trying to complete the next requirement, which is to escape from jail. But we’ll get to that later — first, you’re going to need to make sure that your character has a sister to be killed later on in the challenge.

This is where the lack of statistical requirements comes in handy, as you can simply re-roll until you get a character who has an older sister. Or, assuming your mother isn’t older than 40, you can wait until you turn 4 or 5 years old, and if you still don’t have a sister, you can re-roll to create a new character. And if after hitting “Age,” one of the new developments is your mother giving birth to a baby brother for you, you can quit the game before confirming the new addition to the family, restart the game, hit Age again, and keep repeating until you get a baby sister.

bitlife murder

The important thing here is that you have a sister, otherwise you won’t be able to complete the challenge. Take note that there is no specific way required for killing your sister, and she doesn’t necessarily need to be an older sister like in Michael Myers’ case — just as long as she dies by your hand, the “how” and the “when” is largely irrelevant. (On second thought, it may be better if you don’t attempt to kill her by pushing her down the stairs, poisoning her, or strangling her — these are the methods where the intended victim is likelier, but still not highly likely, to turn the tables and kill you instead!) You may, however, want to get rid of her after taking care of the requirement we’ll be discussing below.

Get Sent To Juvie / Jail For A Petty Crime, Then Escape

As you are not required to commit a specific type of crime to land yourself behind bars, we would recommend getting busted for the pettiest of crimes out there — burglary, shoplifting, and pickpocketing are all good choices for bad deeds, and you can get started on these crimes even before you reach your teen years in BitLife. But that’s where having Crime as a Special Skill might work too well — in specific, you may still be able to shoplift expensive items that cost in the thousands without getting caught by the mall cop!

bitlife juvie mini game

And while you will be less likely to be turned in to the cops after a failed burglary, we would suggest burgling houses on a consistent basis, as that will inevitably draw the attention of the law. Once you see policemen entering the house that you’re burgling, allow yourself to get caught. You will be sent to a small, minimum-security jail, and unlike the extra-large, super-complicated 8×8 prison layouts you may know from previous challenges, there’s virtually no need to watch a YouTube video or read a separate guide in order to escape.

bitlife escape artist

More often than not, you can simply follow the mini-game’s logic (guard moves twice for each move you make, always moves toward you but will, by default, attempt to walk horizontally at first) and escape without getting caught from these 3×4 or 3×5 layouts.

It’s Better To Impale Random People

After killing your sister and escaping from jail, what’s next? Of course, Michael Myers didn’t just stop with one victim — he had many others, and for the purposes of the Halloween Challenge, you’ll need to kill another five victims (or four, if you already killed your sister with this method) by impaling them.

impaling a person in bitlife

When choosing victims, we strongly advise choosing random people, as opposed to family members, friends, co-workers, or classmates — the deaths of these nameless NPCs are less likely to be noticed by the cops, though you can always do the old quit-and-restart if you see your Happiness drop to zero after the crime. That means you’re going to be arrested, but if you have Crime as a Special Skill, arrests are less frequent than they will be if you don’t.

Interestingly, you can let yourself get arrested after impaling your fifth victim — the game will still count that as a kill, and when it does, that should wrap up the Halloween Challenge for you! Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee Halloween-themed hats and eyewear, but you’ll still have a new accessory to add to your collection as a reward for completion.