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Valor Legends: Eternity Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Evolve Your Heroes and Defeat Your Enemies

Valor Legends: Eternity is a grid-positioning based tactical gacha game by Century Games. In this game, you build a five-person team and position them around a 4×4 grid board in an effort to get them to attack certain targets, akin to games like Arcana Tactics.

The difference here being the attacks themselves aren’t grid-based, and targeting is based on actual distance between characters and enemies. It makes a good time burner during those quiet moments at work after you do the long initial session, and seeing a properly planned formation kill targets a few levels above you is always cathartic.

valor legends eternity guide

Valor Legends: Eternity is a game for the long haul, with maximum character levels reaching a whopping 260 for Legendaries, and one must play it as such: Rather than rushing blindly and grinding several hours a day, one is much better off plating this game calmly, having a plan for the daily grind and setting proper goals for your daily login.

And without further ado, we present you our comprehensive Valor Legends: Eternity beginner’s guide. Read on and find out how you can level up and evolve your heroes fast, form powerful teams and carry out ferocious attacks to dominate your enemies!


valor legends eternity grid map

Positioning determines who gets hit by what at the very beginning of the match. Knowing how to position your units against other formations and compositions cal give you a snowballing early advantage. After all, a team with two injured heroes and 3 untouched ones still has more DPS than a team that has one dead hero and 4 full HP teammates. Here are some notes on unit positioning.

Damage Division

valor legends eternity defense

You should try to get at least two tanks on your team, or a tank and a healer, for the simple reason that a single tank up front cannot handle having five people attacking them all at once. Position them in such a way as to split enemy attacks between the two of them while stopping them from attacking your damage dealers.

Since you will often get a split between 3 and 2, get your stronger tank to take the three enemies while your weaker tank takes two enemies on.

The one good time to have only one tank in front is if the enemy brings Assassin heroes: Assassins aim for the rearmost target, and forcing them to run into one of your tanks will give your team time to kill their first target and turn around to deal with the Assassin, turning them into a puddle using 5 people’s worth of DPS.

Splitting enemy damage is important to the point that if you have a healer instead of a second tank, you may want to put your bulkiest Mage or Ranger up front to soak up a little bit of damage too.

Heck, in PVE, you might find it useful to drag your least important (or whoever has the most HP) damage dealer up front with the tanks to soak up shots! Just don’t do this with your PVP Defense team since any enemy players with half a working brain cell WILL focus that damage dealer down.

Five Versus One? That’s Totally Fair!

valor legends eternity attack

On the other hand, you also want as many of your units as possible focusing targets down one at a time, preferably giving any exposed nerdy Mages, Priests, Assassins and Rangers a five-way atomic wedgie first.

Position your damage dealers so they’re all focusing on one target to burn them down, preferably the one attacking the tank taking the most heat or whoever is the squishiest target up front (Players might not send damage dealers up front unless they’ve only got one Warrior, but the AI does this quite often).

This not only makes sure your opponent is down 1 guy’s worth of DPS, it also makes your rear guys less vulnerable to Assassins: Any unit that kills their initial target will immediately turn around to attack whoever is closest to them, which for your damage dealers is usually the Assassin trying to backstab them. Now if all of your units have the same initial target, that’s 3-5 guys bullying one squishy Assassin all at once.

Assassin Outclassin’

assassin sheanigans

While a lot of the above makes Assassins sound weak, this is actually one of the Assassin class’ great strengths in PVP, especially with your Defense team: It may force the enemy into a formation they might not want.

If your Assassin (or two!) is strong enough, you can use them to immediately get rid of high priority backline targets like Rangers and Mages if your Warriors can keep attention away from them for an extended period of time. Especially if you have a mid-line Warrior with a taunt, to prevent the enemy damage dealers from focusing on the Assassin in case your front-most Warrior dies.

Assassins also tend to make your enemy clump together once they’re targeted, giving your damage dealers a small window of time where their AOE attacks damage multiple targets very reliably. One can split their damage dealers apart to prevent this since they have ranged attacks and, but with split damage dealers comes unfocused attacks toward other targets. This all ties into the importance of focus fire and mitigating it.


valor legends eternity idle chest

Naturally, you’d want your heroes in tip-top shape before they enter battle. The laziest way to do this is to just wait for the Idle chest to fill up every 12 hours, then level your heroes and enhance your equipment.

But where’s the fun in that? There are certain places in the game that get you a quick influx of resources for visiting them, along with a rather weird way to power up heroes other than just dumping resources into them. Finish all your allowed attempts on these adventures or until your team can’t take it anymore, THEN wait for the Idle chest!

Endless Trials

valor legends eternity endless trial

The most obvious go-to for levelling your heroes is the Endless Trial, located in the Wild Field tab. Each floor provides all you need to level your heroes. Energy Essence (basically EXP potions), Coins and Evolution Pearls all drop in reasonable amounts, with rewards increasing as you go ever higher. It’s also self-feeding, to an extent: If you’re a certain threshold of power above the current floor, you can simply tap the Skip Battle button and win instantly.

And how do you get strong enough to sweep fights you ask? By taking those resources you just got from sweeping the last several floors and dumping them all into your favorite team or hero, though this only goes so far. That being said, don’t be afraid to fight even if the enemy is strong enough to block out your Skip option: Sometimes, a good formation is enough to beat the bad guys, especially if the AI screwed up and put their assassin in front again!

Mysterious Realm

valor legends eternity mysterious realm

It’ll take a long time to beat all the levels since they only unlock after certain stages in the main campaign, and they’re very far apart at that. But the ones you have beaten, you can immediately sweep twice every day for free stuff of the same amount.

Knowing this, if you log in for the day and notice that you’re almost at the campaign level needed to unlock a new node in the Mysterious Realm, hold off on sweeping what you have so you can unlock the new node first. That way, you make the most of your daily sweep attempts.

Realm of Tales

valor legends eternity realm of tales

A more long-term goal, the Realm of Tales (the big ol’ sword plunged in lava in the Wild Field tab) allows you to unlock an Artifact for every campaign map you beat from it. The final boss typically has a sharp power spike (Even the first map, which typically has level 30-50 teams, but the final boss is a level 56 team going straight from 50), so this isn’t just a way to get stronger, but also a reason to get stronger. If you find camps on the map, it allows you to borrow heroes for several battles, usually plugging whatever gap your team might have if they haven’t been properly fed.

Level Rollback

valor legends eternity confiscation

Don’t worry too much about investing in whatever heroes you have early on, because Level Rollback is a pretty safe bet. Rolling a hero back gives you all (And we do mean ALL) of the materials you’ve invested in them, for free if they’re purple tier and below. If they’re Gold tier or 5 star, they cost a tiny pittance of gems, still generally worth it if you’ve found the hero you want.

You can also do this to redistribute the progress between your heroes, but that’s generally more expensive than it’s worth if you’re running a team past 5 stars. Besides, having a couple of overleveled team members is always nice, since past a certain level difference, they start wrecking things pretty hard.

Just remember, if you’re rolling back a hero because you spent a little bit on them but want to put them in the Blessings Temple instead for the free level-up, this unequips all their gear. Make sure you put their clothes back on afterwards!

Blessings Temple

valor legends eternity blessed temple

Later on, you’ll get access to the Blessings Temple. The Blessings Temple picks your five highest level heroes as Hierophants, and whoever is the lowest level of them is picked as the Temple’s level. Anyone you put in a temple slot gets the same level as the lowest level Hierophant, making it useful for bringing new heroes up to the same fighting capacity as your current main squad.

This is usually how you’ll make a side team, with your second squad usually consisting of those heroes getting boosted by the Blessings Temple.

Land Of Departure

valor legends eternity departure

A difficult set of zones meant for large, high level hero collections (Or at least people who have loads of Blessings Temple slots unlocked), the Land of Departure’s challenges are often long trips against a lot of foes.

It’s a survival mode, where your team (or teams, the more powered up heroes you have, the better) kill as many enemy squads as they can on a single bar of HP. The same applies for the enemy, so if you fail a battle but kill four of the enemy team, the next time you attack, that last guy standing will have to fight alone!

Having a healer is very important here since your HP from one match carries over to the next. If your heroes are hurt, they can recover HP by leaving the party and resting, at 20% HP per win. If your hero ends up dead, they must recover their full HP before being allowed back to battle. If they’re a Hired Hero from the Supply Shop, they say “To heck with this!” and leave for good, since they’re only temporary hires anyway.

valor legends eternity attacking strategies

This is best done once you have enough slots in your Blessings Temple, with the Blessed heroes taking on earlier levels and your main squad taking on the tougher levels, or swapping between each other when their HP starts looking iffy.

The board is also changed to have certain tiles give out buffs (or debuffs, avoid these), which you may or may not need to occupy depending on what tactic you’re going for. That being said, don’t just stick your units into a buff tile willy nilly: Often, maintaining the focus damage or defense splitting is more important than trying to occupy as many buff tiles as possible. A good tactic is to pick one or two buff tiles and build your formation around them as best you can.


valor legends eternity main menu

As with any mobile game, there are several things to keep in mind in Valor Legends: Eternity. There are many ways to spend money, and using your Coins or Gems on what you don’t need is going to cause a big pain in the butt.

There’s also the game’s tendency to load most of the rewards you get early into your daily login, with the progress slowing down the longer you try to force the grind. This is a game about patience, and making the most of your time.

Early Login Burst

valor legends eternity battle

Most of your progress will be done early in your login, with all the dailies, sweeps and the sudden burst of loot giving your guys a power surge via all the Energy Essences and Evolution Orbs they’ll be chugging for breakfast. You’ll win most of your fights as each battle levels up the further you go into the Endless Trials and the Idle battle.

Play and dump leveling materials into your team until you run into something that you can’t beat no matter how you position your heroes. When that happens, check other modes until the same thing happens in said modes. Once you hit that point, it’s time to log off and come back the next day, or at least in the next few hours once your Bounties are done cooking and the Idle Chest has accumulated a sizeable amount of goodies.

Fresh Bounties, Refresh Bounties

valor legends eternity bounties

Bounties are a lot like Commissions from Azur Lane, in that you send heroes out to do busywork, which takes a few hours until they come back with a reward. Unlike Azur Lane Commissions, your heroes are still useable in combat when this is done. There is usually a specific hero requirement for Bounties, with higher tier Bounties requiring heroes of a higher star level.

If you have a bounty that is high tier but you don’t have the hero for it, don’t refresh it with Gems, only with the free refreshes. Otherwise, you might want to wait for the next day in case your morning reward burst gets you a star level upgrade for one of your heroes. If not, then refresh it, since your queue might get clogged and you won’t get any rewards at all!

And one last note: You can buy a permanent bonus for your Bounties for slightly over a thousand gems and not a single real-life cent: Check the Kingdom Benefit store for the first bonus. It only costs Gems, and it guarantees a purple tier Bounty on your first refresh of the day. Completely worth it, considering it isn’t even the cost of a 10-roll in the gacha. The others cost money though.

Profitable Friendships

valor legends eternity heart crystals

Getting a long Friend List in Valor Legends: Eternity is generally a good idea, for a very materialistic, practical reason: Once a day, you can send friends a Friendship crystal, and each friend you have can send one back to you. 10 of them lets you summon a single hero from the Summon Circle gacha, so every 10 friends you have is immediately worth one free hero roll a day. Not to mention it’s a win win, since it’s the same thing for them!

A Few Gems In Reserve

valor legends eternity gacha

Don’t dump all your gems into the Summon Circle gacha! Leave a couple of them for other things like gear, evolution orbs, and other such resources. The gacha accepts Eternal Summoner’s Books, so it’s best to wait for those to accumulate before using the gacha.

If you have a rather large surplus of gems and don’t mind using them now rather than waiting for books, never spend gems on single rolls, only on ten rolls since those are cheaper. 10 single rolls add up to 3000 gems and a single 10-roll costs 2400 gems. Not to mention you can use the leftovers on other things like Guild Prayers and better gear from the Magic Store.

The Faction Bonus

valor legends eternity faction aura

Having multiple heroes of the same faction together (the mostly human Legion, the leafy knife ears, druids and ents from the Forest, the foul stinking Undead, and the bickering forces of Light and Shadow) gives a Faction Aura which powers up your teammates of said faction.

While it is tempting to try and go for the maximum bonus, you might be better off picking two or three heroes from a faction you’re biased towards, then filling the rest of the slots with heroes that synergize with them or fill a role well, regardless of faction.

Note that Light and Shadow heroes work differently: Each Light or Shadow hero provides their own buff aura, regardless of team mixing.


valor legends eternity guild

Like most online games, joining a Guild gives you access to certain things you wouldn’t otherwise get if you’re a lonely, guildless hobo. A guild has several facilities which will help you get ahead faster, give you a little bit extra to do during your ever-important first login of the day, and most important of all, murder and maim those jerks blocking your way in the Campaign. Here’s what’s up with guilds.

Guild Store

valor legends eternity guild store

The Guild Store is very much like the normal Magic Store in that it allows you to buy gear, but this time using Guild tokens rather than coins and gems. As you progress throughout the Campaign, you’ll unlock better items from the Guild Store, though at the beginning, it only sells blue tier gear. Don’t buy gear you don’t want just because you need upgrade fodder, save those Guild Tokens for the good stuff later on.

Guild Dungeon

valor legends eternity guild dungeon

The Guild Dungeon is a maze where you help your fellow guildies get to the end by fighting enemies. The payout for a victory is usually equipment, and you have two fights everyday. Don’t waste these on enemies that are already marked Completed, and go for the ones with glowy red backgrounds instead so your guild makes actual progress.

Once the Elite and Boss Strongholds (marked on the map by thew presence of large enemies rather than the mere crossed swords icon used for normal battle nodes) are fully beaten, everyone in the guild gets a big, fat reward, so do your part!

Guild Tech

valor legends eternity guild tech

Later once you beat Campaign 12-10 , you will unlock the Guild Tech structure and all the benefits within. Guild Tech allows you and the guild to pour resources into guild-wide combat buffs, such as HP or ATK boosts to specific character classes.

For obvious reasons, this will give you a sizeable advantage over those without a guild. If you’re already past Campaign 12-10 and still don’t have a guild to call home, it’s high time you started looking for one. It could be that big push you need to get

Guild Pray

valor legends eternity guild pray

The fountain in the middle of the Guild area is for Guild Prayers. Guild Praying allows you to get free coins, and more importantly, Guild Technology points. This is one of the reasons you don’t want to dump all your gems into the Gacha on a whim, as while the first prayer is free, you get two more powerful prayers for a small amount (50 and 100 respectively) of gems.

You’re not only helping yourself by spending gems here, but also your guild, so if you found a good guild to call home, save a few gems for the Guild Pray everyday. This unlocks at the same time as the Guild Tech structure, after beating Campaign 12-10.

And this ends our Valor Legends: Eternity beginner’s guide. If you have any tips of your own to share, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!