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BitLife Valentine’s Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Valentine’s Challenge

For more than a year now, Candywriter has been giving BitLife players something to look forward to on Saturday afternoons and the rest of the weekend — as well as the first few days of the new week. These are the weekly challenges, which require you to create a new character and have them live their lives based on a certain theme. In recent weeks, we’ve seen challenges inspired by the Twilight saga, Finding Nemo, and The Great Gatsby, and this week, it’s not at all surprising that the challenge has something to do with Valentine’s Day.

bitlife valentine's challenge requirements

After all those weeks in which Candywriter released pop culture-flavored challenges, they’ve gone to the more general with this one, though it’s nonetheless topical given the timing of the launch. The Valentine’s Challenge happens to be a rather easy one to complete, though as you’ll find out, it could take some time for you to meet one of the requirements. But we can still save you some time in completing the Valentine’s Challenge, and that’s what we shall be discussing in this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, which covers all of the challenge’s five requirements and shows you how to complete them with as little rework as possible.

The First Two Requirements – Save The Shady Stuff For Your Teenage Years

When creating a character for BitLife’s Valentine’s Challenge, there’s no gender or stat requirement that you need to keep in mind — you can create a male or female character and you don’t really need to re-roll your character to ensure your stats are at a certain level. You may, however, create a character with at least decent Looks, as this will make it easier for you to find the multiple partners you’ll need to have in order to complete the challenge’s requirements.

Being that you can flirt with classmates by the time you reach the age of 8, we suggest you do this at that time to get yourself ready for your first girlfriend or boyfriend. You can start dating by the time you reach the age of 10, though it doesn’t have to be that early, as technically, you can only start cheating on a partner at the age of 16.

bitlife hook up

Flirting with other classmates does NOT constitute as cheating, but hooking up with a friend (which you can start doing at 16) definitely counts as such. That said, even if we recommend cheating as early on as possible, there’s no specific age in which you need to cheat on your partner, just as long as you do at least once.

On the other hand, we suggest that you get engaged to your boyfriend or girlfriend as soon as possible — with that in mind, you can start taking part-time jobs from the soonest time you can do so, which is at the age of 14. That will allow you to buy a cheap (around $5,000), non-fake ring by the time you’re ready to propose, which is the age of 16.

calling off engagement in bitlife

After your partner says yes, you can go ahead and call off the engagement even before hitting the Age button, thus fulfilling the “call off an engagement” requirement really quick. You can then break up with them in order to get the next requirement out of the way.

The Sooner You’re Married, The Better

This doesn’t just refer to how one of the Valentine’s Challenge’s requirements is to marry someone just one year after meeting them. But since we did mention that, the key here is to buy a second engagement ring — a genuine, yet cheap one — or try your luck proposing without a ring at a logically romantic location.

bitlife emerald ring

You can either be working a part-time job in college or working your first full-time job after high school, but in any case, you should have no problem affording a second ring in the $5,000 price range. Propose at a romantic location (not necessarily an uber-romantic one in this case), and once your partner says yes, choose the Courthouse or Church as the venue for your wedding, and pass on the honeymoon so that you can have as cheap a wedding as possible.

wedding planning in bitlife

In addition to getting all of the above done no later than one year after meeting your future husband or wife, it is also preferable that you get married as soon as possible, meaning in your late teens or early 20s. In most countries, the legal age for marriage is 18, and since we established earlier that you can propose to someone before you reach legal age, it is possible to get this out of the way by the time you’re done with high school. But why get married so early? Read on for the final tip, and we’ll tell you the reason.

Renewing Your Vows And Making Your Marriage Last 50 Years

Once you’ve tied the knot with your partner, that’s when the easy, yet time-consuming part of the challenge begins. You can actually renew your vows at any time after your marriage — you don’t necessarily need to wait several years — but it’s the final requirement, where you need to make your marriage last five decades, that could take a while to complete.

renewing wedding wovs in bitlife

That all said, all you have to do here is to stay loyal to your spouse — no random hookups and no fooling around with friends or coworkers. Preferably, you’ll need to either have a car or a house, and you will also need to stay employed — all this is necessary in order to prevent your spouse from bugging you about these things and affecting your Relationship bar.

But you don’t necessarily need an expensive car or house, and you can take any kind of job you wish — just as long as it isn’t in organized crime, as rival organizations could randomly kill your friends and family!

bitlife wife profile

As NPC Bitizens seemingly have fixed ages of death, there’s nothing you can do if your spouse dies before your 50th wedding anniversary except try again with a new character or use the Time Machine (at $1 per use) so you can find a different partner to settle down with. But in most cases, NPCs can have pretty long lifespans, so there’s a very good chance you and your in-game spouse will celebrate 50 years as a married couple. And once you do, the same process applies for claiming your prize — choose a prize chest out of the four to unlock a new accessory, may it be a hat or a piece of eyewear!


Monday 15th of February 2021

I can’t wait for the Bitlife code merge to be out. I heard business update will be after it, but I’m really just hoping my orphaned bitlife kids can actually be adopted by family/strangers.