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BitLife Finding Nemo Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Finding Nemo Challenge

The new year is already one month old, and the BitLife challenges keep coming in. Since last year, Candywriter has been keeping players of their popular life simulator game busy every weekend (and the early part of the new week as well) with these limited-time events, which allow you to add to your collection of accessories (hats and eyewear) if you’re able to complete certain requirements based on the theme of the challenge. And as you may know by now, many of these challenges draw inspiration from popular films and television shows and are quite heavy on the pop culture references.

As many of the recent pop culture-centric BitLife challenges were inspired by, how shall we say it, grown-up movies, it’s arguably a nice twist that Candywriter has taken the family-friendly route for this all-new challenge. It’s inspired by an iconic clownfish from one of the most beloved Disney/Pixar movies of the last two decades, and while you don’t need to lose your way in any sense of the term, you will need to complete a number of requirements that are inspired by some of the events of the film.

bitlife finding nemo challenge requirements

We are, of course, referring to the Finding Nemo Challenge, and in this BitLife mini-strategy guide, we will show you how to complete this challenge — and it is quite an easy one, as it is — in as little time possible.

Be Born In Sydney, Australia, And Get Good Grades Ahead Of Your Dentistry Career

When creating a character for BitLife’s Finding Nemo Challenge, the most important thing is to make sure you’ve set your hometown and country to Sydney, Australia. There isn’t any specific requirement for the Bitizen’s gender — you could create a male or female character and don’t need to pay attention to any specific stats aside from their Smarts.

bitlife born in australia

If you end up with average Smarts, you can improve this stat by joining clubs in school. Even playing sports does sometimes result in some improvement in Smarts, so that may also help, but not as much as joining clubs would. Aside from that, you’ll need to behave yourself and ignore those bullies and troublemakers as much as possible, as landing in the principal’s office will always lead to at least a slight decline in your grades.

Those good grades will come in handy when it comes to your college qualifications, as it’s always best to get a scholarship instead of relying on your parents (they may or may not be willing to pay for your tuition) or taking out a student loan. We would also recommend joining a fraternity so you can bypass the interview process when the time comes for you to find work as a dentist. But before that, you’ll need to attend Dental School for four years — ideally, you’ll want to complete a four-year Nursing course or something similar and, once again, get good grades in order to get a Dental School scholarship.

bitlife dental school

By the time you reach the age of 26, you’ll be able to apply for work as a dentist, which, in Australia, is quite the high-paying job — you can earn at least $150,000 or so even in your first year on the job! With that, you should tick a second box in the requirements — assuming you haven’t completed the two requirements we’ll be discussing in the very next tip.

How To Complete The Goldfish And Daughter Requirements

The next two requirements in the Finding Nemo Challenge are arguably even easier, and you can get the first one done by the time you reach the age of 6. Once you’re old enough to ask your parents to buy you a pet, visit the Pets menu under Activities, then go to the Pet Shop — you may need to quit and restart the game a few times until they specifically offer a goldfish.

bitlife goldfish

Ask your parents to buy the goldfish for you — or buy it outright if you’re an adult. (The latter may be necessary if your parents aren’t exactly the generous type.) And once you’ve got the goldfish, you can choose the Release option immediately in order to set it free and complete that requirement of the challenge.

bitlife baby girl

In addition, you’ll also need to have a daughter named Darla, and this is mostly self-explanatory. Our only piece of advice here would be to ideally wait until you’re already working as a dentist before finding a partner and having a child. Once you or your partner gives birth, simply quit/restart the game if you end up with a son, and keep doing this until you end up with a daughter. Name her Darla, and you’re good to go — it’s as easy as that.

Taking A Boat To Sea Is Easier Than You May Think

Now some of you may have been thinking that in order to complete the “take a boat to sea” requirement, you’ll need to actually get yourself a boating license and buy a fancy, expensive boat. Fortunately, you don’t need to go through all that effort, though that will also allow you to complete the requirement. Just go to the boat dealer in the Shopping menu under Activities and purchase a cheap canoe, kayak, paddle boat, or anything else that can be manually operated.

bitlife paddle boat

Go to Assets, tap on the boat, and select Ride, and you’ve completed the requirement — and presumably the entire Finding Nemo Challenge as well. That, as usual, will allow you to take your pick of prize chests and get yourself a new hat or eyewear!