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BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge

Now in its fourth year on the Apple App Store (and also available on the Google Play Store for Android users), BitLife remains as engaging as ever, with a whole lot of replay value. And it isn’t just because of the semi-regular major updates that roll out and introduce a ton of new features; it’s also because of the weekly challenges, which are still very much a part of the BitLife experience.

For four days in a week, you have a chance to complete a set of tasks that correspond to the given theme, and developer Candywriter doesn’t seem to run out of themes, given how popular the challenge feature is to this day.

bitlife snake in the grass challenge requirements

It would seem that Candywriter’s trend toward launching challenges that hearken back to the good old days of the feature rather than drawing inspiration from movies, TV shows, and famous people won’t be going away anytime soon. And it’s easy to see why — there’s more originality to these challenges, and it’s just so reminiscent of those times when the challenge feature had just launched.

That said, the Snake in the Grass Challenge is now live, and it goes into those adult aspects of BitLife, particularly the seedier side of things. It’s up to you to stir up some workplace drama to the best of your ability, but if you’re having a hard time completing this challenge, our BitLife mini-strategy guide for the week has all you need to know about completing the Snake in the Grass Challenge with as little effort as possible.

Getting Started — Finish Your Psychology Course, Work as a Marriage Counselor

The very first requirement in BitLife’s Snake in the Grass Challenge is that you have to be male. City and country of birth is irrelevant for this part of the challenge, and there isn’t any real need to have high Smarts (to get a college scholarship) and/or good Looks (to make you more attractive to your would-be hookup partners). Having both is completely optional, but nonetheless beneficial in most cases.

marriage counselor position in bitlife

Aside from being male, you’ll also need to get a job as a Marriage Counselor, and that should be very easy to pull off. But first, you need to choose the right college course, and the course you’ll want to take is Psychology — prepare to see this option appear less frequently among the options when choosing a college course, as is often the case in BitLife challenges. And once you’re already taking up Psychology in college, see what you can do about joining a frat so that you can skip the interview process in most play-throughs.

job interview in bitlife

After you graduate from college, you can move on to the business of finding work as a Marriage Counselor. You don’t need to attend graduate school for this — as long as you’ve completed a four-year Psychology course, you’ll automatically be qualified for Marriage Counselor. It’s as easy as that — no need for added education, though bear in mind that this requirement will get unchecked if you ever quit your job or get fired.

Seducing Married Coworkers Takes Patience

Now that we’re done with the easy stuff, let’s move on to the trickier parts of the BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge, starting with the requirement that you need to seduce, or successfully hook up with a married coworker. Now it doesn’t matter what your character’s sexuality is — you can choose male or female coworkers alike, and as long as they’re willing to hook up with you, you should be good to go with this requirement.

bitlife fling

Alas, not every coworker will be interested in such an indecent proposal, and a lot will depend on whether they have a low Willpower stat. Craziness could also come into play here, as if this stat is high, they will also be more likely to say yes to a hookup. God Mode players will have it easy, as editing a coworker’s stats could serve as a nice shortcut to completing this requirement.

But if you don’t have God Mode, you may need to try quite a few times before finding someone who’s willing to roll in the hay with you despite their marital status. You may also need to switch from one Marriage Counselor job to another to find more potential hookup partners, or quit and restart the game to avoid the possibility of HR opening an investigation and a potential loss of employment.

hook up with co-worker in bitlife

In addition, it also helps to befriend coworkers before seducing them, as this increases your Relationship percentage and makes it easier for you to get them to engage in some hanky-panky behind their spouse’s back.

Date as Many Partners as You Could

As far as the last requirement in the Snake in the Grass Challenge goes, the best way to complete this is simply by having as many romantic partners as you could, starting from your school days, if possible. That way, you could theoretically have your share of married exes to choose from when trying to talk them into divorcing their spouse — if you have God Mode, you can edit their stats to give them low Willpower and high Craziness, but otherwise, this might require some patience.

Usually, by the time you reach your 30s, the pickings won’t be too slim, but if you want to complete this faster, one thing you can try is to approach the coworker you had earlier seduced and see if they’re okay with divorcing their spouse.

divorce request in bitlife

This won’t always work, and again, a lot will have to do with their Craziness and/or Willpower. Those with high Craziness and low Willpower will be more likely than others to serve their spouse with divorce papers in order to be with you, so this could take some trial and error if you’re willing to hook up with multiple married coworkers.

But regardless which route you take,  the important thing is that they at least tell you they’re going to think about it. While this may not sound like them outright agreeing to divorce their spouse, this will suffice, and you can then complete the challenge and pick a new accessory from one of the mystery prize chests, just as you normally would as a prize for completion.