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BitLife O Challenge Guide: How to Complete the O Challenge

Candywriter earlier this week rolled out the Street Hustler Update, and while we shall certainly be covering that update as well as a few new features that also arrived with the patch, BitLife is still keeping players occupied on weekends and during the first few days of the new week by rolling out weekly challenges.

As always, these events are live for four days starting on Saturday afternoon, and are based on a given theme that may or may not be based on a popular pop-culture intellectual property…or a famous celebrity, may it be a musician, actor, or just about anything else in the category, including talk show host.

bitlife o challenge requirements

This week’s challenge is one of those that are inspired by someone famous, and as the name of the challenge and the accompanying icon should obviously suggest, the O Challenge is inspired by none other than Oprah Winfrey. That means rising to the top of the talk show scene (as a reporter — unfortunately, Talk Show Host is not yet a celebrity occupation in the BitLife universe) and being extremely generous to the important people in your life.

This is a fairly easy challenge, all things considered, but if you still need an extra hand in wrapping it up before it expires, keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide for more details on how to quickly complete the O Challenge.

Choose Biloxi As Your City Of Birth, No Hanky-Panky At School

The most important thing to keep in mind when starting out BitLife’s O Challenge is that your character needs to be a female born in Mississippi. That means choosing Biloxi as your birth city and, if you have God Mode, setting up your character in such a way that she has at least decent Looks and good Smarts for better chances of becoming a famous Journalist.

But if you don’t have God Mode, you have the option to keep re-rolling until you get a character with such stats, or to join extracurricular activities and go to the gym to get those Smarts and Looks stats up over time. But there’s another important thing you need to do to improve your chances of succeeding in this challenge.

bitlife journalism major

Since you would need to study Journalism on a scholarship, you need to make sure you don’t get into any sort of trouble while at school and keep your grades as high as possible. That means not fighting back if someone bullies you, not playing hooky, and opting to help your classmate study instead of giving them the answers if they’re having trouble on a test.

You may need to be patient and quit/restart the game multiple times until Journalism becomes one of the choices of major — Candywriter does seem to skew things against players when it comes to such situations, but not in a way that completing the task becomes impossible, so don’t be discouraged if you still don’t get Journalism after four or five tries! Just keep quitting and restarting and it’ll eventually pop up.

Keep Working Harder At Your Reporter Job And You’ll Become Famous Before 30

In order to be like the famous person this challenge was inspired by, you’ll need to become a famous reporter, and fortunately, this is one of the easier parts of the O Challenge. Right after graduating from college, apply for a Junior Reporter job — if you joined a sorority in college, there’s a very good chance you will be accepted with no need for an interview, though if you do get interviewed, simply exit out of the game if you don’t get accepted, restart BitLife, and try again.

bitlife famous reporter

Once you’ve gotten the job, we would advise choosing the Work Harder option at least twice a year in order to max out your Performance bar. Of course, you also need to stay away from any kind of office drama or shenanigans, and avoid the temptation to accept drinks or drugs if you decide to go clubbing.

bitlife hard work

Follow these steps and you should easily take care of this requirement and become a Famous Reporter before your 30th birthday.

Get Your Fame Up To 80 Percent Or Higher And Publish Your Second Book

The next requirement in the O Challenge is publishing a bestselling book, and while it is possible to publish a bestseller the first time you write a book, the chances of doing so are slim if you publish your first book while your Fame is still below the 50 percent mark. The worst that can happen is that the book will receive terrible reviews, while the best case scenario in most cases would be a generous boost in Fame, if not a bestseller.

bitlife bestseller book

So with that in mind, we would recommend getting your Fame stat up to at least 80 percent by starring in commercials, getting your social media accounts verified, and doing photoshoots — if your Fame is at 80 percent or better and you have published a book beforehand, you should have a very strong chance of becoming a bestselling author.

bitlife instagram account verification

Most of the above things could give you a good Fame boost, while shooting commercials, while not really that useful when boosting your Fame, can at least add to your bank balance. That’s going to come in handy when you’re trying to take care of the last requirement in the O Challenge.

Gift Cheaper Houses And Cars, But Not Too Cheap (And Don’t Get Married!)

The final requirement in the BitLife O Challenge will see you gifting at least five houses and 10 cars to friends and family members, and while this might sound tough to pull off if you don’t have a big enough bank balance yet, there are things that could help improve your finances before your salary reaches the millions as a result of your fame. Inheritances, while all on account of chance (i.e. if you start the game with at least one parent in their 50s or older), are a great help, as are commercial shoots and photoshoots, as we noted above.

bitlife toyota 4runner

But we would strongly advise you to avoid buying expensive cars and houses so you can quickly complete this part of the O Challenge and still have more than enough money in the bank when everything’s said and done. But while it’s all well and good to buy cheap, you should also avoid buying cars and houses in particularly poor condition (orange or red bar) as well as trailers, which are usually the cheapest houses available — your friends and family might not appreciate such gestures, while some may balk at the prospect of receiving an extremely inexpensive house or trailer ($25,000 or cheaper).

bitlife row house

Additionally, we would suggest not getting married before you complete this requirement, as spouses can be hypersensitive to big purchases (especially new homes) and even more so to giving them away with nothing in return! Save yourself the stress and the relationship damage and stay single for the duration of the challenge — once this requirement is completed, that should do it for the O Challenge and allow you to open a prize chest for a chance at a new hat or eyewear!