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BitLife Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge

It’s been said many times and in many ways, but the secret of BitLife’s replay value after four long years as an IOS and Android favorite lies in its weekly challenges. Although this is still a title that is as open-ended as they come, allowing players to live their virtual lives in whatever way they wish and for as often as they want, these limited-time challenges all come with a specific theme and about four to six requirements (in most cases), with four days for you to complete them.

And while several of our favorite challenges all had a pop culture theme to them, recent challenges have been more general in nature, hearkening back to the early days of this literal game-changing feature.

bitlife murder on the dancefloor challenge requirements

While the name of the challenge may bring back to mind a popular song from the early 2000s, the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge continues the trend of BitLife challenges with old-school mechanics — no real pop culture references aside from the title, just a special theme and a set of tasks to match. Your job here, for the most part, would be to play the role of an especially dangerous DJ, and the challenge isn’t really that difficult to pull off.

But if you’re finding yourself stuck on some of the requirements, fear not, as we’ve got you covered through this BitLife mini-strategy guide, which will show you how to complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge in as little time possible.

Getting Started — Choose Crime as a Special Talent in God Mode

The Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge is one of those challenges that won’t require you to set your character up in a certain way in the creation screen — no need for especially high Looks or Smarts, and your character can be male or female and from any part of the world.

crime special talent in bitlife

There is one thing you may want to make sure of before creating your character, and this applies to players who have God Mode enabled. Make sure you choose Crime as your Special Talent, as this is going to come into play later — just as we’ll be explaining in the very next tip.

Other than that, all you need to do is to finish high school — no need either to stay away from trouble, just as long as you finish your secondary education, you should be good for the rest of the challenge.

Commit the Murder by Clubbing Before the Dancefloor Stuff

The name of the challenge is Murder on the Dancefloor, and while it might sound like the logical choice to find work as a DJ before anything else, that’s not the case for this challenge.

Given that clubbing someone to death (and not getting arrested) is one of those methods of murder that can most easily result in your intended victim turning the tables on you (and killing you in the process) or the police catching you shortly after, we would recommend doing the dirty deed before finding employment as a Disc Jockey.

murder in bitlife

If you chose Crime as your Special Talent, then the chances of getting arrested or getting killed should go down significantly, but if you don’t have God Mode, you may need to be a little patient during this part of the challenge. You might need to quit and restart BitLife multiple times as your intended target calls the cops on you or if the cops catch you.

For a pair of bonus tips, keep in mind that the Murder option becomes available once you turn 15, and that it’s easier to kill random people (as opposed to friends, family, teachers, co-workers, etc.) than named NPCs without getting caught.

Hooking Up and Accepting Drinks at the Clubs

Now that we’re done with the dirty work you’ll need to do as part of the Murder and the Dancefloor Challenge, let’s move on to the “fun” stuff — accepting drinks and hooking up with people at the club. Both come with their share of risks, starting with the possibility you might become an alcoholic after accepting a few drinks at the club, especially if more than once within the same year of your life.

bitlife brandy

As long as you’re saying no to all sorts of drugs, you should be fine here — just go to the gym to get your Health back up, and make sure to use the Work Harder option while working as a DJ so that your Performance bar does not drop below 100 percent.

hook up in bitlife

As for hooking up at the club, the obvious risk here would be getting a sexually transmitted disease, so whenever possible, play it safe and use protection — just like the drinking requirement, this is pretty straightforward and easy to complete, so there’s no need to rush things here, especially if you haven’t found fame in your work as a disc jockey.

Be Patient When Trying to Get a DJ Job

Even in non-challenge situations, Disc Jockey seems to be one of the rarer jobs that appear among the available options. So just imagine how hard it would be while trying to complete the Murder on the Dancefloor Challenge! We had to quit the game and restart it at least ten times before Disc Jockey popped up among the available job options, but if it’s any consolation, you can start working as a DJ straight out of high school.

applying for disk jockey job in bitlife

It might help to attend college first and join a fraternity so you can most likely bypass the interview process, but otherwise, if you’re trying to complete the challenge as quickly as possible, you can get hired as a DJ on the basis of your high school diploma.

becoming a famous dj in bitlife

Becoming a famous DJ is the next step, and the usual process for achieving fame would follow — keep working hard at your job and get your Performance bar to perfect levels as soon as possible, and you should become famous in less than ten years on the job. That should complete the challenge and allow you to claim one of the prize chests and unlock a new hat or eyewear — just the same as always!