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BitLife Mother’s Day Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Mother’s Day Challenge

It’s been close to a year and a half already, and Candywriter is still rolling out weekly challenges for BitLife players on both iOS and Android versions. These challenges, in case you’ve only started playing the popular life simulator game recently, are limited-time events with multiple requirements based on a certain theme.

Most of the time, these would require you to create a new character, but if you’ve got a preexisting one whose virtual narrative fits in with the challenge’s requirements, next-generation Bitizens are okay to use as well. And this week’s theme happens to be a very timely one in terms of the holiday currently being celebrated.

bitlife mother's day challenge requirements

Not surprisingly, Candywriter decided to pay tribute to the mothers of the world for the latest BitLife challenge. True to this weekend’s occasion, you can now start working on the Mother’s Day Challenge for the next few days, and compared to most of the recent challenges we’ve completed, it’s fortunately quite easy to complete.

But if you’re trying to complete in as little time possible or maybe trying to cram it before the challenge expires, you’ve come to the right place. This BitLife mini-strategy guide will show you how to breeze through the Mother’s Day Challenge without having to create a new character or go through too many hoops with certain requirements.

First Steps – Spend Time With Your Mom

When creating a new character for the Mother’s Day Challenge, it’s actually not required that your character be female, despite how the requirements are worded. You can create a male or female Bitizen, and when it comes to their stats, you may want to prioritize Looks for an entertainment career or Smarts for a high-paying white-collar career — God Mode, of course, can prevent all the re-rolling, but otherwise, having one or both of these stats start out at a high level could help you earn enough money for the other requirements.

spending time with mother in bitlife

During the first few years of your life, you can complete one of the challenge’s requirements right off the bat — by spending time with your mom and doing an activity together, that completes the requirement of “being kind to your mother.” You can do this once you turn six years old, though when it comes to the other requirements, you’ll need to wait quite a while before you work on them.

But in the meantime, you can focus on your studies if you created a character with high Smarts, or enter an entertainment career after high school if your character has high Looks. Just stay out of trouble in school and make sure you enter a career track that could make you a lot of money down the line, and you should be good to go for the rest of the Mother’s Day Challenge.

Be A Single Parent And (Preferably) Have More Than Just Three Kids

The next part of the Mother’s Day Challenge is having at least three children, and just as usual, the best time to have kids would be when you already have a job. But for the purposes of this challenge, it may be better to be a single parent — either filing for divorce from your partner once you have enough kids, or not getting married at all. The reason behind this is that spouses will always have their objections when you buy a house that they don’t like, and they will likewise be unhappy in most cases if you give a house away to a loved one.

bitlife mother

If you’re hoping to finish the Mother’s Day Challenge as quickly as possible, we would suggest having your first kid in your late teens or early 20s (depending on whether you choose to attend college or not). However, those who don’t have God Mode may want to have as many as four or five children.

Although it may seem unlikely that your virtual kids won’t be appreciative if you give them a house, that is a possibility depending on their hidden stats (usually those with high Willpower react in such a way), so it’s good to have a backup plan in case one of your children isn’t willing to accept your gift of a new house.

Make Sure To Spend Time With All Kids At Least Once A Year

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to parenting in the Mother’s Day Challenge is that you should spend some time with each of your children at least once per year. You can quickly do this by using the Spend Time with All option under relationships, as that’s sure to keep your relationship bars with each kid at 100 percent consistently.

spending time with children in bitlife

Also, you can quit the game and restart if you encounter random events, such as one of your kids getting in trouble in school or two of them squabbling with each other for some reason. These could adversely affect your relationships with at least one kid, so it’s best to avoid the trouble altogether by using the old quit-and-restart workaround.

Buy Cheap Houses For Your Mom And Your Kids

The final requirements of the Mother’s Day Challenge are to buy a house for your mother and one each for at least three children — this can be done by buying a house in the Shopping section, then going to Assets, tapping on the house, and using the Gift option. This should be pretty easy, just as long as you stick to more affordable houses, including mobile homes, houseboats, and manufactured homes.

It’s best to shop for homes that cost less than $50,000 each, and you should also make sure that you pay for them in cash so that you own them outright before giving them to your loved ones. Also remember that you’ll need to wait until your kids turn 18 before giving them the house — otherwise, you’ll be notified that the recipient is too young for the responsibility of owning a house.

giving home to a child in bitlife

As we mentioned above, there’s a possibility your child may not be willing to accept your gift, but that’s why we suggested having more than just three kids. Don’t worry if your mom or your kids aren’t fully appreciative after you give them the house — this may affect your relationship with them, but it shouldn’t be by that much. You can always use Spend Time with All to bring your relationship bars back to 100 percent in the event giving them a house sours things a bit between the two of you.

After you’ve bought houses for three kids and your mom and brought your relationships back to 100 percent (if needed), you’re all done — you’ve completed the challenge and you can open one of the four prize chests and claim a new piece of eyewear or headwear.