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BitLife Model Mischief Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Model Mischief Challenge

BitLife’s Secret Agent expansion pack is finally out, and that is yet another sign of the game’s staying power on both iOS and Android platforms. But even with that update having rolled out, Candywriter is still as busy as ever cooking up new weekly challenges for BitLife players new and old alike, and this latest limited-time event is the first to make use of the expansion pack that rolled out before Secret Agent. We are, of course, referring to the Model Update, which arrived in Christmas of 2023.

bitlife model mischief challenge requirements

If you found recent BitLife challenges to be too easy, you may be in for a treat with the Model Mischief Challenge. It’s one of those classic challenges that don’t have any specific real-world shoutouts or references to popular intellectual properties, and also involve at least some grinding. If that’s your cup of tea, then the Model Mischief Challenge should be right up your alley.

But even if it is, we guarantee there will be points in the challenge where you may find yourself stuck and with no choice but to redo everything from scratch. We want to help you avoid this pitfall, so without further ado, here’s this week’s BitLife mini-strategy guide, which includes everything you need to know about the Model Mischief Challenge and how to complete it.

Choose Modeling as a Special Talent

For starters, it isn’t hard to create a character for BitLife’s Model Mischief Challenge — create a female Bitizen born in Massachusetts, so simply choose Boston as the birth city and keep re-rolling until you get a character with 80-90 Looks or higher if you don’t have God Mode enabled.

bitlife modeling special talent

You don’t need to make sure of anything while playing through your character’s childhood and teenage years, though it would be advisable to start your modeling career straight out of high school, as it seems harder for older models (e.g. those in their 40s and above) to get gigs.

It is important, however, to choose Modeling as your Special Talent, as this will allow you to master the talent before you reach adulthood, and, as long as you’re taking 3 to 4 lessons per year, you can also avoid paying upwards of $3,000 for each modeling lesson as an adult.

This Challenge Involves a Lot of Grinding

There, we said it — there’s a reason why the Model Mischief Challenge is one of the harder ones we’ve completed in 2024 thus far, if not the hardest, period. This challenge is very dependent on grinding, so you’ll need to devote a fair amount of time per play-through and go through a slew of repetitive tasks, mostly involving modeling gigs.

bitlife audition

Once you’ve signed with an agency, you will have to regularly take gigs and choose the right blend of Attitude, Poise, and Quirkiness when auditioning to ensure the best chances of getting the job. It pays to have a good idea of the combinations required to get the job — sometimes, the game will say it outright and advise you to be as quirky or show as much attitude as possible, but there may be some situations where the combination of stats isn’t that obvious. (For example — how are you going to pose like someone who’s sarcastically offended?)

bitlife supermodel

It may sound simple at first to complete at least three gigs and give yourself the best chance of rising quickly through the ranks, but you’ll also have to deal with the possibility of failed auditions…or your agency’s clients potentially not having any available jobs for you to take. You will need to grin and bear it, as taking regular gigs — and maintaining good performance at work — is the key to becoming a famous Supermodel and ticking yet another box in the Model Mischief Challenge.

Having Crime as a Special Talent Won’t Help You Sabotaging Your Colleagues

This may be a common mistake, and we committed it during our early play-through attempts for the Model Mischief Challenge. But Crime sadly does not pay as a Special Talent when you’re trying to sabotage your fellow models’ careers.

bitlife sabotage

Although your targets may call the cops on you, being an especially skilled criminal doesn’t seem to increase the chances of a successful sabotage attempt. So if you chose Modeling as your Special Skill, as we suggested above, don’t worry if the model you targeted gets you arrested or retaliates against you.

bitlife spike

Just quit and restart BitLife as you would in similar situations, and perhaps choose another method of sabotage when trying again. We’re not sure if any of the methods are likelier than others to allow for successful sabotage, but we did notice that framing a colleague for murder is very, very hard compared to the other options.

Make Sure You Sign With a High-Profile Agency

Although you won’t make that much at all in your early years as a model and probably won’t do too well in many of your early gigs, talent scouts will be approaching you and inviting you to join the agency they work for. You’ll need to take these opportunities at some point in your early 20s because when you reach your mid-20s, agency invites become very rare unless you’ve just left your previous agency and are looking to join a new one.

However, you will specifically need to take the best possible opportunities, and potentially grind it out quite a bit before you get an invite from one of the highest-profile agencies in the BitLife universe. We’re talking about agencies whose Profile bar is at least 80 percent full.

bitlife recruiter

Why should you try your very best to sign with these super high-profile agencies? As we found out in our play-throughs of the Model Mischief Challenge, it’s only the highest profile agencies whose models get invited to Fashion Week, and you’ll need to appear in at least two of these to check the corresponding requirement.

If you remain stuck in an agency with less than 80 percent in its Profile bar, no amount of gigs or good performances in those gigs will get you invited to Fashion Week, so you’ll need to sign with a top-flight agency from the get-go or move to one after establishing yourself at a lower-tier or mid-tier agency.

bitlife fashion show

You will, of course, need to at least do well in your first Fashion Week to increase your chances of getting invited to another, so choose wisely and stick to the most logical option as always!

Use the Drive-By Method When Killing Your Fellow Models

The final task in the Model Mischief Challenge is also the deadliest, and that’s the requirement where you have to murder at least five models. As always, the “safest” method of murder is Drive-By, so make sure you have a vehicle on the ready, and if you don’t, buy one — even a cheap, worn-down used car will suffice, though, at this point in the challenge, you’ll probably have more than enough dough to buy a much nicer vehicle.

bitlife murder

Even if you don’t choose Crime as your Special Talent, the chances of getting shot at by your drive-by target are still very low. And while there’s a fair to good chance of getting arrested after killing someone via drive-by, you can always quit BitLife before heading to court, restart the game, and try again.

Repeat this process five times, and even if you do get arrested and charged after your fifth kill, that will still count as completion! As always, the next step is to open one of the four prize chests for a new hat or eyewear for future BitLife play-throughs.