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BitLife Ken Enough Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Ken Enough Challenge

BitLife is still cranking out those weekly challenges, and we can understand why Candywriter is still pushing this feature well into the game’s lifetime. These limited-time weekly events, which can now be completed at any time if you choose to pay for the Challenge Vault, keep bringing players back late in the week and early in the next, so that they can complete a series of tasks based on the week’s theme. Oftentimes, they can be general themes with no grounding in pop culture, but they could also reference popular movies and TV shows, especially when the references are topical.

bitlife ken enough challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge marks a return to the world of pop culture, and it’s quite a timely return, given that Ryan Gosling, aka the main Ken in the Barbie movie, was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the recently concluded Oscars. The Ken Enough Challenge — notice the slight change in formatting — allows you to live certain facets of his extremely privileged life, and when we say privileged, we mean never working one of those “real” jobs to afford his luxurious lifestyle.

Of course, the usual BitLife twists apply in this case, but even then, it’s not that hard of a challenge to complete. Nonetheless, please keep reading if you need some help completing the Ken Enough Challenge and navigating its trickier elements.

Getting Started — Create a Handsome Character and Maintain His Good Looks

The first requirement in the Ken Enough Challenge is,  as is often the case, extremely simple — create a male character born in California. That means choosing Compton, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, or San Jose as your birthplace. The Golden State has the most cities represented in the BitLife universe, so that should make things extra easy at first.

good looks in bitlife

You will, however, need to keep re-rolling until you get a character ideally with 90 percent Looks or better, so that way you don’t need to grind that much (if at all) to reach perfect Looks. With your Looks in the 90-some range, chances are you will mostly need to go to the gym every now and then for a quick boost in Looks, usually from the late 90s to a full 100 percent.

Although it seems counterintuitive to attend college when you won’t be working full-time at all during the challenge, this might be necessary if your character is sent to all-boys’ schools exclusively. Remember that you need to make a female best friend, and that colleges and universities in the world of BitLife are all co-educational.

Always Choose the Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs

In the BitLife universe, the earliest age you can get a part time job is 13 years old, and during your first few years as a part-time worker, you’ll likely be limited to extremely low-paying jobs (delivering papers, making sandwiches, etc.) where you’ll be making $8 to $9 an hour.

bitlife part-time jobs

But you should always go for the highest-paying part-time job available at your age, because as we’ll be explaining later on, your big purchase as part of the Ken Enough Challenge will require an even bigger investment.

Once you reach college age, you will have the option to work higher-paying part-time jobs within the university, or take those jobs that pay upward of $15 an hour. Just be very, very careful not to fall into the trap of accepting a full-time job, because taking one will uncheck the requirement in question and you will automatically fail the challenge! Take note that the requirement asks you to NEVER work full-time.

bitlife part-time jobs 2

Having a Platonic Female Best Friend Could Be Tricky

Outside of the Ken Enough Challenge, it’s easy enough to make a female best friend — simply befriend any female classmate in school, make sure to spend time with her to keep the Relationship bar all filled up, change your status to Best Friends after a year or two. It isn’t quite as easy within the challenge.

befriending a classmate in bitlife

The easy explanation here would be BitLife moving the proverbial goalposts to make the challenge, well, more challenging. But we’ve found out that it could also be tricky if your first few friends are male and you only make female friends in college. (This would usually be the case if your parents send you to an all-boys’ school in elementary, middle, and high school.)

If this happens, we’d suggest that you ride it out and keep doing those things — attending concerts, spending time, having conversations, etc. — that could maintain a 100 percent relationship bar with your female friend(s). Sooner or later, they themselves will ask you if you want to be best friends — this might happen well after you first made friends (more than ten years, at times), but again, the key here is patience.

best friends in bitlife

And of course, keeping the relationship purely platonic, because the requirements clearly state that you cannot hook up with her!

You’ll Need to Grind Quite a Bit Before You Can Buy a Horse

The last requirement in the Ken Enough Challenge is to buy a horse, and while that might seem easy in and of itself, BitLife would actually require you to own a Farm, Ranch, Equestrian Property, or other similar residences that will allow you to take care of such an animal.

buying a charming farm in bitlife

As you may have surmised, these properties don’t come cheap, and it might require you to marry a rich spouse, have older and richer parents who will leave you lots of money once they die, or simply keep grinding until you have at least $500,000 in your bank account. As such, there’s a good chance you’ll be in your mid-30s to early 40s at the youngest once you’re ready to buy one of the special residences for your horse.

While most of the properties mentioned above cost well over $500,000, you may come across Farms that cost slightly less than that. These are typically old residences in poor condition, but if you have the cash on hand (your part-time work will likely result in your mortgage application getting denied), you can simply purchase one of these dilapidated properties, for the simple reason that your horse will need a stable. Buy the home, and head to the Horse Ranch section of the Pets menu to purchase a horse — these typically cost $15,000 and above, so you’ll want to have some money left over.

buying a horse in bitlife

Once you’ve purchased the horse and given it a name (or stuck to its current name), you should be all set — unless your Looks had dropped below 100 percent, in which case you may need a quick trip to the gym. That will, just as usual, allow you to open one of the four prize chests and redeem a new accessory as a reward for completing the Ken Enough Challenge.