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BitLife Harley Quinn Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Harley Quinn Challenge

As of this writing, we’re still waiting on Candywriter to roll out a substantial, feature-packed update for BitLife like they used to on a regular basis in 2019 and 2020. But they’ve done a pretty good job keeping players busy with various weekly challenges — limited-time events that typically run for four days and allow players to live their lives based on a given theme and anywhere from three to six requirements based on that theme. While many challenges have been rather general in nature, there have been others that focus on popular TV shows and movies, including that ubiquitous staple of summertime — superhero movies.

Many recent BitLife challenges focused on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this one tips its hat to a certain DC Extended Universe character you will be seeing on film later this summer, and one you saw in a rather polarizing film with a very similar title about five years ago.

bitlife harley quinn challenge requirements

Naturally, we are referring to Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad, and in this new challenge, you’re going to get your chance to become the DCEU’s resident psychiatrist-turned-criminal, at least in a few notable ways. So with that in mind, here’s our BitLife mini-strategy guide for the week, and a step-by-step look at how to breeze through the Harley Quinn Challenge with as little effort as possible.

Getting Started – Be A Female With Good Athleticism

As you’re going to be living a virtual life inspired by a female DCEU character, you will obviously need to create a female character for the Harley Quinn Challenge — also, make sure that she’s born anywhere in the U.S., because Gotham City, after all, is heavily inspired by New York City. Other than that, the only basic stat you’ll need to prioritize is Intelligence — it’s preferable that you create a character whose Intelligence starts out at around 60, in order to improve your chances of getting those scholarships.

bitlife character attributes

Logic may dictate that in order to come up with a character best suited for the Harley Quinn Challenge, you’ll need to set her Special Talent to Crime if you previously paid for God Mode. However, you’ll need to keep in mind the second requirement of the challenge, which is to practice gymnastics. That means being part of your middle school or high school gymnastics team, and that requires good Athleticism — if you have God Mode activated, you can go ahead and set her Special Talent to Sports and you’re all set.

practicing gymnastics in bitlife

Otherwise, you may need to re-roll your character a bit until you see certain life events that point to athletic inclination, or choose the tricycle when asked which skills you, as a toddler Bitizen, want to flex — this often increases the chances of having good Athleticism once you’re able to join sports teams in school.

How To Become A Psychiatrist

The next requirement in BitLife’s Harley Quinn Challenge is to become a psychiatrist, and it’s very important that you actually end up on this career track, and not the very similar, yet ultimately different psychologist track. While it’s possible to become a psychologist after finishing a Psychology course in college, that won’t do it for this requirement — instead, you need to get a Psych undergraduate degree, then attend medical school for the next six years before applying for a Junior Psychiatrist job.

psychiatrist career in bitlife

As medical school can be quite expensive, you should keep your college grades as high as possible and avoid getting into trouble — that means using the Study Harder option and avoiding the temptation to skip school or let your classmates look at your paper during exams. It may take a while before you get that Psychiatrist job, but when you do, you don’t need to stay too long at the job — in fact, you only need to stay long enough to afford a getaway vehicle for the next part of the challenge!

There’s Still No Surefire Way To Guarantee A Successful Bank Robbery

If you want to complete the Harley Quinn Challenge, you’ll need to rob a bank like Harley Quinn would, and that means using a croquet mallet as your weapon. However, it remains extremely hard to pull off a successful bank robbery in BitLife, and a lot of it still has to do with chance, of which you don’t have much of, as about nine out of ten (or more) bank robberies will end in an arrest. (Unless you’re part of a crime syndicate, which would give you a fair chance of successfully robbing a bank on your first few attempts.)

bank robbery in bitlife

Although it might make sense to join a crime syndicate (sorry, the Suicide Squad doesn’t count) in order to increase your chances of a successful heist, there are some things you can do to slightly improve the odds of getting away with the crime. Some players have observed that you may need to have a fairly fast, yet nondescript getaway vehicle — that means no compact cars or run-down jalopies, and no sports cars either.

successful robbery in bitlife

That means your best bets for a getaway vehicle may include mid-priced pickup trucks like the Toyota Tundra or Toyota Tacoma. Your choice of disguise remains largely irrelevant — whether you’re opting for something plausible like contact lenses or a cop uniform or something completely outrageous like a Mrs. Doubtfire costume (which our test character wore for her successful heist), it doesn’t seem to play a part in whether the robbery succeeds or fails. Just keep quitting the game, restarting, and redoing the robbery until you pull it off without any problems.

Commit A Petty Crime To Land Yourself In Minimum Security, Then Make Your Escape

In order to complete the bank robbery requirement, the robbery needs to be a success, and as we mentioned, you need to use a croquet mallet. You don’t want to land in jail for a failed robbery, then escape, as that will affect your chances of getting it right the second time. Instead, your best bet is to pull off the heist then commit petty crimes until you get caught.

bitlife conviction

The best crime to commit is burglary — simply run into the homeowner or their dog until they call the police, which shouldn’t take too long. Once you’re in police custody, cooperate with the cops, and when it comes to your trial, choose a public defender and plead guilty. Remember — the final requirement is to escape from jail, so you actually want to land behind bars and not get away scot-free.

For crimes such as pickpocketing, burglary, and shoplifting, you’ll usually be sentenced to a year or two in minimum security prison, which should make for an easy escape. Remember the basic rules of BitLife escapes — the guard will only walk horizontally at first and will make two moves for each move you make. But if you still find it too difficult to escape, there are several sites and YouTube videos that offer step-by-step walkthroughs for escaping from any kind of prison layout in BitLife.

prison escape in bitlife

Break out of jail successfully and you’ve completed the Harley Quinn Challenge — choose a prize chest and you’ve got another piece of eyewear or headwear that you can use on any active or future Bitizen or their loved ones.