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BitLife Black Panther Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Black Panther Challenge

Since launching in September 2018, Candywriter’s BitLife has allowed players from all over the world to create virtual characters and have them live their best — or worst — lives on iOS and Android devices alike. Every weekend, the company launches new challenges that allow players to live these virtual lives based on a specific theme, and for the latest such limited-time event, it has something to do with a popular character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one played by an actor who had left us way too soon a few months ago.

bitlife black panther challenge requirements

Chadwick Boseman would have been celebrating his 44th birthday on November 29 had he not lost his battle with cancer earlier this year, and that’s most likely the reason why Candywriter decided to honor him in their own way with a challenge that pays tribute to one of his most iconic movie roles. Now there’s no way to become a Wakandan monarch like T’Challa in the BitLife universe, but through the Black Panther Challenge, you can come as close as the game would allow you by becoming Mayor of Wakanda. Just how can you do this and how can you fulfill the other requirements of the challenge? Read on, and we’ll tell you in this BitLife mini-strategy guide.

Starting Out – Add Wakanda As A City In Kenya, Create A Male Character From There

Granted, Wakanda is a fictional city, but we do know that it is supposed to be located somewhere in East Africa, hence the requirement in the Black Panther Challenge that your character — more specifically his male offspring, who you’ll be playing as later on — be born in Kenya. We’ll get to that in a bit, but the first thing you will need to do in the game is to go to the New Life screen, tap on Country, then on Kenya, then add Wakanda as a city.

naming city as wakanda in bitlife

Your first-generation character can be from anywhere in the world, but since you still cannot choose which city in specific you want to migrate to, it’s best to create your first-generation character as a native of Wakanda, Kenya. Although we made this character male during our playthrough, you can actually make her female, with no specific requirement in terms of stats.

Given one of the other requirements of this challenge, it’s best that you make sure your first-generation character makes a fair bit of money — you can even have them play professional sports in another country if their Athleticism is good enough, just as long as you migrate back to Kenya, preferably before having children.

One minor mistake we made was to complete all the requirements save for the one that requires playing as a second-generation Bitizen — we completed everything, then transferred control from the first-generation character to his son. Doing that will nullify all other requirements aside from being a male born in Kenya and starting a second-generation life.

switching lives in bitlife

In short, you need to make sure the first-generation character is a) based in Kenya, b) preferably with no less than $100,000 in the bank, and c) has a son. If you’ve got all of that in place, you can adjust your will to leave all your fortune to your son, then switch control to his life, allowing you to proceed with the rest of the challenge.

Master One Martial Art As A Child, Save Your Inherited Fortune For The Others

One good thing about controlling a child Bitizen is that you can ask your parents to allow you to train in one of the five available martial arts in BitLife. As such, it’s preferable that you assume control of the second-generation character before he turns 18, as that will allow you to learn one martial art on your parents’ dime.

Most of the time, parents will be generous enough to allow this, so make sure you master your chosen martial art and get the highest possible belt before your 18th birthday. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to encounter a situation where our in-game parents allow us to take up more than one martial art before adulthood.

bitlife martial arts

Once you turn 18, you can then make use of the fortune you inherited to take up the other four martial arts and train until you get the top belt in each of them. In Kenya, one training session costs a shade under $300, so that shouldn’t be that big an expense if you come to think about it, even if you take the lower cost of living in the country into account.

How To Become The Mayor Of Wakanda

Although it is possible, in rare cases, to become your city’s Mayor right off the bat, you have to keep in mind that BitLife has long since nerfed the ability to redo elections if you end up losing and recouping all the money you spent on your campaign budget. Right now, if you lose an election and quit the game before confirming the results, your campaign budget will be gone forever and you’ll have no choice but to wait four years for the next one — or however long it takes per your home country’s election laws.

In Kenya, elections take place every five years, so in order to ensure yourself of the best chances of winning the mayoral election in your first try, we would first suggest attending and graduating from college. Next, run for School Board Director once you graduate and serve at least one term.

Winning an election for School Board Director is easy as long as you don’t pull any shady tactics in the pre-election scenarios, but we’ve noticed that even if this position doesn’t require a college diploma, you’ll likely lose the election if you run for the position in your late teens. Spending four years in college improves your chances of winning, both by virtue of education and due to the fact you’ll likely be 22 once you graduate.

how to become a city major in bitlife

While serving as School Board Director, keep your approval rating high by holding Maniacal rallies for at least two years and focusing on your platform when making speeches. Tailor your speeches by focusing your energy on the areas where your approval rating is lower than others, and avoid any corrupt or entitled decisions when those scenarios pop up! That should prepare you for a run in the mayoral elections, where you can then use the rest of the money you inherited for your campaign war chest.

Spend that money and choose the most sensible answers in the scenarios and chances are good you’ll be elected as Mayor after just one try. If you don’t make it, run for another term as School Board Director and try again in five years — at that point, you’ll likely win the election by a landslide.

Once you’ve gotten elected as Mayor, that should do it for the Black Panther Challenge. You can then choose from the four prize chests and get a new hat or eyewear, as is always the reward for completing a challenge in BitLife.