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Fruit Ninja 2 Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Slice Your Way to a Super High Score

Welcome to all you aspiring ninjas out there! Fruit Ninja 2, the sequel to the popular Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios, will hone your swordsmanship by tasking you to slice up some fruits. Halfbrick Studios, the Aussie developer that’s also responsible for another mobile hit called Jetpack Joyride, has just released Fruit Ninja 2 worldwide on iOS and Android. The new game has a lot of new things added to spice things up, without changing the core gameplay that fans know and love.

Throughout this Fruit Ninja 2 guide, we’ll be talking about the different game modes that will help you grow further in your path to becoming a ninja master, the different stats that affect your ninja, the way your score is calculated, and some of the different power-ups that will help you boost your fruit kill count.

So unsheathe that blade of yours so we can start slicin’ and dicin’ our way to victory!

Part-Time Gardener, Full-Time Ninja

What’s better than a ninja? A Shiba Inu ninja.

Let’s talk about the different parts of our ninja dojo to fully understand our home hub before we go talk about our daily slashing routines. Up front and center is our character. We can give our character multiple wardrobe changes which don’t really affect gameplay, so express your style as much as you want! You can change the way you look by visiting your armory and choosing your desired get-up. The only problem is that most of these need to be unlocked first.

1. Blades Don’t Affect Gameplay In Single-Player Mode

fruit ninja 2 blades

Should I choose the sharper one or the faster one?

These blades don’t really affect your gameplay in single-player mode. It just gives your slashes shiny strokes across your board when slicing fruits. They’re actually more useful in multiplayer mode.

Competitively, they provide a good edge against your opponent. Unlike in single-player mode, there is actually a difference in each of these blades in multiplayer mode. Each one provides different stats that in-turn affect your end game score.

You might have noticed that some of your slashes turn into critical strikes that activate at random times. You may also have noticed the blitz bonus that seems to give off different bonuses with very random values? Do you also remember those magical bananas (powerups) that help you get a better score? These are all altered in multiplayer mode depending on which blade you chose to bring.

fruit ninja 2 autumn blade

Be one with the blade. Strike firm and true.

Let’s talk a little bit about the blades’ stats.

Critical Chance – increases the chance that each fruit the player hits will result in a critical strike, giving the player bonus points

Critical Bonus – gives the player better bonus points for each critical strike that lands

Max Blitz – affects the maximum level of blitz that the player can achieve

Blitz Bonus – increases the score that the player gets during active blitz

Powerup Combo Bonus – increases the score that the player can get while power-ups are active

Each blade can also be upgraded to realize its full potential. The initial stats of the blade are indicated by light blue bars, while the remaining stats to be unlocked are in the darker shaded bar.

Blade upgrades can sometimes be costly. It can ask you for gold coins or purple upgrade crystals. Gold coins can be earned by just playing the game as these are the common rewards for achievements and playing game modes. Meanwhile, purple upgrade crystals need you to play in events, finish season pass quests, and dive into the multiplayer.

2. Use Your Power-Ups Wisely

fruit ninja 2 power-ups

So, I can summon a tornado? Make fruits bigger?

There are different types of power-ups available in the game, each of which are either rewarded to you by reaching a certain level or found in boxes that you find as you play.

Some of these powerups are usable in both single-player and multiplayer modes, while others are exclusive to multiplayer mode. These are usually the power-ups that stop your opponent from getting a better score than you. The catch is that you can only equip at most three power-ups per game.

These power-ups can also be upgraded by using gold coins and duplicates. An upgrade will either mean decreasing its cooldown or increasing the duration- sometimes even both!

It’s best to save your money and focus on just three to four power-ups to upgrade at a time, as these will help you progress through the game faster.

3. Try The Different Game Modes And Take Part In Special Events

fruit ninja 2 events

Zen mode? Yes, Zen Mode.

Hit the events button at the right side of the hub so we can start slicing up fruits. Here in the event select screen, we’re presented with the different game modes.

The three game modes that we all know and love are here: Zen, Classic and Arcade. All modes except Arcade stayed largely the same. Arcade has been tweaked to allow us to use power-ups that we have earned.

Meanwhile, Zen still allows us to just relax and dice up some fruits with no pressure. Classic still pits us against the challenge of not dropping a single fruit throughout our training.
Other events may be unlocked after reaching a certain level. Levels are gained by scoring experience as you play the game. You can also know more information about each event by clicking the small little i icon on the lower left corner of each game mode box.

There are also special events that require you to use event tickets in order to take a hack at it. These event tickets are usually given to the player by playing other limited-time events.

Remember that events, aside from Zen, Classic and Arcade, can only be played during a certain period and are in continuous rotation. If you miss one, don’t worry. It will reappear from time to time.

fruit ninja 2 arcade mode

2000 points? 4000 points? No problem.

Each game mode presents the player with different rewards depending on the score the player gets across different games of the same mode.

The scaling of the needed points for the rewards differ from each game mode and you just have to slice away at the fruits again and again until your goal is reached.

The rewards gained from reaching the needed goal are as follows:

Loot Boxes – these watermelon boxes may contain duplicates of different power-ups or gold coins (the coins themselves may be awarded for reaching goals)

Power-ups – usable in certain game modes to help the player the necessary edge to achieve a better score

Blades – a very valuable piece of equipment that gives the player a better chance at winning in multiplayer mode. Also allows the player to get some shiny streaks while slashing.

Tickets – a valuable currency that enables the player to play in some limited time events that require these as an entry permit.

Costumes – what’s a better way to slash and dice fruits? Slashing and dicing fruits… in style!

4. How To Spend Your Gems And Coins

fruit ninja 2 shop

Those are some pretty nice wares.

The in-game shop will be unlocked once the player reaches level five. Those purple gems and gold coins that you earned while on your path on becoming the best fruit ninja can be spent here on some nifty upgrades or maybe even a sharp new sword.

Here’s a little rundown of the in-game shop:

Daily Deals – these usually host duplicates for your power-ups. You are also given three free loot boxes every day and some experience just by watching advertisements

Blades – this is the best place to get legendary swords. These swords are not just shiny but also give us nice stats to boot. A bit costly, maybe, but gems well spent

Costumes and Power-ups – those that you don’t have yet can be found here

EXP Doubler – doubles the amount of experience points you get for the next X amount of experience points

Loot Boxes – did anyone mention gacha? You can purchase the loot boxes straight from the store if you can’t achieve your goals.

Gems – allows you to buy purple gems using real-world money

Coins and Tickets – allows you to trade in some of your gems for some other in-game currency

5. Take Care Of Your Garden And Earn More Rewards

fruit ninja 2 garden

Gardening relaxes me a lot.

Unlocked at level seven, we are introduced to our very own garden. We are now given the chance to grow sprouts that we find littered across the game.

While not really a game mode of itself, this can just be considered as the idle part of the game. Plants are grown in real-time; don’t worry, you won’t see yourself growing it and tending it for a few years. It will sometimes take an hour, sometimes three or even a whole day. Like real world plants, you have to water them at specific intervals so they will continue to grow. You may also use fertilizers to hasten its growth.

The rewards that you get from tending the plants range from gems, gold, items, or power-up duplicates. This just gives you another avenue to literally farm your needed supplies.

6. Strike Swift, Strike True – Tips To Get A High Score

fruits and bombs in fruit ninja 2

Fruits: good. Bombs: bad.

When you are finally slicing up fruits, here are a few tips and tricks to get you a high score:

● Always be on the lookout for bananas, and make sure to slice them up really good. Avoid bombs while your banana power up is active. Bombs will instantly finish your power-up timer.

● Time your power-ups properly. Some power-ups have synergies and are better to be used simultaneously. It might sometimes be better to use your equipped power-ups after you just activated a banana power up.

● Try not to use long strikes when there is a bomb on screen. Use short strokes to avoid making a bomb go off.

● Try to slice up fruits in one flick of the finger so you can trigger combo bonuses. The game is a little lenient and you can sometimes pull off a combo even if you bend the swipe a little. You just gotta have fast fingers!

● Luck be in the air tonight. The game has a lot of random elements in it, so you just have to be lucky sometimes and hope the game gives you a lot of bananas and fruits!

● Don’t ever be afraid to start over. If you hit a bomb early on, reset. If there are no bananas after ten seconds, reset.

7. Participate In Leagues And Shine Your Skills

fruit ninja 2 league

The way to be the best ninja on this side of the world.

Leagues are the competitive scene of Fruit Ninja 2. All those long hours of practicing in single-player modes are just so you can upgrade your power-ups. All of those sleepless nights of slashing at the wind while you dream of fruits being thrown at you all lead to this moment. All of these just so you can have a fighting chance on getting a better score in your league games.

What are you waiting for? Heighten up your senses, put on your concentration talismans, and get to slashing! Aim to be the very best Fruit Ninja!

At its core, Fruit Ninja 2 is still the same Fruit Ninja game we know and love. Halfbrick Studios carried over aspects that were working and added new features to give a revitalizing sense into the game. It’s not just mindless slashing anymore and it now requires a little bit of technique and patience, plus a dash of luck on the side.

If ever you are looking for a game that can give you a mini boost of adrenaline each time you play it and a side dish of happiness when you get a really nice score, Fruit Ninja 2 is there for you. A game that doesn’t require you to play for long, but gets the job done of satiating your appetite for slashing things up with a ninja sword.

Always remember that in this game, you’re not just a ninja (and part-time gardenere), you are a Fruit Ninja!

joven ng

Wednesday 24th of August 2022

how do you get legendary blades more easily?


Thursday 21st of January 2021

What are the numbers at the bottom of swords and power-ups? For instance, one of my swords has 4 (in a diamond) and then says968/50. What does that mean?


Monday 26th of July 2021

@Robin, it says the sword is at level 4. To upgrade to level 5, in addition to the specified number of coins, you need 50 points. In this case you have 968 points and so you are good to go.