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Stumble Guys Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Your Rivals

You run across the obstacle course, breaking every social distancing law in existence. You watch as ten people at once get sent into the stratosphere by a giant pillow hammer. You laugh. The finish line is in sight, you can almost taste victory. Then some good-for nothing jerkwad gets in your way and pushes you off the cliff. You throw your tablet at the nearest wall, obliterating both the wall and the tablet in your anger.

Is this a familiar experience for you? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to our Stumble Guys guide. Similar to physics-based racing elimination multiplayer games such as Fall Guys, in Kitka Games’ latest mobile title called Stumble Guys, you find yourself competing against 32 players either to survive the level or make it to the finish line. This game is very simple, yet highly frustrating. We’re here to give you some useful tips and tricks for winning the game. You’ll need it to avoid a rage-induced aneurysm!

General Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Here are some general tips and tricks for Stumble Guys.

Camera Shenanigans

stumble guys gameplay

The controls show a joystick at the left side, along with a jump button and speech bubble emote button at the right side. You should be familiar with this if you’ve played any platformer game at all on any tablet. What the game doesn’t tell you is that swiping your thumb or finger on the right half of the screen allows you to control the camera. This is especially useful in maps like Stumble Soccer, where you will find your camera often pointing away from the ball you need to find.

Daily Dose Of Advertisement

stumble guys character customization

The game is nice enough to reward you with a free skin everyday. You just have to watch five ads to get it. The game also occasionally gives you a gem reward after a match, no matter how poorly you did. You have to watch an ad to get it too. The free skins are forever, though the gems are limited to 50 videos total, counting both shop videos and post-game videos. If you want to make the most of it, you should get only the post-game ads, since the shop ads only give 8 gems per ad instead of 10.

Saving Gems

stumble guys stumble pass

Resist the urge to immediately buy random skins with your gems. Save for the upgraded Stumble Pass. This allows you to unlock the Punching emote at the very end, which is more than an emote. You use it to punch players and do actual knockback against them. You can pay gems for it rather than real money. While this is a long grind, it’ll be worth it since you’ll be getting a skin every day anyway for free. Might as well make the most of the gems you do get instead of buying random skins with them.

Unfortunately you only have a total of 50 ads worth of free shop gems to watch. That adds up to half of what you need, and the rest you’ll either have to pay for, or get from giveaways or tournaments. You can get those by joining the Discord server for the game, which you can find the link for in the News section of the Main Menu.

Beware Of Boxers

stumble guys punch

If you notice someone use a heart or boxing glove emote, beware. Those emotes are special ones you can only get by grinding gems [or paying for them] and buying the Stumble Pass. The punch can knock you over. Even worse is the heart emote, which lets the player hug and carry another player, often off a cliff. Not to mention these players are usually veterans, since these emotes are some of the last rewards for the Stumble Pass.

These players are especially dangerous in the maps Bombardment , Tile Fall, and Laser Tracer, where you will often find yourself very close to other players and the edge. Or in Laser Tracer’s case, being knocked over and immobilized is the last thing you want.

Air Dash With Care

stumble guys air dash

If you attempt to jump in midair, you will do an air dash. Air dashing obviously lets you move faster in midair, but you will be stuck belly sliding for a second or so upon landing. Air dashing is a skill you will need to hone, as it is very useful for bypassing traps, gaining speed, or rudely cutting in front of a crowd. Unfortunately, a botched air dash is almost guaranteed death, so use it wisely.

Top Speed Belly Slide

stumble guys belly slide

If you jump and land on a sufficiently angled slope, you will immediately go on a belly slide, regardless of you air dashing or not. While this is very useful for gaining speed if the slope is pointed towards where you want to go, the belly slide is triggered no matter which direction the slope points in relation to you.

This can lead to temper tantrums especially in the map Floor Flip, where the seesaw floors can trigger this if they’re heavily tilted over. You will then find your player character struggling on their belly and falling off a cliff, just like your tablet soon afterwards.

Technical Pacifism

stumble guys elminiation match

In Elimination matches, especially Honey Drop, focus not on killing the other players. Instead, do your best to stay alive and avoid them. They will kill each other eventually. Isn’t it always fun to watch your enemies destroy each other with no effort on your part? Even in Bombardment, you only really need to try pushing people down once the map is nearly destroyed and they happen to be near you.

Spin Traps

stumble guys spin trap

If you’re good, you can actually use spin traps to boost yourself forward, by getting hit in the back at the correct angle. Knowing this, always follow the direction the trap spins, and approach it from its edge. If it spins clockwise, approach it from the left. Counterclockwise, approach it from the right.. That way, you stand a better [still not guaranteed] chance of being smacked in the butt and launched forward, or at least in a less painful direction than backward if you mess it up. And if not, you just avoided the trap!

Pendulum Traps

stumble guys pendulum

Air dashing is your best friend here. Especially  with certain pendulum traps with low swinging angles, you want to spend as little time as possible within range of them. Air dashing past them makes sure of that.

Revolving Doors

stumble guys revolving door

Just as in any mall dumb enough not to have emergency doors past these horrible fire hazards,  you should follow the crowd when going through. If you see a crowd, behind or ahead of you, approaching the door, go in the same direction as them. If you don’t, the door will slam in your face, since a bigger crowd makes for more push force than you can muster. 

Know Your Maps

Key to playing this game is memorizing a map’s layout, and how to deal with the dangers within. Here are some map-specific tips to make this go down more smoothly.

Lava Bypass

stumble guys lava rush

In Lava Rush, there is an extremely dangerous section where most players get stuck: the areas with the rising lava. If you see the lava going down, that’s your time to strike: Run across the right side and go straight for the second elevated platform, while running close to the hills in case your timing is bad and you need to get up. You’ll find yourself just barely making it. Run too late, and you’ll find your anger towards this specific map rising as fast as the lava. After that, it’s just a case of playing fast but carefully as usual, taking note of the tips above.

An alternative would be to go on top of the right border wall of the map once you reach the rising lava section. You can just reach it by jumping, and get past the rock blocking your way by air dashing to its side. I’s risky since the path is narrow, but if you pull it off you won’t have to deal with the rising lava for at least that part of the map. You can also reach that wall by jumping onto it from the floor. You just need to find the right spot, just after the first hill.

Pivot Pain

stumble guys pivot push

In Pivot Push, there are a lot of revolving door obstacles that players can push. Always follow the largest crowd, since they will push the doors out of the way for you. If you don’t, their large mass will push the door in your face, blocking your path.

Once you get to the final trampoline, air dash at the peak of your jump to bypass the final moving wall obstacle. Air dashing gets you far enough that even if the wall should have blocked you, you’ll land on top of it instead of in front.

One Giant Stumble For Mankind

stumble guys space race

In Space Race, gravity is much lower, but your air control is roughly the same. Be very careful, as it is easy to jump off into the wild blue yonder by accident. Remember that not only does your air dash NOT have extended range here, it also lessens your air control. You can go much further and move more safely using plain old jumping. You can use your air dashes to recover from impacts though, since you’ll often still be in midair when you automatically reorient yourself.

The first part of the map is fairly simple, but also the part that usually makes the game: Jump across platforms and try not to get hit by rotating solar panels. Remember that your Air Dash doesn’t extend your range, and you’ll be fine.

The next part are the ringed planets. Each of them has space rocks running across the rings, in the same direction as the planet’s rotation. Remember what we told you about going in the same direction as rotating traps and you’ll be okay.

The final obstacle is a two-way path to the final booster portals to the finish line. You can take a longer path across stationary space rocks to the left, or take the shorter, more dangerous path through moving platforms to the right. Take the riskier path if you’re confident in your jumping ability, since it’s less threatening than it looks.

The last area of the level can barely be called an obstacle, as it’s a set of portal boosters that send you to one of three platforms. The finish line is randomized between the three platforms, but you can jump across them if you land on the wrong one.

High Altitude Ice Skating

stumble guys icy heights

In Icy Heights, the map is extremely slippery. You’ll feel like your character is wearing wet bars of soap for shoes. The most deadly section in the map is the narrow path with the spinning traps. Don’t hesitate to just run like heck and air dash past the second obstacle. Both of the rotating stick obstacles are low enough to the ground to jump over easily. Fortune favors the bold in that section, and slow doubt will just result in the trap smacking you in the face and off the mountain.

As for the first and final area, don’t forget to jump down the hill and belly slide! Some players forget this and run down the hill, slowing themselves down.

Shark Food

stumble guys bombardment

In Bombardment, a warship fires exploding cannonballs at you and the other players, destroying the platform you’re all on. These cannonballs don’t explode on impact, can push you off the platform on a direct hit, and can be pushed around by players when they come to rest.

You can use this to either push cannonballs into the water to save yourself, or into other people in an effort to kill them. Pushing people off the platform directly by running into them is only a viable option very late in the game, and even then it’s dangerous; You’re just as likely to follow them into the water. Focus on survival first, and feeding the sharks second.

Better A Live Coward Than A Dead Hero

stumble guys tile fall

In Tile Fall, a randomized set of tiles form a hidden path among the other tiles on the map. When you step on them, they turn green. If you step on any other tile, they turn red and fall off, along with whoever is on it. Let other players map out the path for you, and remember your air dash has enough range to clear a one-tile gap. Watch them die and respawn, and make sure their repeated deaths are not in vain as you take the finish line. For their sake of course.

Just keep in mind that many other players have the same idea. Be patient, and resist the urge to find the path yourself, or they will take the finish line for you. Unless you’re absolutely sure the next platform is the green one.

Uphill Battle

stumble guys cannon climb

Cannon Climb is a fairly straightforward level. It isn’t just bowling balls flying at you: It’s got spinning hammer traps, revolving doors that get smacked around by the cannonballs, and pendulum traps. This is the perfect map to practice getting slapped forward by rotating hammers, since they’re often positioned in such a way as to make it easier to do than in other maps.

Soccer Hooliganism

stumble guys stumble soccer

In Stumble Soccer, as the name of the level implies, you play a game of soccer. There are three gigantic soccer balls in the field, and you need to knock them into the enemy team’s goal. You will need to make use of the camera mentioned above extensively.

The game isn’t nice enough to keep an eye on any of the three soccer balls on the map for you. You’ll have to do it yourself. You can push balls much further by using air dashes than by running into them. Keep that in mind when you want to go on the offense or if you want to defend aggressively.

Floor Flipping The Table

stumble guys floor flip

Floor Flip is all about momentum; If you fall down or get stuck in the early “easy” part of the map, it becomes far more difficult to move forward because the seesaw floors get more and more tilted as people pass it. You don’t want to have to waste time adjusting the seesaws to let you pass. Another big threat in the map are the rotating red boxes.

They rotate in a pattern, first to last, so you have to time your run. You can shave some time by jumping across the first, third, and fifth box. Be careful though, there is just enough space between the boxes for you to fall through.

Over And Under The Weather

stumble guys over and under

In Over and Under, the real threat isn’t the over and under bar traps early on, nor the purple rod maze. The absolute worst part is the deceptively simple retracting staircase near the end. This is made painful especially if this map is the first or second level in your match, because everyone has hitboxes. Jumping on the platform becomes really difficult when you have roughly 15 people standing there, taking up valuable space. Especially if one of them punches you off.

Again, resist the urge to do air dashes here and jump normally. The distance between each step is just close enough for you to fall off the next step when you air dash. And even if you stick the landing, the belly flop will give you less time to jump to the next platform.

Humble Stumble

stumble guys humble stumble

Humble Stumble is a map that looks far more intimidating than it actually is. It has lots of holes for you to fall through early on, and annoying wall traps that are impassable only for the impatient.

In the first trampoline section, you don’t need to jump to the nearest trampolines to you in order. Instead, just take the central trampoline and air dash, at the peak of your jump, to the trampoline that is further away but straight ahead. You will reach the trampoline comfortably.

In the next section with the moving walls, just be patient and air dash through the first and third walls when they open, and take the lower platform to the side of the second set of walls.

In the final area with the rotating stick traps, remember what we told you about simply following the trap, approaching from the left of the trap when going clockwise, and the right of the trap when it goes counter-clockwise. Take the central path as you did with the trampolines, and remember that you can jump over the rotating stick traps if you mess up your timing.

The Honey Trap

stumble guys honey drop

In Honey Drop, you walk on a floor made of honeycombs, which turn red and fall down as you step on them. There are three floors worth of these, and the floor pieces with bumps on them can slow your movement severely. As usual with Elimination maps, focus on survival rather than dropping your enemies into the abyss.

Do your best to avoid other players and stay on the top floor for as long as you can. Watch the others murder each other. Jumping from platform to platform slowly as the one you’re on turns red is a good way to make the most of your dwindling space to move. Pacifism pays, especially if your enemies do the dirty work for you.

Spin Go Round And Round And You’re Out

stumble guys spin go round

In the map Spin Go Round, as the name implies, you have a ton of spinning traps to worry about. The first set of rotating hammers have speed pads pointing toward them, making them very hard to avoid. You can just skirt the edge of the platform they’re on, starting with the first left side hammer. An alternative but longer path is to take the lower paths to the left or right side, which lack these speed pads. Instead, you get hammers and cannonballs, which honestly aren’t much better.

The second set of rotating traps give you incentive to go against their rotation direction, contrary to what we told you above; There are circular speed pads on them that rotate the opposite way as the traps themselves. There are two ways to approach this set of obstacles. First, you can play like a scaredy cat and stay on the blue parts of the floor, bypassing the traps entirely but having more distance to walk.

The other, spicier way is to use the circular boost pads to go faster through the center, and jump over the rotating sticks. This is riskier, but can save you a lot of time when done smoothly. We suggest practicing the latter, since this is a race and you need to sharpen your skills anyway!

As for the final part, it’s more straightforward; You have rotating stick traps on platforms, with the central one changing direction every so often. The ones on the sides, you can treat as normal, and you can jump over them all anyway.

A Deadly Laser Dance

stumble guys laser tracer

Laser Tracer is quite possibly the most straightforward [not easy, just straightforward!] elimination map in the game as of this writing. You’re on a platform surrounded by an acid pool, and lasers start dancing across the floor in random directions. The longer the match goes on, the more lasers get added.

Jump over the lasers, and air dash only when necessary, such as when faced with a pair of lasers going the same direction. You absolutely do NOT want to be on your belly and uncontrollable for even a moment, especially late into the match.

High Speed Splash

stumble guys super slide

The most important parts to watch out for in Super Slide are the beginning, the whirlpool in the middle of the map, and the obstacle array at the very end.

The first running part, while simple, is one of the few places in the map where you can get hit by obstacles and fall off the map. A pair of pendulum bars swing forward and backward. Simple enough to avoid with good timing, but if you screw up here, you’re in deep trouble. Especially if this is the final map in the match. Afterwards, you jump down the slide proper, and have to jump over a couple of bar obstacles spaced very far apart. Just keep yourself from sliding off the edge and you’ll be fine.

The next part to watch out for is the triple whirlpool with the hammer in the middle. The way the water rotates in that area means you should go right, even if the hammer poses more of a threat in that direction. You want to go as fast as possible down the slide after all.  Not to mention this path has a pair of speed pads after it.

The most annoying part is at the very end, where you have wall obstacles moving about. The one with double walls is the worst, since it tends to be completely random and unpredictable. Oh and sliding at the edges won’t work either, as the edge has stationary walls. Do NOT jump at the end of the slide, since you need to hit the trampoline and go through the hoop at the finish line. Jumping will send you straight past the trampoline, and you’ll have to repeat that section of the slide again.

In the end, execution is everything. You’ll need practice and quick fingers to play this game. This concludes our comprehensive Stumble Guys guide. Don’t hesitate to post your own tips and tricks below in the comment section!


Wednesday 14th of July 2021

This is the best and more complete "tips and tricks" that I've found about the marvelous and funny Stumble Guys game. Congratulations!