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BitLife Globetrotter Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Globetrotter Challenge

The Movie Star Update has just rolled out for BitLife players on iOS and Android, and by the looks of things, there are quite a few more to come, as Candywriter will soon be allowing players to start careers as businessmen, models, and street hustlers. In the meantime, there’s always the weekly challenges to look forward to, and for the most part, we’ve been seeing a lot of challenges that pay tribute to certain well-known intellectual properties, such as last week’s Wall Street Wolf Challenge, which was obviously a nod to The Wolf of Wall Street and its colorful main character.

bitlife globetrotter challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge takes a break from the usual pop culture-related stuff — we tend to refer to these as simple, “classic” challenges that don’t rely on any movie, TV, or music references or any popular trends or current events. The goal of the Globetrotter Challenge is to be the ultimate world traveler, but it’s more than visiting different countries — you’ll also need to do something of note during some of your journeys, and you’ll also need to purchase some items that can, in theory, help you in traveling when thought of in a broader sense.

It’s a throwback to the early challenges for this one, and if you need some assistance in speed-running through the Globetrotter Challenge, be sure to check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide for a breakdown of how to complete each of the five requirements.

This May Be A Good Time To Make Use Of The Movie Star Update

When creating a character for the Globetrotter Challenge, there are no specific restrictions in terms of gender or birthplace. You don’t even have to keep re-rolling until you get a character with high Smarts and/or Looks. But if you have God Mode enabled, this may be the best opportunity for you to choose Acting as a Special Skill; if you don’t have this feature, you can keep taking acting lessons from the age of 8 to 17, as this is free before you reach adulthood, and hopefully max out your Skill bar by the time you graduate high school.

bitlife acting special talent

Why choose Acting as a special skill and set out to become a famous actor? Well, the Globetrotter Challenge will require you to purchase some expensive luxury items along the way, and you will naturally need a lot of money to buy them and maintain them through the years.

bitlife acting lessons

However, you will also be asked to emigrate to multiple countries, and unlike other celebrity jobs like Musician or Athlete, you can, in a way, take your acting job with you as you move from country to country. The downside here is that the roles may be limited to the ones your agent personally arranges for you, but at least you can still make money as an actor regardless of wherever in the world you may be at any given time during the challenge.

Stick To The Cheaper Aircraft And Watercraft!

Once you start earning big bucks from your acting career, that’s when you can start purchasing aircraft and watercraft — at least five of each, all different makes and models — to take care those two requirements in BitLife’s Globetrotter Challenge. Fortunately, you don’t need a boating license to buy kayaks and rafts, and these would count toward the watercraft requirement, so you can save a lot of money by sticking to such inexpensive items, which won’t cost too much to maintain anyway.

bitlife flight school

Things are still a little tricky with the aircraft, however, as you’ll still need to take flying lessons — around $150-170 per hour of flight school — and get your pilot’s license after completing 40 hours of flight school and passing the test. Again, Google will be your best friend as the pilot’s license test is much harder than the driver’s license test in BitLife — as we said before, far more people drive cars than fly planes. But you’ll also have to brace yourself for some expensive price tags, even for gliders, helicopters, and other “cheap” aircraft.

bitlife aircraft

The maintenance cost of these planes is also something you’ll need to take into account. But assuming you found work as an actor and are regularly getting roles, it would be best to keep accepting those gigs your agent finds for you, while also augmenting your income (and boosting your Fame, which, in turn, increases your earning potential) by appearing in commercials and doing photoshoots.

Go On Multiple Vacations And Emigrate Multiple Times Per Year

It may sound like a series of daunting tasks — emigrate at least eight times, have lovers in at least eight countries, visit a total of 30 countries or more. But the only difficult thing about these requirements, if you can call it that, is the repetition involved, so a little patience should go a long way as you knock off these requirements and move closer toward completing the Globetrotter Challenge.

bitlife vacation planning

When it comes to the requirement of visiting at least 30 countries, you can get this done quickly by going on vacations — the countries you end up in after emigrating will also count toward this list, assuming you haven’t visited them yet. Most vacations cost about $5,000 or thereabouts, so if you’re earning a steady flow of income from some sort of high-paying job (again, acting being the most preferred line of work), this should be a drop in the bucket.

It may help to have a notepad app on your computer open while you’re trying to complete this requirement, as you can list the countries you’ve visited on the app so that you don’t end up visiting the same country more than once. It’s also best to do this as a single Bitizen with no kids or partner — our test character had a son and a fiancee, which did increase the costs of travel, but the trips were otherwise affordable on his income. Still, you can save the most money by being single with no children at the time you’re completing these requirements.

bitlife emigration

Emigration is also affordable in the BitLife universe — usually about $2,000 if approved. And in order to get approved, your criminal record needs to be clean, so you’ll want to avoid getting in trouble with the law in any way, shape, or form. And the game will allow you to emigrate multiple times in a single year before hitting the Age button, so feel free to keep emigrating…but not before you hook up with at least one person before repeating the process to take care of the eight lovers requirement.

Once you’ve completed all those travel-related requirements, that should do it, and that should allow you to do as you always do after completing a challenge — choose one of the four prize chests, and unlock your mystery prize in the form of a new hat or eyewear.