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BitLife Breakout Star Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Breakout Star Challenge

Almost every week without fail, Candywriter has been churning out new challenges for its uber-popular iOS and Android life simulator game, BitLife. And that’s a key reason behind the game’s staying power — players usually have four days to complete a series of tasks based on the week’s given theme, and that theme can run the gamut from those inspired by television shows, movies, and real-life famous people, to those that aren’t inspired by anything or anyone in particular, but utilize various facets of the BitLife gaming experience in ways you might not have imagined. These are what we like to call “classic” BitLife challenges because of how closely they hew to the earliest days of the challenge feature.

bitlife breakout star challenge requirements

Few challenges in recent memory scream “Classic BitLife” as much as this week’s event, the Breakout Star Challenge. That’s because of how seamlessly the game combines two disparate life/career paths into one, where your character starts as a petty criminal who eventually moves on to more serious crimes, then becomes a celebrity after breaking out of prison. It’s a testament to Candywriter’s creativity as these challenges keep marching on, but if you’re having some trouble completing this one, we advise you to check out this BitLife mini-strategy guide, as we’ve got you covered as usual for the Breakout Star Challenge.

Which Special Talent Should You Be Choosing?

When creating a character for the Breakout Star Challenge, there are multiple schools of thought, and that’s the beauty of it all — you can choose Crime so that you can easily avoid getting busted if the homeowner or their dogs catch you in the act of burgling, you can choose Acting or Music if you want your post-prison career to revolve around the entertainment business, or you can choose Sports if you’re thinking of “redeeming” yourself as a professional basketball or football player or whatnot.

bitlife crime special talent

Regardless of which talent you choose, the important thing is to take every opportunity you can to get sent to the juvenile hall before the age of 18. We’d suggest spamming smaller crimes such as burglaries, as the police will eventually get involved if you burgle enough houses, and doing so would allow you to reach the required $50,000 worth of stolen money or valuables mark faster.

Getting sent to juvie for a less serious crime than, say, murder or manslaughter, means a much shorter sentence in a lower security cell, and many of the mini-games in these small cells are so easy you wouldn’t need a video or article walkthrough.

When Burgling, Prioritize Houses with Owners Who Seem Rich

As we mentioned above, BitLife’s Breakout Star Challenge will require you to burgle at least $50,000 worth of money and valuables and to do that faster, your best bet is to target homeowners who are likely well-off based on their profession. For example, doctors, lawyers, and tech bros are usually great targets, whereas stoners, waiters, and other NPCs with low-paying jobs (or no actual job at all) won’t give you much in the way of value.

burglary in bitlife

Technically, BItLife only allows you to burgle three houses a year before the options run out, but you can also quit the game after you’ve burgled the last house in the list, as that will give you a fresh list of three new people and their properties to stake out.

You Can Now Watch Videos to Instantly Break Out of Maximum Security Prison

To get incarcerated in a maximum security prison, that’s where you’ll need to graduate to more heinous crimes. Murder would probably be the most obvious choice here, though you also have to be careful not to use methods where the target can turn the tables on you easily, such as poisoning their drink. It will be harder drawing the cops’ attention if you chose Crime as a Special Talent, but attempt enough murders and you’ll eventually be spending a hard time in maximum security.

drawing the cops' attention in bitlife

Back in the day, your best hope of breaking out of a maximum security prison in BitLife was to watch one of the many tutorial videos on YouTube or read through a walkthrough article that details the steps you need to take in the prison escape mini-game. If you prefer doing things the old-fashioned way, you still have that option, but if you want to instantly escape without exerting much effort, BitLife now has a way that you can do this.

prison escape in bitlife

Much like you can watch ad videos to instantly complete a very long book (i.e. watching the “movie version” of the book), you can now watch these 30-second clips, which would allow you to steal a prison guard’s uniform, thus allowing you to walk out of your cell undetected. It’s as easy as that, though unfortunately, the option doesn’t seem to be available for smaller jail/prison cells such as the one you likely encountered in juvie.

Try Becoming Famous as a Writer, Actor, or Athlete

Back in previous versions of BitLife, becoming a writer was the surest way to make big money despite only having a high school education/also having a criminal record. The job’s statistical barriers weren’t too high, and writers can eventually become celebrities after less than a decade on the job. But now it appears that you may need at least 70 Smarts to qualify for a writing job, so this might not be the best celebrity job for you if you’ve just broken out of maximum security prison and are looking to complete the last two requirements of the Breakout Star Challenge.

getting a contract offer in bitlife

Instead of getting a job as a writer, you can also try embarking on an acting career, which works if you have good Looks and at least decent (50 percent full) Acting skills. Use the money you made burgling houses for acting classes, and once you’ve got your Acting skills bar halfway full or more, you can start auditioning for recurring or regular television roles — you may need to be patient here, as most productions will be hesitant to work with an absolute nobody, but get that first TV role and you’ll become a Famous Actor, thus knocking off one of the last few requirements.

Becoming a famous athlete may seem slightly trickier if you get sent to juvie a year or two before high school graduation. That would require you to get a GED and (most likely) pay for your college expenses as a non-scholarship athlete, but if you chose Sports as a Special Talent, it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve fame, as you instantly become famous upon getting drafted or signing with a pro team.

Get Your Fame Up to 50 Percent or Better to Appear in a Magazine

Once you’ve become famous at the celebrity career of your choice, the next — and last — objective in the Breakout Star Challenge is to appear in a magazine after breaking out of maximum security prison. That would mean doing a photoshoot (under the Fame activities), but the only way you can get the chance to do one is if your Fame bar is at least 50 percent full.

photo shoot in bitlife

The same techniques apply here — if you have social media accounts, post on them, and do as many commercials as you could. And since doing commercials could negatively impact your Fame if you don’t perform well, you can quit BitLife and restart it to get another chance at shooting the ad. Of course, you also have the option to publish your memoirs — well-reviewed books can dramatically increase your Fame stat! And lastly, make sure you get your social media accounts verified once your Fame is at the 40 percent mark or thereabouts.

Appear in that photoshoot and you’re good to go — that wraps up the Breakout Star Challenge and frees you up to open a prize chest for a new piece of eyewear or a new hat.