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BitLife Beauty is Pain Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Beauty is Pain Challenge

It isn’t uncommon for older mobile games to lose their replay value at some point in time. But for Candywriter and the long-running iOS and Android title BitLife, replay value is what keeps thousands and thousands of fans coming back to the game every weekend to early in the week and completing the weekly challenges.

For those who are still unfamiliar with the feature, these are limited-time events (that can be retaken via the Challenge Vault for a one-time fee for the entire archive of past challenges) that come with a given theme and a list of tasks based on that theme. They can vary in difficulty, and they may or may not be based on famous people or popular movies, TV shows, or other forms of pop culture.

bitlife beauty is pain challenge requirements

This week’s BitLife challenge is of the classic, non-specific grind ‘em out variety, but thankfully, it isn’t too difficult compared to other challenges that require at least a little bit of grinding. The Beauty is Pain Challenge puts you in control of a character who almost literally has looks that kill, and while most of the requirements in the event are rather easy, there may be some parts where you may find yourself stuck in one way or another.

Our BitLife mini-strategy guide should come in handy, though, so keep on reading if you need some help finishing the Beauty is Pain Challenge before it expires, or simply completing it with as little effort as possible.

Create a Character with High Looks and Keep Them Near 100 Percent

The first thing to make sure of when creating a character for the Beauty is Pain Challenge is to make sure they’re a female born in any city in New York — that means either Brooklyn, Buffalo, or New York City. The next thing you’ll want to check is your character’s Looks.

bitlife new life

If you have God Mode enabled, this should be very easy — just set Looks to 100 percent and try to keep it as close to 100 percent throughout the challenge. Otherwise, just keep creating a new character and re-rolling until her Looks are (preferably) at 90 percent or better.

Given that having 100 percent Looks at the end of the challenge is one of its requirements, it should go without saying that you should do what you can to keep that stat as close to perfect as possible. That would mean going to the gym, getting medical assistance when ill (or quitting and restarting if you end up with an incurable or hard-to-cure illness), and avoiding pitfalls such as unhealthy diets or (while you’re still in school) fights with your classmates.

bitlife gym

Learn Your Second Martial Art as an Adult

The Beauty is Pain challenge also requires you to inflict some pain, and you will be doing so (if you choose to later on in the challenge) through your mastery of at least two martial arts. We suggest learning and mastering the first one in childhood — the earliest age you can start learning martial arts is 8 years old, and on most occasions, your parents should be generous enough to allow you to take up one martial art on their dime. (If your parents refuse to let you learn any martial arts, you can either restart the challenge with a fresh new character or wait till adulthood to start learning these forms of self-defense.)

bitlife krav maga

Upon turning 18, you can start learning and mastering a second martial art, though you will, of course, need a job in order to do so — martial arts lessons always cost $1,000 per session in the U.S., so you’ll need something that pays you enough to take two to three lessons per year for fast yet reasonable progression.

bitlife jiu-jitsu

Take note that you will only master the martial art once you’ve learned a second move, so this could be a progression of around eight to nine belts for a total of slightly less than $10,000 once you’re learning your second discipline!

If You Can’t Get Arrested for Fighting Someone while on a Walk, Commit Petty Crimes

Ideally, you will want to land in jail after attacking someone while on a walk, which is the next requirement we’ll be discussing for BitLife’s Beauty is Pain Challenge. This may take some patience, and you may have to choose longer walks, but eventually, you should encounter a situation where you can either attack or fight back against someone while on a walk, usually if they’re doing something outrageous in p public or if you end up taking their personal property by accident.

bitlife argument

Assuming you did not choose Crime as a Special Talent (as suggested above), you likely won’t end up killing the person you attacked or fought back against, so the most likely scenario here is that they’ll call the cops on you. You can take this opportunity to get yourself behind bars by choosing a public defender and pleading guilty — you’ll likely get just one year in jail, at which point you can move on to the next requirement in the Beauty is Pain Challenge.

bitlife guily

If you aren’t able to land in jail for fighting with an NPC on a walk, try committing petty crimes like pickpocketing or shoplifting until you get caught — again, the important thing here is not to contest the charges at all so that you get locked up.

View the Inmates’ Stats Before Attacking Them

Next up, the Beauty is Pain Challenge will ask you to fight at least two people while in jail, but you don’t want to be picking fights willy-nilly. BitLife allows you to view the profiles of the inmates in the Prison Yard, which include their names, ages, the crime they got charged for, and more importantly, your Relationship status with them and their Craziness, Size, and Respect stats.

Use the latter three pieces of information to your advantage, and when choosing someone to pick a fight with, always go for those who are low on Size and Craziness. Larger Inmates are more likely to do more damage when they fight back — which may affect your Looks — and crazier ones will most probably use more violent types of attacks or, worse, fight back with weapons, which could be fatal in some instances!

bitlife prisoner profile

There’s also the risk that your sentence may be extended, but as long as it isn’t extended by more than a year, you can ignore that. Otherwise, you may want to quit and restart BitLife and try attacking another inmate to see if you can get away with it.

Attack those two inmates, and assuming your Looks are still at 100 percent at the end of it all, that should do it for the Beauty is Pain Challenge and allow you to claim the usual eyewear or headwear from one of the four prize chests.