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Bit Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Strengthen Your Hero and Conquer the Wastelands

Bit Legends is the second game from Droidhang, the same company that gave us the fun and wacky restaurant sim, Animal Restaurant. Straying a bit off from the violence-free casual entertainment that Animal Restaurant brings, Bit Legends banks more on action-packed battles, team-building, and constant struggle for power all presented within a masterfully crafted 8-bit world. While retro gamers will certainly be in for a nostalgic treat down the era of 8-bit games, Bit Legends has plenty of content and features of its own that should entice RPG and strategy players of all ages.

Bit Legends takes you to another end-of-days apocalyptic fantasy world where the planet has devolved into vast wastelands and mutated zombies are lurking around. As you begin to take on the hordes of zombies, you take on the role of a Bounty Hunter, a Kung Fu Master, or an Engineer, each with its own unique sets of skills and talents. You will not be progressing on a wild journey alone, as enemy zombies, even bosses, can be captured and evolved to join your team.

best strategies in bit legends

As different battles impose unique challenges, shifting your team’s roster along with constantly enhancing your hero becomes a constant activity to revel in along with exploring and challenging other contents within the game.

There are plenty of features and game modes available in Bit Legends and, for the most part, the main screen jam-packed with icons and other contents can be overwhelming to players, regardless of experience in games. Despite the clutter of features in the main screen, the in-game tutorial can easily and quickly enough lead you on to follow the track towards progression.

Considering all the features and mechanics it contains, Bit Legends is still an easy enough game to pick up and play, even for total newbies. If you are looking to level up your hero and strengthen your army, then check out our detailed Bit Legends beginner’s guide below! Our comprehensive guide comes with plenty of tips and strategies to jumpstart your zombie apocalypse adventure!

1. Follow The Quest Line

For most RPGs, we would typically recommend pushing through with the game’s main story or campaign mode first to get a good feel of the game before exploring through the other contents of the game. Since Bit Legends has its own Quest Line found at the left side of the main screen, considering to follow it would be the better option. The quests in Bit Legends serve as an excellent guide to walk you through its numerous contents and features and at the same time provide a gradual progression through the campaign.

quest in bit legends

Quests in Bit Legends reward you with various items and resources you will need to strengthen your hero and your tamed zombie units. It may happen that some quests will be repeat ones but you will need to accomplish those as well to move on to the next quest.

Naturally, some of the quest objectives are simply beyond your reach to accomplish early on as you may not have the required items or gears to satisfy the objectives. In any case, accomplishing quests should be your main priority especially at the start of your adventure and once you have reached a dead end of sorts, then that should be the time to venture further into the campaign and other game modes.

2. Progress Through The Main Campaign

Before we continue further with the guide, we would like to stress out that the main screen in Bit Legends appear to be cluttered with icons and other items because there are always 2 ways of accessing every feature or game mode. You can manually walk across the vast city and access various features by tapping on NPCs or you can simply tap on the icons located around the screen. For the campaign, as an example, you can visit and click on the NPC at the rightmost section of the map or simply tap on the “Campaign” icon at the bottom of the screen.

While we would recommend prioritizing the quests over the main campaign, there will be a lot of instances when you simply will not be able to complete the objective. Like most other RPGs with in-game stamina, Bit Legends will bombard you with more stamina than you can normally consume.

how to complete the main campaign in bit legends

As each battle you engage in will also earn you experience points to level up your account and hero, you will replenish your energy resulting in you having well over the maximum cap. What you would want to do in this scenario is to expend all excess energy as much as you can as maintaining energy beyond the cap will prevent extra energy from replenishing. More so, every bit of energy spend in battle will result in some benefits, like extra resources, zombie units, and experience points.

The campaign mode in Bit Legends is divided into areas that are further broken down into 12 stages. It follows a pattern where you can only play the first 3 stages once and replay every fourth stage. In area 1, for example, you can only replay stages 1-4, 1-8, and 1-12. These stages have 3 difficulty levels as well and clearing each difficulty level earns you a star. There can be a huge gap in difficulty from one challenge level to the next, so chances are that you will have to progress a lot further before being able to secure all 9 stars in a given area.

Note that most of the game’s content and features can be unlocked following your progression through the main campaign. It will certainly be a while before you can unlock all of the game’s features but then, grinding and farming in Bit Legends is actually fun and exciting.

3. Replay Stages To Grind For XP, Zombies, And Resources

It may come as a surprise to more experienced RPG players that Bit Legends will not let you breeze through the main campaign as fast as other RPGs typically would. Clearing the first area alone will take some time and some grinding to accomplish and that does not even count clearing it entirely with all 9 stars.

This setup basically pushes you to explore other areas of the game and replay completed stages to earn more XP and rewards. While that may sound tiresome and boring, Bit Legends has made it surprisingly exciting especially given that each stage comprises of numerous battles and some probabilities as well.

how to gain more xp, zombies and resources in bit legends

On top of your hero, you can bring in friends as well as zombies you have tamed and captured with you in the campaign battles. You will have a 100% chance of persuading some zombies to join you early on but probabilities later on will dwell between 15 to 40% later on.

Spending diamonds will guarantee a catch but then we recommend saving diamonds for rolls at the Gashapon instead. As some battles in other game modes will not have you include friends to aid you, you have to farm for as many zombies to ensure that you will always have a team you can rely on.

You need to farm for XP so you can raise your hero’s stats. With probabilities surrounding the loot that you acquire, it will take several replays for you to obtain the best gears that can be acquired from a particular stage. Beyond that, there will always be a need to battle different zombies time and again. The capture option does not always pop up so you need to replay several times just to be presented with an opportunity to capture specific units. As capture probabilities are also a little too shy, with only 15% for boss monsters, it will take a lot of retries and a load of luck to secure the highly coveted campaign boss zombies.

One good feature that makes Bit Legends a lot less tiring is the auto challenge mode and the speed boost. Auto battle and speed multiplier becomes unlocked as soon as you finish the tutorial so you can simply sit back and watch as your team engage zombies and pick up loot across the stage.

The only time you need to tap is when an opportunity to capture arises and while some are very costly, we advise for you to persuade and spend gold as much as you can to try and capture even multiple copies of units you already have in your collection.

4. Keep Your Hero In Top Shape

Your hero in Bit Legends can grow stronger in a lot of ways and for the most part, being more active and spending as much energy as you can afford contributes to the hero’s growth. Enhancements basically revolve around 3 categories: the hero’s stats, gears, and perks.

Early on, you will more frequently be spending time to improve your character through these means and growth will be at a much rapid pace to the point that it may seem overwhelming. In any case, you only basically need to check for indicators on your hero at the top left corner of the screen and the “+” that may appear underneath your hero in the city map.

how to enhance a hero in bit legends

Seeing an indicator at the upper left side of the screen mostly means that you have better gear that you can equip. Your hero has a total of 11 slots for different gear types and a plethora of equipment to choose from. Green arrow indicators on the gear indicates that it offers better stats for your hero and you can simply tap on it and the “equip” button.

You can also upgrade gears based on their star grades or rank. Before doing so, however, take note that gears follow a rarity grade as indicated by the color of their frames. Green means common, blue means rare, pink means epic, yellow means legendary, and red means mythic. There will be many opportunities to obtain epic grade items so at the very least, only consider upgrading those grades and beyond. Keep in mind as well that rank or star grades may vary as well within different types of gears under the same rarity grade.

You will need some raw materials to upgrade gears and while you can randomly obtain some from battles and rewards, you will constantly need more of each type. As such, you should constantly dismantle obsolete gear to convert them into raw upgrade materials. You can quickly access gears thru the hero icon at the upper left side of the screen. To see more features involving gears, though, you should click on the “Enhance” icon at the lower right side of the main screen.

Some raw materials can be swapped in for other resources via the exchange tab. This feature usually involves spending gold so be very careful with every exchange attempt. You also have the option of reforging gears to eroll the stats they provide. It costs gold along with some materials, though, so we suggest that you only spend resources on it when you drastically need to adjust your stats later on.

With each new level reached, your hero’s stats will increase. The stats earned are based on your hero’s class but you also earn extra attribute points that you can freely distribute based on your preference. You have to be very careful when allocating stats as it will cost you 200 diamonds to reset it if you choose to do so later on.

For beginner’s it is best to stick with the default allocation of stats your character has, which means that if your hero has high attack to begin with, then you should consider allocating more stat points for that stat.

In addition to your hero’s level, you can also upgrade your class level to unlock more perks that will further strengthen you hero. You can view and upgrade these via the perks button on your hero’s page. Class XP cannot be gained from battles and can only increase after consuming Guidebooks. Guidebooks are hard to come by and resetting costs a Lethe Elixir, which is also rare, so be sure to read through each perk before upgrading any of them.

5. Expend Attempts On Different Dungeons

While battling through the campaign stages will provide you with various items and resources you will constantly need, the dungeons in Bit Legends offer more specific rewards to cater to your needs. As we mentioned earlier, game modes within the dungeons will not let you use allies to take with you in battle so be sure to ready a team comprised entirely of your hero and the tamed zombies in your collection.

how to complete more dungeons in bit legends

The Expedition is your best source of enhancement materials. Beating the initial level will unlock a more difficult one that offers better rewards. You have a maximum of 10 tickets to use and once you consume 1, it will begin to replenish. There are options to use multiple tickets per run. Doing so will increase drop rates tremendously and will also save you some time. For starters, though, ensure first that you can beat the level with relative ease before expending more than 1 ticket per run.

The Ordeal holds bountiful amounts of gold for you to farm and like the Expedition, holds a maximum of 10 attempts as well and starts replenishing attempts once you have expended a ticket. You can also consume multiple tickets per run for boosted points and rewards. Unlike campaign stages and expedition levels, the Ordeal simply lets you battle through 5 waves of enemies. As you will constantly have a need for more gold, be sure to expend all your attempts in the Ordeal daily.

The Arena is your main avenue of PvP battles in Bit Legends and also serves as the best source of upgrade materials for your mount. Like the previous game modes, you also have 10 starting attempts and can consume up to 5 tickets at a time to earn points and coins faster. Each match you engage in can earn you arena coins, which is a special currency that can be exchanged for various items, some of which cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game.

6. Fuse And Consume Your Monster Pets

Unlike your hero, the monsters or zombies you capture and take to battle with you do not earn experience points and level up to become stronger. That does not stop them from gaining more power, though as there are 2 ways you can have stronger monsters from the ones in your collection.

To view your zombie collection as well as enhance them, simply tap on the ”Monster” icon at the right side of the main screen. It will show you the full list of obtainable monsters in Bit Legends, although those you have yet to unlock will appear as silhouettes. As you progress through the main campaign, you will earn blueprints needed to fuse monsters and if you have yet to obtain the ingredient monsters needed to fuse, Tapping on the icon will reveal the stage where they can be captured.

how to fuse and consume monster pets in bit legends

Fusion requires 2 or 3 monsters depending on the rarity of the product monster. For starters, though, you will begin fusing only 2 monsters especially since you will only have blueprints for lower rarity units. In addition to the ingredient monsters, you will also need a huge amount of gold, which further boosts the importance of gold as the basic currency in the game.

While you may initially be apprehensive when it comes to capturing a zombie you already have in your collection, there are good reasons for you to keep on farming them. One is, of course, as base ingredients for fusion, and the other is to consume them to rank them up.

Consuming extra copies increases the star grade or rank of the specific monster and provides a decent boost to their stats as well. With this, you will have to fuse some monsters several times so as to consume more copies and max out the rank of the monster.

7. Accomplish Daily Missions And Achievements

Every battle you engage in as you progress through Bit Legends earns you tons of rewards outright. Beyond that and the quest rewards, however, more can be earned from completing daily missions and accomplishing achievements.

To put in contrast, daily missions are a lot easier to accomplish than achievements but achievements typically confer better rewards. Both relate directly to activities you engage in your adventure but should viewed regularly to serve as a guide for you.

how to complete more missions in bit legends

Daily missions can be accessed via the “Daily” icon at the lower left side of the screen. There are 10 bounties per day that you can accomplish and a countdown timer is visible to inform you of when the daily quests will reset. Clearing each objective earns you resources that can help your hero and team grow so make it a point to accomplish each and every feat.

Achievements relate to your overall progress in the game inclusive of the game’s various features and game modes. Reaching milestones in terms of your level, progress in the campaign and dungeons, Gashapon purchases, and gear collection and enhancement are each rewarded with diamonds along with other valuable rewards.

You will see an indicator on the “Achievement” icon at the upper right side of your screen whenever there are rewards to be claimed but regardless, you should spend some time to view the different objectives and strive to accomplish those that you are close to completing.

8. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

In addition to quests, daily missions, and achievements, Bit Legends holds a wide variety of events to help you progress through the game even faster. You can access the event window by tapping on the “Event” icon at the upper right side of the screen. Note that the events window holds a variety of tabs and each one offers opportunities for you to earn rewards that may otherwise be difficult to obtain anywhere else.

how to take advantage of events in bit legends

A lot of the objectives within the events are similar to objectives in the achievements section and relate to your progress in different aspects of the game. Most of the objectives may seem very challenging to accomplish in a short span of time. Do not be discouraged, though, as you can definitely achieve a lot of the targets if you are active enough and exercise a lot of patience and effort in farming and grinding. Be sure to browse through each tab to take note of the different objectives and exchange mechanics and strive to make the most of each one within the limited period of time available.

9. Purchase Boosters If You Can Make The Most Of Them

The in-game store in Bit Legends holds a wide variety of items and resources you can use to further boost your progress in the game. What sets it differently from in-game stores in other games are items under the “Bonus” tab that can tremendously boost earnings per battle within a set period of time.

Expectedly, these boosters will either cost a lot of gold or diamonds and as much as there are other valuable items you should be saving both currencies for, boosters can very much be worth the cost if you can ensure that you can make the most out of using them.

how to use boosters in bit legends

As we mentioned earlier, you will have a plethora of energy at the early part of your adventure. This means that you can practically battle through stages within the campaign for hours and still have plenty of energy by the time you get tired of playing. Within this period of time, purchasing boosters that last for 8 hours can greatly boost your progress. Whether it be for gold, gears, enhancement materials, XP, capture chances, or a combination or mixture of boosters for these things, investing at the early stages of your journey will have lasting results to your subsequent adventures.

Levelling up faster and being able to push for more enhancements will help you unlock more content within the same period of time and doing so will leave you with better farming stages that can be realized as early as the next play day.

Bit Legends certainly holds a lot more than what we can discuss in detail with this guide but for now, this is where we will wrap up our Bit Legends beginner’s guide. It would be safe to assume that more content will still be added to the game in future updates and we are confident that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you in this guide will help you plow through the game at a much better rate.

Again, Bit Legends is a type of RPG where your effort and some luck will determine the rate of your progression. If you have played the game extensively enough and have chanced upon some unique tips and strategies in addition to what we have discussed, please do not hesitate to share them with us through the comment area!