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Idle Arena: Evolution Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Collect Legendary Heroes and Dominate Your Opponents

Idle Arena: Evolution Legends is an exciting card evolution and collecting game from Hero Entertainment, that combines elements of idle RPGs, dungeon crawlers, hero collectors, and multiplayer battlers into a massive game that will keep you hooked for a long time.

In Idle Arena: Evolution Legends, players will create powerful teams from a collection of heroes that range from human soldiers to mythical beasts, and face off against enemies in a variety of game modes to acquire various treasures. Players will then use these rewards to summon even more heroes and upgrade their favorite ones, in order to keep pushing forward.

idle arena evolution legends guide

Idle Arena: Evolution Legends is not a difficult game to understand, but it may seem daunting at first due to the sheer number of things that you can do and the several modes that you can unlock. However, that is also one of the game’s biggest strengths, as players will never run out of things to do in their quest to keep improving their team.

If you are looking for a game that you could invest a lot of time in, with clear progression routes and deep mechanics across different modes, you wouldn’t go wrong by downloading Idle Arena: Evolution Legends. And to help you out with the basics of the game, we have come up with a detailed Idle Arena: Evolution Legends beginner’s guide, featuring tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your adventure!

1. How The Different Game Modes Work

idle arena evolution legends world map

The main lobby of Idle Arena: Evolution Legends looks like an expansive map filled with various icons that represent the game’s different modes and functions. You will be able to unlock more of the map as you progress through the game.

Campaign Portal

idle arena evolution legends campaign portal

The Campaign Portal serves as Idle Arena: Evolution Legends’ story mode, where players will progress through different levels with the guidance of the Prophet. Players will acquire various resources as they complete levels, and more importantly, will allow them to unlock the other parts of the world map.

In Campaign Portal, you can check out your next enemy by tapping on the next level that you will face, which should give you an idea whether your team is powerful enough to take it on, or if you need to spend more on upgrades before the fight.


idle arena evolution legends gaiatree

Similar to the Campaign Portal, the Gaiatree contains several levels where you will fight against opponents. However, while the Campaign Portal focuses on advancing the game’s story, the focus of the Gaiatree is accumulating materials such as Gold and Gems, but more importantly Promotion Seeds that will be used in upgrading heroes to levels where they will acquire new skills.

Climbing the Gaiatree is pretty straightforward, with matches similar to the ones in the Campaign Portal. However, at certain levels, you will unlock treasure chests with significant loot after beating the opponents guarding them.


idle arena evolution legends heliossia

While the Campaign Portal and Gaiatree offer matches in succession, Heliossia adds an exploration component as you will control your character as you explore the depths of a twisting a dungeon. You will find different chests to open with various rewards inside, including the Dragon Coins exclusive to this game mode. There are also traps to figure out and enemies that you can fight, in addition to the bosses in each level.

In Heliossia, you have a life bar that decreases whenever you hit a trap or fight against enemies, whether you win or lose. This is why it might be a good idea to skip some of the fights against normal enemies, because once your life bar is depleted, you will have to wait until the next day before you can play the mode again.

Air Cruiser

idle arena evolution legends air cruiser

The Air Cruiser, which you unlock late in the game, transports you to a land that is set-up with a grid. Using mobility points, you can move around to explore, acquiring treasure such as Gold and Gems in the process. There are also enemies that you can defeat to gain buffs that will apply to your team for the duration of your exploration.

It is recommended to defeat as many enemies as you can before going up against the boss, so that your team will be powered up by as many buffs as possible.

Summon Altar

idle arena evolution legends summon altar

The primary purpose of the Summon Altar is to summon new heroes for your collection, through the use of Heroic Summoning Stones or Gems. The summoning is random, so the best that you can do is to hope to acquire heroes in the higher rarities.

There is also the option called Friend Summoning, which is where you will spend Hearts that you receive from your friends to summon heroes. The chances of acquiring Elite or Epic heroes is much smaller, but there is still a chance, at the very least.

Ancient Circle

idle arena evolution legends ancient circle

The Ancient Circle functions similarly to the Summon Altar in that it can be used to summon heroes, but it uses the rare Rune Crystal instead of Heroic Summoning Stones and Gems. The summoning is still random, but in this method, you will be able to choose the race of the hero that you will acquire.

Element and Relic heroes, however, will require a lot of work before they can be chosen in the Ancient Circle. The option to summon a hero from these races will only unlock after passing Stage 17-5 in the Campaign Portal, making it the last thing that you can unlock in Idle Arena: Evolution Legends.


idle arena evolution legends lair

The Lair is where you can set the eggs that you acquire from Heliossa, called the Ova Prima, so that they will hatch into heroes. The hatching time may be reduced by completing certain missions, and once the hatching time reaches zero, you will be able to choose among three options for the hero to summon.

Soul Temple

idle arena evolution legends soul temple

In summoning heroes, you will also inevitably acquire Rare heroes alongside Elite and Epic heroes. In addition to using these weaker heroes in the Treasure Tavern to unlock chests, you can also Decompose them in the Soul Temple in exchange for Promotion Seeds and Soul Stones. The Soul Stones can then be accumulated and used in the Market to buy Epic and Elite shards to summon stronger heroes.

The Soul Temple also comes with the option to Reset heroes, which is free for heroes below Level 60. For heroes who are stronger than Level 60, there will be a small fee in Gems if you want to use this function, which will be revisited in the Upgrade Your Heroes section.


idle arena evolution legends arena

The Arena is where you test your team’s might against other Idle Arena: Evolution Legends players. To fight a battle, you will need to spend Arena Tickets, which you receive two of daily. You can buy more of them using Gems, and you can also acquire some by completing items on the Daily Quest list.

At the end of each day and each season, you will get rewards depending on the rank that you achieve in the form of Gems and Glory Coins. To climb up faster, challenge players with the highest ratings, though you should also check their team’s power to see if your heroes can win the fight.


idle arena evolution legends library

If you want to see how new heroes that you acquire will play out in battle in a team with your stronger heroes, you can have them have them added as Disciples in the Library. The Sages of the Library will be your highest-level heroes, and the Disciples’ levels will match the lowest level among the Sages while they are in the Library.

The Library is a great way to check if you like a new hero’s skills, or if you want to change up your team with the heroes that you have in your collection, without having to go through the trouble of upgrading them first. However, you can’t freely switch Disciples, as upon removing a hero from one of the slots, you can’t place a new hero there until after 24 hours.

Treasure Tavern

idle arena evolution legends treasure tavern

The Treasure Tavern offers free rewards, but with the catch that you will need to allocate heroes to chests for periods of time, ranging from a few minutes to several hours. Of course, the longer the time spent in unlocking the chest, the better the treasure that you will receive.

The chests that appear in the Treasure Tavern are random though, so you won’t have the option of going exclusively with chests that require a longer period of time. In addition, with some of the chests requiring Rare heroes to unlock them, it would be wise to keep a few in your collection instead of Decomposing all of them in the Soul Temple.


idle arena evolution legends guild

Once you unlock the Guild, you will be able to apply to join a guild, or create your own for 500 Gems. The perks of creating your own guild include determining its name and having control over its members, if you want to keep it only for your friends or if you only want very active players in it.

The Guild’s Stage is where you can fight against powerful enemies to unlock treasure chests and earn Guild Coins, which can then be used to purchase equipment in the Market. You can only fight in the Stage twice daily, and you will earn additional rewards if you deal the most damage among your guild members, so make it count.


idle arena evolution legends market

Instead of having to enter the different game modes to spend the currencies that are exclusive to them, the Market brings together all the shops in one place. In addition to items and hero shards that you can buy with Gold and Gems, here you can also spend the Soul Stones from the Soul Temple, the Glory Coins from the Arena, the Guild Coins from the Guild, and Dragon Coins from Heliossia. The items in some of the shops refresh after either several hours or a certain number of days, so if nothing catches your fancy, you might want to check again after a while.

2. Farming Materials

The most important thing in Idle Arena: Evolution Legends is to keep farming materials, as using them for various purchases and upgrades will dictate how far you and your heroes can go. Fortunately, the game is generous in providing resources, you just have to know where to look and how to acquire them.

Idle Arena: Evolution Legends’ main currencies include Gold, used for a variety of purposes; EXP Stones and Promotion Seeds, for upgrading heroes; Gems, Soul Stones, Glory Coins, and Dragon Coins, for summoning heroes; and Guild Coins, for acquiring equipment. Most of these currencies may be used in the Market.

how to earn more rewards in idle arena evolution legends

As with any game, progressing through the various modes, particularly in the Campaign Portal, Gaiatree, Heliossia, and Air Cruiser, will earn you various rewards. The main rewards for completing levels in the Campaign Portal are Gems, while the Gaiatree is one of the main sources for Promotion Seeds. Progressing in Heliossia will get you Dragon Coins, among other things, while the Air Cruiser will take you to a land filled with various rewards.

Perhaps the most lucrative source of materials in Idle Arena: Evolution Legends is in the Campaign Portal. You will see three of your heroes fighting against various monsters in the lower half of the screen, which allows you to accumulate rewards. The maximum amount of farmed items through this item is reached at the 12-hour mark, and no more will be collected until you tap on the money bag icon to acquire the rewards. You can tap on the icon more often, even in just a few minutes after your last collection, but the best rewards may be obtained by waiting 12 hours. Progressing through the Campaign Portal will increase the rate of idle farming.

idle arena evolution legends challenge

Other sources of materials and rewards include the Daily Log-In, the Daily Quests and Challenges, the Hero Gallery, and the free items in the Market. The Treasure Tavern allows you to open chests, but they will require heroes to stay with them for some time until they are unlocked.

If all that sounds too much to handle, don’t worry. The game will help you manage all these sources by affixing a small, red exclamation point icon to sections where rewards and materials are waiting for you. Be on the lookout for these icons so make sure that you get as many resources as you can.

3. Keep Summoning Heroes

The foundation for all the things that you will do in Idle Arena: Evolution Legends are your heroes, so you should never pass up an opportunity to summon more of them to add to your collection. The rarity of heroes, from worst to best, are Rare, Elite, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

how to summon heroes in idle arena evolution legends

The most prominent way of summoning heroes is through the Summon Altar, where you can spend Heroic Summoning Stones or Gems. Heroic Summoning Stones are mostly acquired from completing eight items on the Daily Quest list, while Gems are acquired from progressing through the Campaign Portal and Heliossia, as well as completing items on the Daily Quest and Challenge lists.

Once you acquire a Heroic Summoning Stone, you should use it right away to summon a new hero, as there is no benefit from accumulating them. Summoning new heroes as often as you can will give you more chances of acquiring the character that you want, among other things. Summoning using Gems, however, is a different story, as the game allows you to summon 10 heroes using 2,250 Gems for a 10% discount from the supposed price of 2,500 Gems.

idle arena evolution legends elite shard

There are a few other ways of summoning new heroes, including collecting Shards that can combine into a summon, with 30 Elite Shards needed to summon an Elite hero and 50 Epic Shards needed to summon and Epic hero. You can also hatch heroes at the Lair after obtaining an Ova Prima from Heliossia.

4. Building Your Team

Once you have more than six heroes at your disposal, you can freely choose which six heroes will form your team. However, you shouldn’t just choose any six heroes at random though, as building your team will require more thought.

how to earn more bonus in idle arena evolution legends

There are six races of heroes in Idle Arena: Evolution Legends, namely Polis, Wastes, Dungeon, Abyss, Element, and Relic. If you have three heroes of the same race in your team, all your heroes will get an 8% boost to their Attack and HP stats. The boost goes up to 12% if you have four heroes of the same race, and further up to 16% if you have five heroes of the same race. Element heroes, meanwhile, count as all races, while Relic heroes don’t activate the boosts themselves, but multiplies the bonuses that your heroes receive. However, you shouldn’t force the issue of trying to get these boosts if your best heroes are of different races, as the heroes themselves and their skills will do more in beating opponents than these stat bonuses.

Heroes also fall under three categories depending on their focus in battle, namely Attack, Defense, and Support. These are represented in their cards in the Hero gallery by icons of swords, a shield, and a potion, respectively.

The frontline of your team, the Guardians, will receive boosts to their HP and Block stats, while the backline, the Exterminators, will receive boosts to their Attack and Critical stats.

idle arena evolution legends battle tips

The recommended party is three Defense heroes as Guardians, and two Attack heroes and one Support hero as Exterminators. You can experiment with switching up the composition of your team, such as having a Support hero join two Defense heroes as Guardians to have three Attack heroes as Exterminators, but you will need to equip your Support hero in the frontline with the best equipment that you have so that the hero will not fall right away.

5. Upgrade Your Heroes

Once you’ve farmed enough materials and summoned a significant collection of heroes, it is time to make upgrades so that your team of six can break through all the enemies that will stand in your way.

how to evolve heroes in idle arena evolution legends

In choosing the six heroes to upgrade, the first thing you should prioritize is their rarity. While the Evolution option may upgrade Elite heroes into Epic heroes by combining extra copies of that hero, base Elite heroes only have three skills compared to four skills for base Epic heroes. Evolution and further upgrades may allow Elite heroes to catch up with Epic heroes in terms of Power, but the loss of a fourth skill is a major downside. In the early going, it is fine to go with some Elite heroes, but the goal is to switch to Epic heroes, and eventually Legendary and Mythic heroes, as you progress in the game.

idle arena evolution legends skills

Speaking of skills, heroes unlock their second skill at Level 11, their third skill at Level 41, and for Epic heroes, their fourth skill at Level 81. Getting to these levels will require spending Promotions Seeds, but they are worth it because these skills make your heroes even more powerful.

Meanwhile, you should also make sure to keep the equipment of your heroes updated to the best ones that you have in your inventory. You can do this by tapping the Hero icon at the lower portion of the screen while in the world map, then tapping on a hero and selecting Equip. The Equip All option not only fills out the slots, but also replaces weaker equipment with any stronger ones that you may have acquired. A red exclamation point icon will appear if that is the case.

idle arena evolution legends heroes list

When spending resources for upgrades, make sure to spread them out evenly among your heroes. This is because you don’t want an imbalanced team, with one or two very strong heroes while the rest are underpowered. Due to the random nature of battles, you never know when your enemies will gang up on the few overpowered heroes and take them down early, greatly reducing your chances of winning.

Lastly, don’t hold back in upgrading your heroes, even at the start when all you have are mostly Elite heroes. This is because at the Soul Temple, there is a Reset option, which refunds all the Gold, EXP Stones, and Promotion Seeds that you have spent on a hero in exchange for reverting them back to Level 1. If you acquire an Epic hero to replace an Elite hero, you can Reset the Elite hero and spend the resources that you receive to upgrade the Epic hero.

6. Make The Most Out Of Each Game Mode

The many game modes of Idle Arena: Evolution Legends not only provides you with many options for farming resources, but also gives you alternatives if you find yourself stuck in one game mode, as you can’t beat the enemy or the boss that is standing in your way.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, instead of trying over and over again with the same disappointing results, it is best to pull back and try other modes where you will be able to beat enemies. For example, if the current level in the Campaign Portal is too hard, try visiting the Gaiatree, where hopefully the enemies are easier for your team to beat and farm Promotion Seeds in the process to further upgrade your heroes.

idle arena evolution legends victory

If all the game modes are proving to be difficult, take a break from the game and allow your heroes to gather resources for you in the Campaign Portal’s idle farming. Before long, you will have enough materials to summon better heroes or upgrade your heroes into their most powerful versions, ready to take you through the many challenges in Idle Arena.

This would be all for now as far as our Idle Arena: Evolution Legends tips and strategies are concerned. If you happen to know other tips, that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, then feel free to drop us a line!

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Thanks for this detailed introduction