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Animal Restaurant Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Restaurant Business Fast

Animal Restaurant is a unique business management simulation game overflowing with cute and cuddly characters guaranteed to charm and mesmerize pet lovers as well as idle clicker game enthusiasts. Although the game’s title may seem somewhat generic and it is a fact there is a plethora of restaurant / café games in the mobile gaming market, Animal Restaurant certainly takes the cake as far providing tons of unique and exciting content and activities go. Despite the light and kid-friendly graphics and overall ambiance the game exhibits, it is a fun and engaging casual title that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and preferences.

As a restaurant sim game, Animal Restaurant sets you on the role of the owner of a startup diner. As it is expected that you will not be able to do all the work entirely on your own, you will need to hire cat employees to help you out in several activities within the growing restaurant. Every bit of cod earned is valuable as you need them in purchasing and upgrading furniture, expanding your business, hiring more employees and promoting them, as well as learning new dishes.

Every bit of new stuff you add to your restaurant likewise earns you star or prestige, enabling you access to even more extravagant features. Your restaurant business will continue to operate and earn profits even while you are offline and away from the game but just like any business venture in real life, spending more active time within the game will tremendously impact your enterprise’s growth. If you are an aficionado of everything cute and cuddly and likewise enjoys casual sim games, then be sure to check out Animal Restaurant and discover just how unexpectedly addictive it can become!

animal restaurant strategies

Animal Restaurant provides a quick and concise tutorial session as you hop into your restaurant management adventure. As the basic mechanics of the game are as simple as they come, you will easily grasp the essential aspects of running and managing your very own restaurant in no time. Everything generally revolves around earning cods and investing them on various items to improve your restaurant’s performance and each new item you purchase or upgrade improves earns you stars that reflect your business’ overall rating. Progress can be seen through the continuous growth that your restaurant displays as can be seen through the various furniture and areas you can gradually unlock.

Likewise various customer types can also be seen as you expand your menu and provide more amenities to your stream of customers. Random elements such as rare visitors and the gacha machine add even more zest to the already engaging gameplay. Regardless of how you play Animal Restaurant, you are bound to always keep earning and progressing. However, if you want to grow your restaurant business efficiently and unlock everything at a faster rate, then check out our Animal Restaurant beginner’s guide, as it features plenty of tips, cheats and strategies to jumpstart your business venture.

1. Reinvest Cods As Soon As You Can

It all starts with a single table and stove as the entirety of your restaurant revolves around the dining hall and the kitchen. As customers come in to dine, you earn cods, which is the basic currency in the game, in small amounts. With not much too do at first, your attention should be focused on how to grow your business. Whether it is through some facility enhancements, additional food on the menu, or an additional staff, spending as much of the cods you earn right back on improving your restaurant is best done at the soonest possible time.

how to reinvest cods in animal restaurant

As far as some decision points may be more challenging to choose from for starters, prioritizing those that contribute to returns on your investment should generally be considered. Always read through what each of the items available for purchase can do and if they contribute to earning you more cods when installed, then acquiring them sooner will be good for you and your business.

At certain points in the game, you will have choices that play between upgrading a certain aspect of your restaurant, like the tables for example, or purchasing a new furniture to add more stars, boost earnings, or increase staff productivity. As a general rule, always go for expansion first and only upgrade existing furniture once you have obtained every possible variety to fill up your restaurant. Based on the menu layout, items are classified in groups and it will be fairly easy to distinguish one type of item from another. You can see the tip box on a separate group from table 1 and table 2 and so on.

Following our recommendation, your prioritization should follow purchasing the first item on each subgroup before even beginning to consider the next upgrade for each one. It may happen that some items at the bottom of the list will be less expensive than others so, as a general rule, purchase whichever you can afford especially items that can immediately contribute to boosting your earnings.

2. Balance Upgrades Out When Necessary

As much as going for the cheaper purchase or upgrade works best for most scenarios and that there aren’t any real penalties if you chose one over another. For efficiency’s sake, the general idea is that you have to keep your earned cods working for you at the soonest possible time, making a purchase following whichever is immediately affordable among the most viable considerations.

There are things that affect productivity and customer satisfaction and, as a restaurant owner, should be noticed and remedied as quickly as possible at all times. These are instances when you see dissatisfaction from customers as they leave your restaurant. These may often be caused by customers who want a specific type of food that you cannot cook just as yet. It may also be due to waiting too long in line especially when you do not have enough tables for all customers or there is too much waiting time between ordering food and actually serving them.

animal restaurant upgrades

As there can be various other causes for dissatisfaction, it is important for you to maintain a good balance of upgrades to ensure a steady flow of food production and that you stand ready with a menu upgrade when the need for new food items becomes imperative.

One of the common mistakes beginners can make is going all out with having the maximum number of tables in the diner. Sometimes, it is easy to forget about the other basic of the restaurant, which is the kitchen, and its needs. Having 6 tables for example is not a bad idea at all. However, in combination with a kitchen that houses only a stove or two, chances are that food production will not be able to keep up with demand, especially with promotions up and running.

Beyond that, having all sorts of material upgrades and star earnings may attract new customers and as such, should be coupled with improvisations in the menu that increases the food types you can offer. As far as employee promotions are concerned, which may also impact productivity, some can be compensated by manually being active in the game. Be sure to read through what each of your staff can do before promoting them as you may have to consider prioritizing those whose value cannot be offset by your hard work as the heavily engaged, manually tapping restaurant owner.

3. Being Active Pays Well

Animal Restaurant is much like an idle clicker game where you continue to earn whether you are offline and away from the game or when you are on the game but idle just the same. You can watch as your staff take orders from new customers, clean up some mess, pick up cods for you, and even turn away unwanted individuals.

animal restaurant tips

Regardless of promotions and active time, it still takes a lot longer for some things to get done by some staff. As such, manually tapping on a customer’s orders, and picking up cods as well as trash tremendously boosts your restaurant’s growth.

On top of the common activities, actively playing also leaves you with a faster turnover as far as earning the cods you need and purchasing the next upgrade is concerned. As there is also a disparity between the regular flow of customers and having the tables and lines loaded via the spam-tapping promotions, actively playing practically keeps your restaurant functioning at a hundred percent for the most part.

4. Keep An Eye Out For Special Characters

On top of the regular customers whom you will be well familiar with in due time, there are so-called special customers who will randomly visit your restaurant but will not be around to dine at all. These unique visitors each has their distinct features and will perform activities that will either help you or cause some trouble. As there are a number of these special guests you will encounter in the game, it may take a while to familiarize yourself with each of them. In any case, be sure to interact with them whenever you chance upon them. As a side tip, when a progress bar appears on a character when you tap them, you may very well tap as fast as you can.

animal restaurant special characters

One of the visitors you may look forward to as far as surprise appearances are concerned is the Rich Kid (Panda) who will keep splurging away cods within your restaurant. Another interesting fellow would be the Ad Salesman, a rare non-animal character, who can give you extra cods at the cost of playing a short video ad. With ad promotions that have limits within some time, you would also want to see more of the Wandering Singer as his music will attract more customers just like the ad-boosted promotions.

On the downside, you should tap as fast as you can on the Cod-Steaking Rabbit as every second he stays around means losing bits and pieces of cods lying around in the vicinity. Likewise, Skunk and Mister Roach should also be shooed away as soon as you see them and thankfully, they kind of stand out in the crowd.

5. Complete Daily Tasks And Achievements

As much as every click you make and every minute spent on playing the game ensures a great deal of earnings and progress, there are loads of extra rewards you can earn by accomplishing objectives within the daily tasks and achievements. You can easily check the list of objectives by tapping on the tasks icon at the bottom of your screen and for the most part, you are likely to accomplish a lot of these feats without even trying.

animal restaurant daily tasks and achievements

Both the daily tasks and achievements in Animal Restaurant naturally coincide with the usual activities you engage in as you play the game. To differentiate, daily quests are typically much easier to accomplish and becomes part of the routine you can follow each day while achievements are milestones you can meet for one time rewards, which will then unlock a higher tier objective that you can aim to achieve at a later time.

Take note that as far as daily tasks go, every objective met grants you outright rewards, but given that stars are harder to earn and are considered more valuable, completing all objectives should be a daily goal to earn the daily grand reward of 25 stars.

Relative to this, there are also occasional orders that you can cater to for huge amounts of cods and stars. Be sure to check on the third tab of the tasks and take note of the time within which the task will be completed. You actually do not need to do anything relative to the completion of the order except to log back in on the game close to when the countdown timer has reached zero.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

If you have played a lot of casual games on mobile before, then you should already be used to seeing most free games packed with video ads. While some games can afford not to have ads at all and instead bank on microtransactions to to maintain their availability, casual game like Animal Restaurant hardly sell anything for real money and instead relies on the existence of video ads to keep it available for everyone to freely play.

animal restaurant ad boosts

Although you may have encountered casual games that randomly pop up advertisements while you play, all video ads in Animal Restaurant are optional. In truth, there is a huge chance that you will wish for there to be more ad boosters in the game as each video ad you watch can help you a lot as far as earning and progressing in the game is concerned.

To start off, while smash tapping at the promo button on the lower right side of the screen is a fair method of attracting more customers, it can get pretty tiring after some time. Regardless of how fast you tap as well, the adboost promo can flood your restaurant with customer a lot faster and the only cost is playing a 5 to 25-second ad. There will come a time when this will be temporarily unavailable based on how many times you activated it but if it is available, be sure to take advantage of it.

Clicking on the “+” beside your cods at the upper left side of your screen opens up a window where you can generally spend real money to obtain some cods and plates on another tab. As enticing as those may be for some, the best offers come in the form of free cods and plates that you can earn after playing a short video ad. You can do this up to 5 times each per day and if you have just started the game and still do not know what plates are for, these are premium currency that you will certainly want more of once you unlock the buffet and the gachapon you can purchase after it.

7. Get To Know Your Customers Through The Log Book

Animal Restaurant certainly holds a wide variety of customers that you need to familiarize yourself with. Although each one has an introduction on your first encounter, chances are that you will lose track of which is which especially as your restaurant continuously grows and more and more customers start to visit.

animal restaurant log book

To ensure that you are familiar enough with each customer, most especially the special ones, take time to visit the log book at the upper right corner of the screen and read through each customer’s description. Pay special attention to which ones are there to help you and which ones come around just to annoy you. Likewise, there is a memento tab in the book as well, which serves as a tracker of achievements relative to the number of times you served specific customers. Unlocking each one adds more stars to your rating and every unlocked memento is an opportunity to earn extra cods through sharing.

In truth, we are well aware that Animal Restaurant holds a lot more features, tips, and tricks in the game that are just waiting to be discovered. For now, though, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We are confident that the tips and strategies we discussed here should be largely applicable across the other unlockable areas in the game as well as most future content the game can have. If you have played the game for quite some time and have discovered unique tips or strategies we have not yet mentioned, we would love to hear about them, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the comments!


Tuesday 15th of December 2020

I'm not sure what the things are in the courtyard or how you can get more of them, please help


Thursday 17th of September 2020

From what I understand: Foods in Food 1 Category: Village folks (attracted by flyers) Food 2 Category: Town people (radio) Food 3 Category: Customers from the city (tv, cellphone) Food 4 Category: All Customers It's like foods that are part of these categories should be unlocked since customers from the same area all have a probability to order these. Foods from Food 4 are the priciest since all customers have the tendency to order them. The increase in their prices should also be a top priority


Thursday 27th of August 2020

I'm having a difficult time finding this answer. What does food 1, food 2, and food 3 mean? It's on the recipe cards, but not all. Thank you!