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Bike Unchained 2 Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Hints to Become the World’s Best Rider

The guys at RedBull did put a lot of effort into creating what is probably the most realistic mountain bike game currently available for iOS and Android! A quality sequel of their successful mountain biking first release, Bike Unchained 2 challenges users to cycle downhill as fast as possible and earn as much loot as they can. If you upgrade your loot, you will be able to paddle faster and faster. With an intuitive and simple overall design, Bike Unchained 2 offers users a unique gaming experience. Participate in live events and thrilling multiplayer races, enjoy the photo-realistic 3D graphics, and craft your bike with the most amazing components out there!

Below you can find our compilation of Bike Unchained 2 tips and cheats guide that will help you peddle towards the top of the leaderboard!

1. Start Off By Claiming All Your Rewards

Play all the modes to gain rewards

how to get more rewards in bike unchained 2

If you have just started your peddling adventure, you must keep in mind that it is extremely important to claim all the possible rewards. You should start off by focusing on ranked races. Ranked Races will allow you to win many rewards in a short period of time. You will receive a reward for each ranked race you participate in. And if you manage to get promoted to the next league, the prize will be huge!

Apart from the Ranked Races, there are other available events you should definitely participate in: Daily Events, Weekly Events, or Special Events. Completing these events and making it to the required ranking when the event’s time expires will also ensure new juicy reward packs.

Getting rewards for playing all the modes will allow you to upgrade your bike. Season mode goals and mentor challenges offer great opportunities for earning even more rewards.

2. Use Different Bikes For Different Modes

Adjust your racing style to each mode

Normally, new riders feel tempted to spend a lot of time in the air. While this strategy is great for Slopestyle, it won’t help you much in Downhill races. When playing Downhill races, there are two tips you should keep in mind: land your jumps on the downhill and spend as less time as possible in the air.

In addition, using a different bike for each mode is extremely useful. You could use the bike editor to build a Slopestyle bike. This way, each time you participate in a Slopestyle competition, your bike will become automatically available. If the number displayed in the “thumbs up” circle goes up, you are definitely building a solid bike.

3. Learn How To Master The One-Hand Controls

Time everything perfectly

The portrait orientation mode is one the biggest novelties that Bike Unchained 2 has brought. And this allows one-hand playing. This type of controls makes it crucial for you to learn when is the best possible moment to speed up, pedal, land your jump, or pump. So practice as much as you can to master controls. The tutorial is a great starting point as you will learn how to coast down hills or tap the screen to peddle up a hill. So don’t skip it!

4. Upgrade Your Bike

Keep an eye on stats

bike unchained 2 upgrades

Constantly upgrading your bike and making it as powerful as possible is a key aspect in Bike Unchained 2. Instead of always worrying about buying the next part, concentrate on upgrading frames and parts. This will add extra power to your bike and will allow you to lower your times.

Slopestyle has a special bike attribute that tells you how it can handle tricks. Make sure you max out that stat for the bikes you use on Slopestyle.

Keep present that bike builds with a similar rating can have different stats. So make sure you test each bike on different trails to see where they perform better.

5. Mentors Are There To Help

Take advantage of their expertise

Some of the best riders in the world are here to set challenges and motivate you to make it to nº 1! So take advantage of them, as they can teach you tricks that will make you faster and faster in races. Mentors can also unlock valuable frames and parts, abilities, and tricks. So make sure you level them up each time you have the possibility.

6. Practice Each Track

Get acquainted with the tricky tracks

bike unchained 2 tracks

With so many available tracks, mastering each one of them will take time and practice. Each track is different and has its own tricks that can negatively affect your time. If you practice enough, you will learn them by heart and improve your time.

Start off by competing in Ranked Races. If you do so, you will be exposed to every track, allowing you to get acquainted with the characteristics of each one of them. If you manage to learn by heart the layout of each track, you will know exactly when you need to tap the screen repeatedly and when to keep calm and hold your finger down.

Rock Bottom and Sailor’s Delight are particularly tricky, especially for new riders. Rock Bottom starts with a section of doubles. Once you learn how to clear them, your time will improve with a few good seconds. The big gap in Sailor’s Delight can ruin the race for those riders who don’t pay attention. So pay attention to the terrain!

7. Pump Strategically

Learn how to keep the momentum

Pumping strategically and keeping the momentum are not easy to master and takes a lot of practice. However, there are a few tricks you should keep in mind. Pumping constantly will not increase speed, especially if you pump on the up-hills. This would do nothing but slow you down. Instead, focus on pumping when approaching the top of a peak. If you start pumping before you reach the downhill, you will make the most of it. After a jump, try to land on the downhill. This will allow you to keep the momentum. If you land up-hill or on a flat surface, your speed will decrease significantly.

8. Learn How To Perform Tricks

Use trick-based abilities

bike unchained 2 tricks

You will need a good strategy if you want to perform tricks in Slopestyle. One efficient strategy would be to build up excess speed from previous smaller tricks. If there is a huge trick you would like to perform, combine it with smaller tricks and do your best to land as quickly as possible. If you don’t manage to finish your trick before landing, you will more than likely experience a painful crash.

Trick-based abilities – such as the Trick Booster – will allow you to pull off bigger tricks. However, make sure to check the distance between jumps before deciding what trick you can actually pull.

9. Visit The Store Every Now And Then

Focus on buying Token Offers and Tickets

The store in Bike Unchained 2 offers Sponsor Packs, Tickets, Token Offers, Obtainium, and Gold. Since completing Ranked Races will earn you sufficient Sponsor Packs that contain Gold and Obtainium, you should focus on purchasing solely Tickets and Token Offers. The Token Offers will allow you to upgrade your bike much faster, while Tickets will allow you to participate in special events.

And this is where our Bike Unchained 2 tips, cheats, tricks and hints comes to an end. If you think there are additional tips we have overlooked, we would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to use the comment section below!