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Break the Block! Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints: Everything You Need to Know

A new puzzle title by Bitmango, ‘Break the Block!’ is a fun and lighthearted game. The objective is to figure out how to break a pile of blocks in one move by matching three same-colored blocks. There are two stages of the game: ‘Classic’ and ‘Expert’.

Each stage containing a number of levels that get tougher to crack as you progress. You get three turns at each level to solve the puzzle. You have to make any three same colored blocks meet horizontally or vertically. If you’re unable to solve the complete puzzle in three moves, game’s over. If you’re able to solve it in one move, you are rewarded three stars!

The puzzles had us scratching our heads at times but when you do see it eventually, it seems so obvious. So, we’ve collected some of our best Break the Block! cheats, tips and tricks for you to avoid embarrassing yourself in front of your friends when playing this game and always get three stars!

1. Don’t Take The Easy Way Out

The game cleverly plays on your perception of it being extremely simple. Sometimes there is an easy and quick solution staring you right in the face. But don’t fall for that trap. More often than not, the most obvious solution is wrong.

You will only be able to get one break and lose your chance of three stars right away. Be patient and follows the next steps carefully.

2. Look For Anomalies

Whenever you see two of the same colored boxes in one column and third one in a different column, it means that these three same colored boxes have no chance of breaking without your intervention. In these situations, often the solution is to let one of the two that are in the same column drop to the empty side of the pile.

3. Let It Drop

Often when you see a tall column of blocks in a level, it means that the solution lies somewhere in that column. The answer is often to let one of the blocks drop to the emptier side of the column. You have to pick which one carefully.

4. Pull It Out

If you can’t see the solution in tall columns, the solution often lies in pulling one block out from the base of the column. As the blocks above it fall down, they naturally meet with their parallels begin to break.

5. The Odd One Out

If you see one block lying away from the rest of the pile, it is going to play a pivotal role in that level. You have to either pull the block back towards the pile, or let one block from the column right next to the odd block, drop down.

6. Look For A Chain Reaction

The easiest way to check if you will be able to solve the puzzle with your next move is to check if moving the next block will have any recursive effects on the rest of the puzzle. If you are making the right move, it will start a chain reaction in the whole puzzle, bringing it all down. All the blocks that break pave way for the next pack of same colored blocks to line up. Breaking them all eventually.

We hope that our Break the Block! guide has been informative for you. Remember these steps are you are playing the game and you won’t have to pull your hair out, frustrated by a simple yet clever game. Pick out levels that you found particularly difficult and challenge your friends to play with you! Don’t worry, you’ve got the edge now that you’ve read this guide.