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160 Word Towers Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Are you looking for mind challenging puzzles to boost your brainpower and attractive landscapes to fresh your eyes? 160 Word Towers is a new word game just released by Nebo Apps. If you like word games, this fun new game is for you!

160 word towers answers


Play in English, French, Russian, Spanish or German . It’s quite simple. Words can be vertical, horizontal and diagonal; find the word to clear the stage! You do not need to sign-in to play and without network connection, still you can play! Don’t worry about your data issue! Even on an airplane, you can enjoy the game! Complete the puzzles and sharpen your mind a lot.

Do you want a best time killer to kill daily boring time? Do you need a new toy with your kids or friends? Just download 160 Word Towers, start to search letters and find words, enjoy the best crossword game ever! And if you’re still stuck, don’t worry. We’re here to help you. We’ve already found the answers for you. Below you can find all the 160 Word Towers answers, cheats and solutions!

160 Word Towers Answers, Cheats & Solutions

160 word towers answers level 1

Level 1.1: clover, hunt, beaver, time, climber, letters, bottle, serenity
Level 1.2: kitchen, slow, canapé, cinnamon, greedy, shovel, plenty, dolphin
Level 1.3: guard, frame, tennis, peak, physalis, sapphire, tribe, parrot, vertical
Level 1.4: painter, lock, storm, parents, sombrero, black, helmet, elf, clever
Level 1.5: angel, pool, harbour, captain, crater, iceberg, asana, echidna, log
Level 1.6: wind, tree, composition, shoal, hot, iris, sign, bindi, bridge
Level 1.7: barrette, horns, souvenir, therapy, salon, glory, holy, tag, salt
Level 1.8: couple, thought, lunch, stump, mojito, conquest, open, opossum, science
Level 1.9: rubber, religion, snow, slap, wedding, redhead, lilac, pond, spices
Level 1.10: tiger, farmer, harvest, skill, warm, frigate, flag, mortar, pipe

160 word towers answers level 2

Level 2.1: football, flowers, tea, apple, Japan, yacht, savings, mane, avocado
Level 2.2: piñata, opera, walrus, apricot, antelope, planet, sand, panda, quantum
Level 2.3: design, alphabet, protein, flight, head, costume, claws, rabbit, beads
Level 2.4: dangerous, lake, empty, origami, briefcase, parquet, camomile, car, sword
Level 2.5: truffle, show, sport, jaguar, four, durian, sponge, calf, cold
Level 2.6: cappuccino, locomotive, twins, beret, bison, Mozart, keg, spider, coconut
Level 2.7: hurricane, cathedral, hit, bud, family, lentil, star, amber, teacher
Level 2.8: ambush, snake, lotus, paparazzi, diaper, play, law, leaf, people
Level 2.9: foam, selfie, texture, uniform, flamingo, ash, morning, wig, vane, cigar
Level 2.10: childhood, diamond, palace, cube, armor, bus, vacation, coachman, cactus

160 word towers answers level 3

Level 3.1: fruit, weather, number, violet, sled, pier, tattoo, spaniel, hurt
Level 3.2: cuttlefish, doctor, guilty, oar, shark, party, design, door, painting
Level 3.3: father, quartet, poppy, space, soap, vegetables, visit, press, orator
Level 3.4: funny, hive, romance, turban, pumpkin, jump, tongue, exotica, youth
Level 3.5: collection, carnation, slippery, gorilla, albatross, orange, Asia, water, bitcoin
Level 3.6: model, ball, Antarctica, closed, bone, tempered, waiter, hierarchy, palm
Level 3.7: sandwich, full, parking, lynx, tobacco, slippery, heart, rusty, asparagus
Level 3.8: telephone, notebook, tornado, tractor, dimple, body, scar, shield, textile, shopping
Level 3.9: wires, coat, chicken, lavender, coach, petal, tunnel, pan, fauna
Level 3.10: restaurant, payment, parade, listeners, molecule, ring, swallow, ears, chemistry

160 word towers answers level 4

Level 4.1: pillar, wing, cross, arachis, burger, sky, access, gerbera, address
Level 4.2: scramble, north, syrup, joy, office, silver, palm, parterre, eel
Level 4.3: diesel, bijouterie, zoo, carpet, dentist, neck, dish, bracelet, library
Level 4.4: mask, scooter, drink, halo, wheel, lava, flow, circle, nature
Level 4.5: tomato, vase, reserve, guests, light, cage, malachite, rhythm, monkey
Level 4.6: symbolism, secretary, tango, celery, lamb, student, herd, sari, sphere
Level 4.7: bouquet, diet, bible, money, rock, laser, fight, boots, warrior
Level 4.8: ribbon, pirate, cry, hug, rooster, lion, swarm, rickshaw, nanny
Level 4.9: grill, caterpillar, artist, emerald, evening, lampshade, tasty, fan, acacia
Level 4.10: downpour, fisherman, fence, lemon, diaper, spear, canal, whale, manicure

160 word towers answers level 5

Level 5.1: wigwam, collage, referee, banquet, stork, casino, bottom, broom, history
Level 5.2: night, filter, greenhouse, navy, frog, rodeo, laughter, pony, surprise
Level 5.3: butterfly, graph, friendship, excitement, peas, potato, beak, freckles, crossbow
Level 5.4: pianist, nose, headphones, pomelo, reptile, husky, slice, layer, search
Level 5.5: statue, jelly, geisha, crab, beach, rose, murky, market, inside
Level 5.6: soup, taco, clean, tradition, fillet, hose, fountain, fabric, elegance
Level 5.7: aquarium, golf, ballet, aboriginal, hindu, goal, emblem, aroma, beetle
Level 5.8: meadow, brick, deer, puma, marlin, sediment, heel, rapeseed, spoon
Level 5.9: eagle, coffee, mouse, soil, rite, record, towel, robot, pillow
Level 5.10: energy, smog, temperature, berry, winter, fair, syringe, Frisbee, facade