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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Just Launched On Android And iOS

Following on from hit civilisation builder Empire: Four Kingdoms, German developer Goodgame Studios has just adapted its browser-based farm simulator for the mobile.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest puts you in the middle of Uncle George’s old farm, and it’s in need of some serious TLC. It’s up to you to turn the plot’s fortunes around, by growing crops, rearing livestock, hiring workers and turning a profit, without compromising on the welfare of your tough farm hands or adorable animals. You’re aided in your efforts by clad-in-plaid Tessa and a burly bloke called Benny, among other cheerful folk happy to lend a hand.

The focus of gameplay is on slowly growing your farm in a sustainable way. The crops you grow can be converted into animal feed, which ends up as manure that can be used to fertilise your crops. You hire workers to till and tend to the land, but you have to house them and keep them happy to make them as productive as possible. So you have to be strategic and invest your resources sensibly. You can even enter online co-ops with other farmers, trading tips and tricks to make your farm a fabulous success and your uncle proud.

There are regular quests to complete to keep everything running smoothly, and of course seasonal events including a Halloween party and a Fairytale festival to organise. So get your overalls on; it’s time to muck in. You can download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest for free on Android and iOS.