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Best Fiends Forever Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Best Fiends Forever is a new idle clicker game by Seriously Digtal Entertainment, which is available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The game brings back the characters from the original Match 3 title Best Fiends – it’s the very same characters, the very same goal of beating up slugs, but instead of matching three pieces or more on a puzzle board, you’ll be clicking away in the world of Minutia, and leveling up pretty much everything there is to level up.

The backstory here is that the Best Fiends have finally made it to Mount Boom, only for them to lose in the end and get imprisoned in “very similar” boxes. And you’ll need to keep on clicking and defeating waves of slugs as you try to find the elusive villain that’s responsible for the Slug Invasion to begin with. Can you handle this new challenge in a different genre? We hope to help you out with that, in this new Best Fiends Forever strategy guide.

1. Get Oriented On The Basics

We won’t give you a blow-by-blow recap on what to expect from the Best Fiends, as this is the kind of game where it doesn’t matter which of the characters you choose. They’re all cute (or cute-ish), they all have their own specializations, and they all have their own statistics. And you will have to level up their abilities as you go along in the game. This could cost a premium amount of currency, but once you activate those abilities, they can make a world of difference in the game. Having them leveled up allows you to make more progress, and if you see an exclamation mark next to a character’s icon, that means it’s time to take action and level them up.

2. Learn Your Math

The game’s description makes references to learning math, and while it doesn’t lie in that regard, you don’t need to worry too much about complicated equations and formulas. You do have to take a close look at the stats of each character, particularly the cost it takes for you to level them up. Characters who cost more to level up are better than those who cost less, but at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be economically viable to focus exclusively on the better characters. Sometimes, the more affordable characters are better, so you’ll want to have some of those cheaper Best Fiends prioritized as well.

The math doesn’t end there, as you’ll also have to remember that damage outputs are multiplied by five, once any given character has been leveled up to a multiple of 10. You want to focus on that magic multiple when leveling up characters, even if you’re dealing with a hero that may seem weaker at the onset.

3. Use The Auto-Slapper

Each character also has their own abilities, as mentioned above, and Auto-Slapper is what Temper uses to deal with the slugs. Activating this ability would allow Temper to automatically slap all slugs at an incredible pace, albeit only for a few seconds at a time. And how fast is this slapping? So fast that it would seem as if the slugs are breaking apart as they get slapped. Use this ability whenever you could, as the cool down time isn’t that long at about seven seconds. Use the Auto-Slapper in conjunction with your own manual slaps (via tapping), and that should mean trouble to most slug offensives, even boss characters.

4. Let Loose With Abilities Vs. Bosses

Speaking of bosses, there may be times when it would be wisest to save your Fiends’ abilities until they’re up against these big bad creatures. Make use of abilities like Fireball and Slugmageddon, which could be real game-changers due to their burst attack nature. Best of all, these abilities work fantastic against bosses and their slug minions, even if you’re running short on currency and are unable to upgrade. In fact, you can go ahead and take advantage of the downtime by upgrading while waiting for the cool down timer to run out!

5. This Isn’t An Idle Clicker For Nothing

Best Fiends Forever isn’t just a c icker game, it’s an idle clicker. That means you can be productive even if you’re not playing, and you can let your Fiends keep fighting slugs even if you’re sleeping or away from the game for whatever reason. Leaving the game for a while will allow you to come back later on with a ton of coins ready to collect. And you can also double those coin rewards by watching a quick ad clip. So if you earn a billion coins while away, you can double that to two billion, simply by watching videos when the game asks you if you want to.

6. Don’t Be 100% Idle

While you can still be productive even when you’re not doing anything, you should still do something even if this is an idle clicker. For example, you can tap on the barrel if you see it, as that will do some damage against your enemy and knock them down a few levels. You can tap on coin chests and earn money with one simple tap. And if you see that golden helicopter-like craft flying around, you can earn some nice temporary buffs, such as a minute or two worth of bonus damage. You can also earn gold by tapping on the helicopter, and double your earnings by watching an ad, if the option is available.

7. How To Get Free Diamonds

Look for the tiny reef with the Oceana symbol on the world map. Tap on that symbol and follow the link, which would take you to the Oceana website. For those who aren’t aware of Oceana, this is an organization that looks out for the world’s oceans, and seeks to have them preserved. For contributing to a good cause, the game will reward you with a whole lot of diamonds in return. That’s the game’s premium currency, and there are a couple other ways you can earn more of them in the game.

First would be to complete your challenges, which are achievements that can be completed while normally playing the game. For example, you may be asked to defeat so many enemies or to reach a certain stage. Try playing the game with a focus on completing those challenges so you can get them done faster. Secondly, you can make use of social media, either liking the game through Facebook or tweeting about it.

8. How To Spend Your Gems

Best Fiends Forever has a wide variety of items you can buy with your gems, including quick coin boosts, which allow you to get one day, three days, or even a week of coins in one go. You can use them to buy bombs, which offer a more devastating attack against enemies, though these can also be earned by hitting helicopters. Still, the best way to go would be to buy those permanent increases, meaning those that double your coins or damage on a long-term basis.

9. About The Portal

All idle clickers have a mechanic called “prestiging” in many titles; essentially, this means you’re resetting your game and starting it from square one, but keeping whatever items (or abilities – it all depends on the game) you earned in your last run, and/or making you stronger with some special gifts. In here, it’s simply known as going through the portal, which would get you Soul Gems, which can then be used to buy Souvenirs. Souvenirs are used to improve damage and coins, thus ensuring you get the most out of your game reset.

Resetting is best done once your game has reached a dead end; you’re doing all the right things, but can’t defeat the bosses. It gives you a new lease on life, and allows you to work faster and smarter the next time you’re up against similar bosses in your next play through after the reset.

alei gillespie

Saturday 7th of January 2017

You keep gems and skill levels

You gain stones to spend on powers/skills called souvenirs. They are permanent (unless you sell them)

You lose fiends and fiend levels


Thursday 8th of December 2016

Where are all the secret rooms/tunnels and in what part of each level

Walker Hall

Thursday 17th of November 2016

Can you please elaborate on what is lost and what is retained after going through a portal? I'm sure all coins are lost, and all special ability upgrades are retained (# slaps per seconds, # of fireballs, #x damage slugmaddeon, etc). And all fiends but Temper are lost. But does Temper retain his level, and do the other fiends start with their higher level once rescued again? Also, are diamonds retained, or do you lose them just like coins? What about bombs? And if you buy the permanent diamond upgrades, can you later also buy the "this world only" diamond upgrades and have then stack for that world? P.S. They're called BoomStones instead of Soul Gems, right?