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Best Fiends Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Stunning Tips You Need to Know

Best Fiends is an immersive Match 3 game developed by Seriously Digital Entertainment for Android and iOS mobile devices. According to the developer, the little creatures of Minutia lived in peace and harmony, until the night the meteor smashed into Mount Boom. This resulted in the “slimy Slugs” getting transformed into bad guys, and with the Best Fiends’ families captured, it’s their job to grow and level up. And that’s where the Match 3 puzzles come in. With that said, there’s little need to tell you about how basic Match 3 mechanics work if you’re familiar with games like Candy Crush Saga, but now that you know the twists Seriously Digital Entertainment included, it’s now time for some Best Fiends cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Always Go For Big Combinations

Just because it’s a Match 3 game doesn’t mean you can settle for matching three of a kind all of the time. Even if you’re not dealing with your Fiends’ specific elements, you should always try for a big match, as this increases the chances of you removing twigs, logs, and other obstacles. You also get more room to work around if you’re trying to match your Fiends’ elements.

2. Remove Obstacles While They’re Still There

Once you’ve cleared the board of twigs, logs, and other hindrances, you’ll have more room to play, more room to make matches. Just as we told you earlier, a board without obstacles gives you more freedom to make the right kind of matches in Best Fiends.

3. Element Matches Are More Effective

Again, this hearkens back to the first tip – making matches with identical tiles that mesh with your Fiends’ elements will result in more damage, and would also fill up your power meter quickly. Once that power meter reaches a certain level, you’ll be able to make use of your special items in the game.

4. Upgrade Your Characters

As you progress through the game, you’ll be gathering small monsters. The more you gather, the more you can level up your Fiends . Once they’re leveled up, they’ll do even more damage, particularly when you’re matching tiles that are in line with their elements.

5. Get Yourself More Diamonds

First, there’s the in-game method, which is to take advantage of opportunities when you see the chance to match some diamonds. Once you do, they’re essentially yours. You can also connect your game to Facebook, and that’s going to immediately give you 30 free diamonds, without you having to work hard to get them.

6. Replay Previously Completed Levels

Replaying levels is a great way to get more of what you need to upgrade your characters, and get them leveled up to a point where they can more easily help you clear a certain difficult level.

7. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

In most games, the time lapse cheat (quit game, shift time forward, return to game) will allow you to refill your lives without waiting long, and in Best Fiends, doing this cheat will refill your energy. We advise shifting the time by a couple hours or so to be sure you’ve got enough energy to keep on playing.

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