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Stereotypo Answers for All Levels

Stereotypo is a unique word trivia game for Android and iOS devices by Timur Yakubov. Most word games ask you to pick out words from a grid, or asking you to guess the word or phrase represented by the pictures. This new game asks you to do the latter, but with popular “stereotypes” in mind. And if you’re concerned about the game being an excuse to perpetuate negative stereotypes of someone or something, that isn’t the case at all – it’s all about matching the suitable pictures to words, as the game says. For example, you may be asked about the stuff women keep in their purse. Or you may be asked to choose pictures that represent France, the Oscars, or dangerous situations, to cite more of the developer’s examples.

There are scores of puzzles for you to solve in this game, and some of them may prove to be a bit too challenging for you to get in one or two tries, or even more than that. So with that in mind, we’ve come up with a fairly comprehensive list of Stereotypo answers and solutions. Refer to this guide any time you’re having difficulty with any of the puzzles, as we’ve got close to 200 of them included in here.

Stereotypo Answers for All Levels

Stereotypo Answers Hope Levels 1-20

#1 – Doctor
#2 – Racing Driver
#3 – France
#4 – Success And Happiness
#5 – Night
#6 – Christmas And New Year
#7 – Sailor
#8 – School
#9 – The Oscars
#10 – Gladiator

#11 – Cats
#12 – Luxury
#13 – Flamenco
#14 – Park
#15 – Old Age
#16 – Journalist
#17 – What Do You Think About When They’re In Danger?
#18 – Fairy Tale
#19 – Rock Group
#20 – Luck