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Beardmen (iOS) Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

Beardmen is a strategy-based role-playing game (RPG) with a TAP-3 mechanic, an alternative to the traditional MATCH-3 mechanic. The game can be played in two ways; online as well as PVP.

In the game each player has an army at their disposal which is full of brave RPG heroes; empire vikings warriors, animals like wolves, snakes, huge bears and even pet rabbits. The majority of your army consists of bearded dwarves who carry pointy edged weapons into the battlefield. Don’t worry though, it is not as gruesome as it sounds, these dwarves with their astonishing beards are cartoon characters and the game has a pretty friendly vibe to it.

If you’re going to play the storyline mode, then you’re handed a map from which you travel to different locations and fight against dangerous beasts and other bearded men. Beard-men stickers is another application that you can find and, from it, you can use a lot of your favorite RPG characters.

The world is interesting and unique. In order to champion the game, you must visit all sorts of locations and places across the Beard-men world. Starting from the Pig-lands to the Nosey Mountains and the depth of the sea. Each setting is unique and is sure to hold items of importance. Only when you visit all of these locations can you master the game. There are three main RPG characters that are warriors in the game. Knights, Wizards and Handsomes each serve a different purpose and have different abilities and power levels which can be used to your advantage if properly thought!

Before the game starts each player has a tower at their end which needs to be defended by the army you have picked. Each player gets a chance to tap the screen and there are three different stones or as the game calls them ‘runes’ that you need to tap and collect. The three stones are blue, green and purple in color.

Now comes the interesting part, only a combination of these stones that you have collected can help you pick your warriors, when you have the combination of these runes you can summon your warriors by tapping on the lower left screen and without a moment’s delay, they are going to charge in the battlefield to take out your enemies and their towers. A specific set of Runes also allows you to cast deadly spells on your opponents which can take them out instantly. There are various quests and adventures within the game, make sure you play across every aspect of the game as it might always bring to you something.

So here are some tips that will surely get you across difficult situations in Beardmen.

1. Carefully Tap For Stones

Some might think that this game is all about tapping and tapping, well that’s not the case. There are three different colored stones and each of them holds importance. It’s better to keep your eyes peeled while tapping for these stones and equally maintaining the number of stones that you have as each stone is important in its own way and unlocks a different warrior with different combinations.

2. Tapping The Boost Buttons

To collect these Runes more effectively be sure to look out for the Bomb or Lightning Buttons while tapping for the runes. When these are pressed they create a drastic effect and you will be able to collect more runes in less time. However, sometimes that may not be in your favor as you might require other runes for other purposes.

3. Upgrade Your Team

When you win battles, you get points and money. Using these points and money can be essential to upgrade your team. You should always be on the look for an upgrade for your assault party because as you progress in the game more vicious and dangerous enemies start to come.

4. Pay Attention To In-Game Tips

Beardmen is not just a simple tapping game, despite the playful and friendly tone of the game it involves strategy and mind up to a particular degree. When you start the game be sure to follow all the tips and instructions that the game is providing because there are a handful of those provided which will be sure to come in handy in future endeavors.

5. Earn Rewards, Here’s How

Be sure to share your progress and other events that the game tells you to on Facebook. By doing so you can easily earn rewards which will come in handy later. Whenever you level up the game offers different rewards, be sure to check and collect these rewards regularly as these can be the difference for you against your enemies.

6. Pick Your Team Wisely

Whenever you’re in pursuit of a battle, pick your assault party cleverly. And send them in according to their power levels, sending in strong warriors against strong warriors with the support of some weaker warriors can get the job done quicker. Because your enemies’ focus will be on the stronger warrior and small hits from weaker warriors can help weaken the stronger warrior.

Whenever choosing for warriors from your assault party, make sure to press and hold against the thumbnails of these warriors to learn their skills and triumphs. This will give you a better idea on who to use and when to use these warriors for your adventures.

7. Go On Raids

Want to build your own shipyard and forge system? First, you’ll have to go on raids with these warriors and fight against numerous enemies. When you’re done with these enemies you find particular scrolls and books which will enable you to create your own shipyard and forge your weaponry.

That’s all you need to know in order to suceed in Beardmen. In case you have additional tips or tricks to share, don’t hesitate to drop us a line below in the comment section!