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I Became A Dog Walkthrough: A Guide to All the Five Possible Endings

If you’re not familiar with We Like Games’ new Android and iOS game I Became a Dog, you might as well check it out now, on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, as it’s one of the more interesting new titles we’ve tried out so far in recent weeks. As we had previously explained, the backstory here is that you are a human who had gotten extremely drunk one night, and woke up the next morning as a dog. Your goal is to learn new tricks (like dogs are supposed to do), and work your way toward becoming a human being once again. It’s an innovative game in terms of its mechanics, and it also comes with five unique endings, depending on the choices you make while playing.

Speaking of the game’s endings, that’s one thing we wanted to focus on as we continue featuring it and talking you through how to play it. How can you achieve those endings, and what’s in it for you in each of those five endings? Read on, as we shall be looking at all the endings in our new I Became a Dog walkthrough, including the exact steps you need to follow in order to get there. Be warned, because this guide includes spoilers! (We will notify you accordingly, however, since we know most of you want to know how to get to the ending in the first place.)

One general tip before we begin — make sure you’re watching all the ads, as that doesn’t just help the developers out, but also unlocks all the hints that will help you out further in achieving all five endings in the game.

Ending #1

First of all, play through the game until you’re at the point where you’re completing tasks for Tomy, the dog whom you’ll normally find on the pink rug. She will ask you to use the gas can and the oil hose, then gather oil from the toilet, which you will then give to her. Once you’ve completed all the tasks given to you by Tomy, she will reward you with a gift. Keep talking to her until she’s ready to give the gift, then accept it. If you refused the gift the first time, you can also opt to have her give the gift to James, the other dog. There is another way to get to this ending, and that’s to play for the fifth ending, and stand still as Julia begins to chase you.

SPOILER: Either way, the outcome here is death. By following the first set of steps, you will be given a toy as a reward, but it’s actually a trap, as it’s going to blow up on you. The second method for achieving this ending is also fatal, as Julia will run toward you and kill you if you just stand there, doing nothing.

Ending #2

We’d say it was rather challenging to figure out what to do to get the second ending in the game. The clues to reaching this ending did require a bit of critical thinking, but we did get it figured out, and we’ll be walking you through them below.

First off, complete all of the tasks that Tomy gives you, but once you give her the oil, you’ll want to move on to Julia, the imprisoned dog. Julia will ask you to break her out of her cell, and in order to do this, you’ll need to get the jail key from underneath of Tomy. You can wait for food to be served, or you could expedite this by barking for food. That’s going to distract Tomy a bit, and buy you some time to get the key. While Tomy is eating, go sneak underneath the pink rug and keep tapping until you get the jail key.

SPOILER: Once you and Julia confront Tomy, she and James will lock you up in the cell, and that’s why this ending is called the “Imprisonment” ending.

Ending #3

The main thing with this ending is that you need to make sure your speed is one level below the maximum. At this point, you may or may not have been offered to completely max out your speed, and if Sony, the jumping dog, asks you if you want to max speed out, refuse the offer. Now if you’ve already maxed speed out, you can talk to Sony, and ask him if you can increase your speed even more. He will inform you that you’re already at full speed, and will ask you if you want to move it down a notch. That’s where you can accept his offer to get to where you want to be to achieve this ending. After that, do all of Tomy’s quests, and refuse her gift twice, once for you, and once for James. (That’s going to allow her to kill James, by the way.)

Follow the above-mentioned steps when trying to get the prison key, talk to Julia, springer out of jail, and put Tomy behind bars. After that, get the bedroom key, head to the bedroom, then bark three times by, well, tapping on Bark three times consecutively.

Once your owner wakes up, he’s going to run away, and you won’t get to catch him, as he’ll end up locking himself inside. Sony will reappear, and Julia will try to run after you. Head back to the prison and bark, as that will allow Julia to run inside and get the food. With Julia distracted, run to the computer, enter the code on the computer (4-7-6-3) to shut the door, and talk to Sony.

SPOILER: The reason this ending is called “It’s All Mine” is because all the food will be yours after you’ve shut the door to the prison. No, you won’t be turned human through this ending, but hey, at least you’ve got a lot to munch on as you enjoy your canine life, right?

Ending #4

Play through the entire game, and ask Sony to max out your speed. As Sony is a jumping dog, stop him from jumping, then help him out. Do all the quests for Tomy, then refuse her gift so she could give it to James, effectively killing him. Break Julia out of jail, and lock Tomy up in there. This will give you a chance to go to the bedroom, talk to your owner, complete the Bugs quest (it’s possible to get 500 bugs from Julia just by talking to her) and wake him up by hitting the Bark button three times. That will prompt him to run away, but this time, you’ll be able to run after him due to the fact that your speed is already maxed out. Kiss your owner and move on to the Spoiler portion, as you probably know what’s going to happen next.

SPOILER: Once you kiss your owner, you’ll become human again, and so will Sony. But there a few other things you should do, such as tapping on all of the dogs in the rooms, dead or alive. Next, collect a total of $10 from the various portions of the house — $6 in the closet in the bedroom, $1 in the book case in the computer room, and $3 in one of the shelves located in the warehouse. Talk to the old man once you’ve collected all $10, and Sony (who appears as an old man) will teach you how to speak human again. Next, talk to your wife and she’ll kick you out of the house. As you can see, being human again doesn’t sound like such a good idea after all.

Ending #5

For our final ending, the first thing you’ll want to do is to play through until you meet Sony and have him max out your speed. But this time, let him keep on jumping. Turn down Tomy’s gift, and let her give the gift to James so she can kill him. Spring Julia out of jail, lock Tony up, and go to the bedroom. Once again, bark three times to wake up the owner. Watch as he runs away, then chase after him while running at full speed. Kiss him, and you’ll transform back into human form. But since you didn’t save Sony earlier, you will still be speaking dog, and there won’t be anyone to teach you how to speak human again.

SPOILER: Once your wife sees you, she will again be furious at you for getting drunk and disappearing, though as you know by this point, you didn’t actually disappear — you became a dog. Kiss the dog so you can transform back into canine form, then go to your wife. She will then forgive you, feed you, and love you forever. It’s a rather strange way of making nice with your significant other, but this is, for what it’s worth, the “Happy Ending” of I Became a Dog. You will, at the end of the day, remain a dog, but at least it won’t be as stressful as your human life presumably was.


Friday 16th of October 2020

Thank u. I just wanted to know all the endings and how to get there, the only one I got so far was number 1. At this point however, I'm gonna delete the app.


Tuesday 7th of April 2020

This really helped me. UwU >~:3


Tuesday 7th of April 2020

I can relate with u. Also whats with the mad-ish face?


Saturday 25th of January 2020

yay tysm for all ur help :3