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I Became A Dog Walkthrough: A Guide to All the Five Possible Endings

If you have played more video games than what you can count like most of us here at Level Winner, looking at a game’s icon and title, browsing through its screenshots, or watching a brief gameplay video about any game would naturally make you compare it with one or even several games you played before. Limiting it to games within the mobile gaming industry, it has become pretty rare for you to find a game that is simply unlike any game you have played before.

i became a dog eat

I Became A Dog is a story-driven puzzle adventure from We Like Games that has become very successful since its launch in 2017 and has already spawned 2 sequels. I Became A Dog sets you in the role of a guy who has been mysteriously transformed into a dog. Remembering only a fraction of your memories, you embark on an adventure like no other as one of the canines residing in your home. Interacting with other dogs, solving puzzles, and collecting bugs now become the most common activities in your new life.

With a rather cute and vibrant pixel art style, I Became A Dog will seem like a game more suitable for younger audiences. However, as you take each new step towards finding a way to return to your previous life, the fragments of the story you uncover will make you realize just how dark a tale about dogs can be. The story certainly isn’t told in a linear and conventional approach but you should be able to piece it together especially after achieving multiple endings.

i became a dog technique

I Became A Dog has 5 different story endings to reach, which depend on the decisions you make in your life as a canine. Given that this guide is a walkthrough, you can expect all possible spoilers moving forward, obviating the need to place spoiler alerts beyond this point. If you have yet to jump into the world that awaits you in I Became A Dog, we recommend that you try to explore it on your own first and consult our walkthrough or any other guide after obtaining any of the 5 endings.

If you have already played and uncovered at least one of the endings or prefer to go on your first dive into I Became A Dog following a walkthrough, then proceed with our guide. Just to give you a gist of what to expect with every ending, we will provide a brief description of each one.

The Five Endings

Ending #1: Death – As the title implies, this ending will be a bad one considering that you will die and end your story prematurely. In this ending, though, you will either die on your own or with another one of your fellow housemates.

Ending #2: Imprisonment – This one may not be as tragic as the first one but is still a sad way to finish your story. You will wind up in a cage with Julia in the basement jail after James and Tomy escort you there.

Ending #3: It’s All Mine – We can’t decide on whether to consider this a good ending or a bad one. For starters, you will never be human again in this ending but will somehow be overcome by greed as far as having all the dog food to yourself is concerned.

Ending #4: Back To Human – this is the ending considered to be the true one as your main goal in the game is to become human again. Without a guide on your first playthrough, this is perhaps the most challenging ending to achieve.

i became a dog endings

Ending #5: Happy Ending – Although the title of this ending may yield arguments as to whether it is the best ending or not, you will also end up as a dog in this one. You will become human towards the end of your story but will ultimately decide to live the rest of your life as a dog.

We will be focusing on Ending #4, Back to Human, which we consider the true ending but we will also provide details on how to get the other 4 endings every step of the way. Before we start the actual story walkthrough, let us introduce first the cast of characters in the story.


You – as the main protagonist in the game, you will be taking control of the brown dog with glittery eyes and blushing cheeks for the most part or the entirety of your adventure, depending on which path you take. You play as an adult and in human form and seem to have a bit of a drinking problem.

i became a dog you

Sony – the gray dog with white ears, eyebrows, and whiskers. He is made to appear old and wise although he constantly jumps on the blue mat in the living room. Sony will be your go-to guy for training to learn some skills and buffs to make your life easier.

i became a dog sony

Tomy – appears to be the main antagonist in the game and was the owner’s favorite dog. She has a mix of flesh and cream-colored fur and she mostly sits on a pink throw pillow with heart symbols on it. Being a favorite seems to have made her a bit of a spoiled pet and has her way to get things going in her favor.

i became a dog tomy

James – is the owner’s first dog and while appears to be rather antagonistic towards you as the new dog, is very loyal to his owner. James is a white dog with black ears and is consistently guarding his owner’s bedroom.

i became a dog james

Julia – has dark brown fluffy fur and will be initially seen locked up in the basement. Julia and Tomy will appear as mortal enemies and your decisions around interacting with them play a vital role in how the story goes.

i became a dog julia

Chris – his appearance will forever be a mystery as he never leaves his dog house close to the kitchen. Chris seems to be a loner and does not even eat with the rest of the dogs. He will quickly reveals that he loves mice and gives the impression that it’s all he wants to eat. While strange, he is a supportive dog that can be a source of important information as well.

i became a dog chris

Old World, New You

You start off waking up not remembering much about previous events save for getting drunk before falling asleep the day before. Though your head hurts, you realize that you have become a dog but need to come to your senses and look around. Thinking that you need to find a way to turn back to being human again, your initial goal is to be able to communicate with the other dogs who reside with you.

i became a dog head

Waking up at around the center of the living room, you can easily spot James above you patrolling in front of the bedroom’s door; Sony to your right who ceaselessly jumps on the blue mat; and Tomy to your left, resting on her pink cushion. Heading towards the left side of the house leads you to the kitchen and before reaching it, you can see Chris’ eyes and teeth while he is inside his dog house.

i became a dog talking

There are numerous items to interact with around the house but most of them are triggered by certain progressions in your adventure. Interacting with the other dogs will initially yield largely woofs in place of words that make sense to you as you are unfamiliar with the canine lingo for now. The only dog to make complete sense is Sony, who is not a pet in the household but rather a neighbor’s dog. As such, you will largely interact with him first.

i became a dog household

As you catch Sony jumping over and over on the blue mat, he tells you that he was once human too and that jumping a hundred million times will turn him back to human again. Sony will likewise enlighten you as to why you cannot understand the other dogs and advises you to eat more dog food to understand the other dogs better.

i became a dog language level

Dog food is served once every 3 minutes or so in a random location within the living room. Every time dog food is served, it is in a single bowl available for all 4 of you to share so getting to it fast and eating more is important. As you eat, your language meter fills up and a new language level is reached with each filled meter. With each new level, you will notice more “woofs” in another dog’s speech become words that you can make sense of.

i became a dog woof woof

Beyond eating dog food to keep improving your language level, you will also notice bugs traveling in random locations around the house. The bugs, as disgusting as it is, serve as a currency for the dogs and you would want to collect as many bugs as you can as it is needed to make progress in the game. It will certainly be a challenge to try and catch bugs as a beginner especially given your walking speed and the randomness of their paths and appearances. Soon enough, though, you will gain the ability to attract bugs directly to you and it will become very easy to amass large numbers of them.

i became a dog level up

Conversing with Sony again, he will offer to teach you how to bark in exchange for 10 bugs. Barking will instantly have your owner serve dog food and this will tremendously boost leveling up your language. Like the regular dog food being served, though, this will still be placed in a random location within the living room. As such, situating yourself at the center of the living room, where your new life started, is advisable.

i became a dog bugs

You have a maximum of 5 charges stacked to your barking ability and 1 charge is replenished every minute as can be seen by the cooldown indicator within the bark button. If your barking ability is completely exhausted, you can opt to play a 5 to 30-second video ad to fully replenish all 5 charges.

i became a dog barking

As an added tip, you should strategically position yourself when eating whenever possible. It sounds greedy but whenever the food bowl is served, all other dogs will travel to it in a strictly linear fashion. In some cases, you can block off 1 or 2 other dogs from sharing a meal with you, resulting in you and just one other dog sharing the meal and ultimately enabling you to eat more and fill up your language meter at a much faster rate.

i became a dog food bowl

The First Favor

Once you have eaten enough dog food and can fully understand what Tomy is saying, she will ask to be your friend and immediately ask you to do a favor for her. Although you can opt to do it later instead of responding in the affirmative immediately, completing the task is required to progress the story. Tomy will ask you to get a rubber duck toy in the bathroom. As you come near her, you will occasionally see Julia in the room behind telling you not to trust Tomy although, depending on your language level, may take a while to completely figure out.

i became a dog trust

The bathroom is locked at this point and you will need to find the key for it. At the same time at this point in your adventure, you can approach Sony and he will teach you a skill in exchange for recommending the game to your friends. Saying “Yes” is actually all you need to do for Sony to teach you a new skill but if you have enjoyed the game so far, then there is no reason for you not to fulfill your end of the promise.

i became a dog say yes

Sony will teach you the fart skill, which is very important in gathering bugs. It works much like the bark ability in terms of charges and cooldowns but each fart has a lasting effect of 10 seconds. When you fart, bugs will home in on where you are and you will continue to amass bugs even if you are moving or eating within the 10-second time frame. Although it is possible to earn bugs without it, having this ability lets you earn bugs more than 10 times faster.

i became a dog talking to chris

One trick we learned is that it is best to use farts consecutively rather than intermittently. After the fart effect wears off, there will still be plenty of bugs around although not that attracted to you anymore. Instead of going straight at you when the effect is active, they will actually swerve and avoid you. While these bugs are still around, using a fart will have them go to you and increase the period you are attracting bugs. When you first use a fart, it can take a while before they start pouring in.

Going back to the story, if you have yet to speak with Chris and at the same time fully understand him, talking to him reveals that he loves mice. He narrates how he does not share meals with the rest of the dogs and just keeps to himself in his dog house. It would seem that he only eats mice so you kind of get the idea that you need to give him one.

i became a dog useful information

James will mostly be annoying to speak with as he is either rude to you or somewhat dominating. If you speak to him and fully understand what he says, he will ask you to give him 100 bugs in exchange for a special gift. If you agree and give him 100 bugs, he will give you a mouse. It is gross but you would want to take it not for yourself but for Chris who is very hungry and will only eat mice.

i became a dog 100 bugs

After giving the mouse to Chris, he will share a secret with you. He will narrate how he saw James hide the bathroom key in the kitchen sink. Even if you have yet to visit the kitchen at this point, the house in I Became A Dog is fairly small, so finding the sink and tapping on it is easy to do.

i became a dog bathroom key

With the key in your inventory, you can now open the bathroom. Inside it, you will see the rubber duck floating in the bathtub, but you won’t be able to get it just yet as you are afraid of drowning. At this point, you can also inspect the toilet bowl and discover that there is oil in it. It certainly is weird but you are a man who magically turned into a dog so do not be surprised by everything else in the story.

i became a dog toy

Your next task is to collect 300 bugs and talk to Sony as he can teach you swimming skills for the said amount of bugs. Once you have learned how to swim you can now fetch the rubber duck and hand it over to Tomy who will thank you for it.

i became a dog grateful tomy

The Second Favor

This starts the critical part of the story where your actions and decisions can impact how your adventure will be shaped moving forward. If you speak with Tomy after completing her first request, she will eventually ask you for another favor. She will say that one of the dogs pushed her while eating and she sustained injuries requiring some medicine. The medicine, however, is locked inside the warehouse so your quest is aimed at unlocking it.

i became a dog work

Once you have accepted to do a second favor for Tomy, speaking with Sony will reveal the importance of having more speed and he will start to offer you a speed boost in exchange for 200 bugs. A Speed upgrade can be purchased up to five times and subsequent requests for it will trigger an offer to reduce speed instead.

i became a dog speed

It is important to keep in mind that you can only purchase speed upgrades from Sony before completing the second favor as he will no longer offer it past this section of the story. Speed upgrades do not affect both the first and second endings. You must not have the maximum speed to reach ending #3 and must have it maxed to reach ending #s 4 and 5. With the powers of a fart by your side, or behind, it will be easy to rack up 1,000 bugs for maximum speed or even score an extra 200 for a speed downgrade before completing the second favor.

i became a dog highest speed level

If you speak with Chris at this point in the story, he will offer to part with a DVD in exchange for 500 bugs. After grinding a bit for 500 bugs and exchanging it for Chris’ DVD, you can interact with the DVD player just in front of your owner’s bedroom beside James. The TV in front of you will reveal the code “***3”, which is a 4-digit code where you need to determine the first 3 digits.

i became a dog dvd player

If you return to Chris’ doghouse, he will no longer be there and you will be able to go inside it to discover a hidden tunnel that he dug up behind. Move up and then turn right within the secret path and you will find Chris at the end of it. Surprised that you discovered his little secret, Chris will ask you not to share your discovery with anyone else. As an advanced token of gratitude for you to keep the secret tunnel a secret, he will give you the key to the study room.

i became a dog key

The study room is just below where Tomy sits and now that you have the key for it, you can enter it. Once inside, interacting with the computer will require you to key in the 4-digit code. The code is “4-7-6-3”. If you are wondering where the rest of the number clues were obtained, we will reveal them as well.

i became a dog study room

The number 4 can be seen on the Study Room Key if you view it in your inventory. You can see the number 7 pinned on the fridge door. Although the number 9 is right on top of the table where you are typing in the code, interacting with it will hint at the number being in reverse. The number 3, of course, is what is revealed when you play Chris’ DVD.

i became a dog fridge

After keying in the correct code, the cabinet on the left side of the study room will slide, revealing a secret entrance to the basement cage where Julia is locked away in. You can see and speak with Julia for the first time. She will tell you that all she wants is to be reunited with her puppy and that she will hand you the warehouse key if you help her make her wish come true. After finishing your conversation with Julia, you can also inspect the gasoline container towards the left of the jail cell and pick it up for later use.

i became a dog cage

After exiting the basement as well as the study room, you should head on towards Chris who is once again back at his dog house. Chris will narrate the dark and gritty tale of how Tomy murdered Julia’s puppy after attesting that he witnessed the entire event. Chris revealed that Tomy wanted all the food to herself and so she bit ad mangled the pup and hid its lifeless body in the flower pot in the kitchen.

This does not just serve as an enlightenment as to why Julia was being aggressive towards Tomy and how she wound up being placed by the owner in the basement jail. This serves as the underlying reason as well why Chris no longer wants to share everyone’s food and instead chose to alienate himself from the other dogs.

i became a dog incident

If you visited the flower pot in the kitchen and interacted with it earlier, you would think that the flower seemed weird. After hearing Chris’ rather disturbing tale about the other dogs and the poor puppy, however, interacting with the flower pot will unveil the lifeless body of Julia’s puppy tucked inside of it.

i became a dog flowerpot

As you take the dead puppy and bring it over to Julia, she will hand you the warehouse key and you can finally enter it to get the medicine that Tomy has asked for. The warehouse is just below the dining area and the medicine bottle isn’t a challenge at all to find. After entering the warehouse, simply head left and you will notice the white bottle with a red cross on it. After interacting with it, you will notice that the medicine bottle is heavier than how it should weigh and start to wonder what is inside the bottle.

i became a dog medicine

Before handing the medicine bottle to Tomy, this is the last opportunity for you to upgrade your speed with Sony depending on the endings you are aiming for. As we are targeting the fourth ending in this walkthrough, be sure that your speed is already maxed out before you interact with Tomy. If you are in doubt, you can converse with Sony and ask for a speed upgrade. He will inform you if you have already reached max speed and even offer a downgrade.

After giving the medicine to Tomy, she will tell you that you are the only one she can turn to and will soon after ask you for a third and final favor.

i became a dog only one

The Third Favor

After fulfilling Tomy’s second favor, speaking to Sony again will be different. This time, Sony tells you that he cannot stop jumping and that he is about to die. He needs your help to be able to stop jumping and this instance is yet again a decision point for 2 of the game’s endings. What happens to Sony here and whether or not he survives will not affect endings 1, 2, and 3. You will have to choose to ignore helping Sony to achieve ending #5 and will decide otherwise for ending #4, which is why we should save him here.

i became a dog help

We can now proceed to speak with Tomy about her third and final request, which is to get the oil from the toilet bowl. If you remember earlier, you could grab the oil can inside the basement next to Julia’s jail. You still need something to get the oil from the toilet bowl into the container.

Coincidentally, speaking to James at this point will show his concern relative to how you have become closer to Tomy. It is revealed that he has a crush on her and is planning to propose to her using 1,000 bugs. Weirdly enough, he asks for you to collect 1,000 bugs for him and once you give him what he asks, he will reward you with an oil pump.

becoming closer to tomy in i became a dog

With the gas container and oil pump in your inventory, you can now pay a third visit to the restroom and use them to get the oil and finally fulfill Tomy’s third and final request. After giving the oil to Tomy, it will take a bit of time before she can finish the gift she is making with it. This is once again a crucial decision point in the game that sets ending #2 apart from the rest of the other endings.

i became a dog oil

You can also speak with James again as he sort of confides with you that he is nervous about proposing to Tomy. More importantly, though, you will need to speak with Julia who will ask you to set her free. To free Julia, you will need to interact with Tomy’s cushion and get the prison key.

To be able to do it, however, you will need to get it while Tomy is away and the only way to do that is while she is eating. You can wait for the regular meal time or use your bark ability to trigger a meal time. Once Tomy starts moving towards the food bowl, you can easily snatch the prison key.

i became a dog jail key

Ending #2 requires that you free Julia before Tomy finishes her gift while you will need Tomy to finish her masterpiece before you set Julia free in all other endings. If you free Julia before Tomy finishes her gift, both of you will confront Tomy and try to put her in jail. However, James will defend her and put the both of you in jail instead and they will go on a date afterward.

If you let Tomy finish her project, you will discover that it is a new toy that she would want you to have. You will have to converse with her 3 times before she offers the gift to you. If you accept it right away, it will blow up and kill you instantly, resulting in ending #1. Refusing it will result in her asking you to bring the gift to James instead. If you agree to bring the new toy to James, it will explode killing both of you, and also yielding ending #1.

i became a dog new toy

Back To Human

Although our walkthrough is targeting ending #4, which is the true ending, we have gone through all the steps to reach endings #1 and #2. To reach ending #4, you have to refuse Tomy’s gift so that she will bring it herself to James. As a result, the gift will explode killing James, leaving no one to come in Tomy’s defense after you free Julia from prison. Remember as well that we opted to go with the max speed in this run as well as saved Sony’s life before proceeding with Tomy’s third favor.

i became a dog gift

After snatching the prison key from Tomy’s cushion, you can head to the basement prison and set Julia free. Together, the both of you will confront Tomy and escort her to the prison. Although Tomy will beg the both of you to set her free, there will be no options for that and Julia will now be sitting on Tomy’s cushion and you will now be finally able to enter the owner’s bedroom, following James’ demise.

i became a dog forgiveness

Inside the bedroom, you will see the owner fast asleep and you will need to make some noise to wake him up. Barking 3 times at his bedside will do the trick and he will wake up dazed and confused as you were at the start of the story.

i became a dog wake up

The owner will say that he might remember what happened if he eats 1,500 bugs and this will serve as your final grind for bugs. Although you can still quickly amass the required number of bugs, you can also approach Julia and she will give you 500 bugs or her entire fortune as a thank you for setting her free.

i became a dog 500 bugs

After eating the bugs, the owner will remember that he was brought to the house a day ago as your new dog and that you kissed him while you were drunk, leading to the both of you switching bodies. However, he decided that he does not want to become a dog again and decided to run away around the house.

i became a dog owner

Following a few seconds of chasing him around, he will give up and agree to kiss you so you can switch bodies back. This is all thanks to your max speed. Without it, you will never be able to catch the owner and be stuck as a dog forever.

After the owner runs away, talking to Julia will hint at her wanting to hurt you so you will have to lure her with food to the jail cell and keep her there with Tomy, using the 4763 code once again to close the basement. This leads to ending #3 where you become greedy and have no other dog to share all the food with.

i became a dog surrender

After catching the owner and switching back bodies with him, you will need to interact with each of the dogs to continue. You, as the owner, will finally provide some background on each dog, as well as rationalize why they behave as such. Yes, this includes interacting with James’ carcass as well.

i became a dog cutest dog

After you interact with Tomy, Julia, James, and Chris, an old man who is your neighbor will come to visit you. It is made to be apparent that this is Sony in his human form, who will congratulate you for successfully becoming human again as well. For the last task, however, the old man will ask you for $10 as a fee for learning how to speak the human language again.

i became a dog human language

The cabinet in your bedroom holds $6. You can get $1 from the bookshelf in the study room and another $3 from the lowest cabinet in the warehouse. With $10, you can finally pay the old man his fee and learn how to speak the human language once again.

i became a dog 3 bucks

After the old man leaves, your wife will arrive. You will instantly realize that she has been the one feeding you and the rest of the dogs all this time but she will also relentlessly nag you about being drunk and how you drive her nuts. Your wife will insist that you leave the house and tells you that she does not want to see you again. After pondering on the thought of how miserable your married life is, you decide to leave the house and go for another drinking adventure and this is how to reach ending #4.

i became a dog get lost

Helping Sony so that he will live is what separates ending #4 from ending #5. If Sony is not around towards the end of the game, then you will never learn how to speak the human language again. As the ultimate effect of not being able to speak the human language, the only option for you is to switch back with your dog again and live happily eating dog food for the rest of your days.

Reaching the true ending or any ending at all may be fulfilling enough for some players but I Became A Dog certainly makes it rewarding enough to play through all the other endings. For one, your farting ability will be improved with each new restart and you get to keep your bugs, speed, and language level in every replay.

Well, that covers everything we have for you on our I Became A Dog Walkthrough and we hope that it has been comprehensive enough to ensure that you bag all 5 endings with relative ease. If you feel that there is something we missed or if you want to share your experiences with this unique adventure, do not hesitate to message us in the comment section below!


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