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Battlepalooza Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate the Battle Arena

Battlepalooza is nWay Inc.’s latest game for mobile battle royale enthusiasts. Besides Battlepalooza, nWay’s roster of mobile games include Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, WWE Undefeated, and ChronoBlade. Each game falls within the action genre and enjoys largely positive average user review ratings.

There are currently a plethora of battle royale games not just on mobile, but other gaming platforms as well. Battlepalooza deviates from the usual first or third person perspective and goes for an isometric perspective instead. The contenders in each match can be anywhere from 6 to 24 players, with squads having 3 members each.

Battlepalooza currently sports 9 characters to unlock and upgrade, each with his or her own unique skills. There are plenty of guns and gears to collect and upgrade as well. While fast reflexes and reaction times matter in every bout, strategy begins before each match, as you mix and match the best weapons and gears on your favorite character. Strategies go deeper as you play with different team mates and go against different teams as well, promising that no 2 matches will provide the same experience.

battlepalooza strategies

The game features unique mechanics that even experienced battle royale players may take some time getting used to but the overall combination of controls, interface, and game mechanics are straightforward enough for everyone to pick up with relative ease. There is a quick tutorial that walks you through the basic controls and objectives and within a couple of minutes, you will find yourself in a real match with other players.

Overall, the core aspects of Battlepalooza, as well as the controls, are easy to pick up, making it easily enjoyable even for total beginners in the genre. Strategy development, however, is a continuous process and should be malleable enough to adjust to various conditions.

If you have just started diving into the game and want to fast-track your learning session, or if you are looking for efficient ways to up your battle rating and outwit your enemies effectively, then read our Battlepalooza guide below!

1. Get To Know Each Character, Weapon And Item

Battlepalooza currently showcases 9 different characters, 8 unique guns, and 20 different items to equip on your fighter in the arena. Although it will certainly take a while for you to unlock each one, it does not prevent you from peeking into what each one can do and how the weapons and items will suit your chosen character.

There are plenty of free ways to purchase or obtain boxes that contains power orbs to unlock everything and while the gacha approach towards obtaining various items depend on luck, the shop does have daily deals to help you focus on the hero, weapon, and items you need to focus on.

It certainly helps to be able to unlock everything and take them for a spin in an actual fight, but for purposes of gathering information, do spend some time to read through each one’s description. You can access your heroes, weapons, and items through your inventory, which you can access via its icon at the left side of the main screen.

battlepalooza characters

With regard to each hero, there are 3 basic stats to look into: HP, speed, and energy. HP relates to defense or toughness, energy is required for using abilities, and speed is all about movement speed.

Beyond the status, look into the skill tab and features of each character at the bottom right of their page as well. These relate to passive skills that can apply in combat, giving each hero a unique feel and play style regardless of what weapon and items you choose to equip them with.

Like the heroes themselves, the main weapon you can equip also comes with unique traits and features. You can only equip 1 weapon at a time but the distinction across each type should make it fairly easy for you to pick your favorite. There are also 3 items you can carry and use in each match.

The 3 most basic ones will be unlocked right from the start but you can soon obtain other items as you make progress. The variety of effects items can provide range from dealing extra damage, to defending, and even healing and buffing. It is best to test each one out as soon as you unlock them but at the very least be familiar with each one through the information they have as well.

For starters, it is important to have good enough knowledge of each hero, weapon, and item for you to be able to decide sooner what to go for. Again, as these are all affected by rarity grades, some will be more challenging to obtain than others. Just the same, having a clear idea of what your end-game build is will save you time and resources in working towards its completion.

battlepalooza shotgun

Another important reason to get to know each hero, weapon, and item is to know how to deal with them when facing them in the arena. Having knowledge of your opponent’s character and weapon can influence your decision on how to engage him or her.

As balanced as each character has been designed to be, along with each unique weapon and item, some are simply bound to perform better against some heroes while somewhat disadvantaged against others. It is important for you to identify how your chosen hero performs against all odds as soon as you can to start performing better in the matches.

2. Familiarize Yourself With The Basics

As Battlepalooza is a unique battle royale game in its own right, there are a lot of basic features and mechanics you should familiarize yourself with as quickly as possible so as to more efficiently curve your performance from complete newbie to a an early intermediate level player. The controls and rules are simple, but if you missed some portions of the tutorial or forgot about some of the lessons, it may take a while for you to realize them entirely on your own.

The buttons for movement, attack, using skills and items, as well as consumables are all easily recognizable. What you need to remember with regard to controls is that for actions that have targets can be initialized using manual targeting or auto targeting. When you simply hold down and release a button, auto target will automatically be enabled. Dragging the button to point it towards your target sets targeting to manual.

You will not be able to choose your starting point in Battlepalooza like in conventional battle royale games. Instead, you will be deployed to a random location ensuring that you have ample time to farm for needed resources to grow stronger before engaging other players. There are unique structures scattered across the battle arena and you will automatically start hacking them once you stand close enough to each one.

Each type drops different items that you need. Vending machines provide experience points and energy potions. Payphones, information booths, and stations drop experience points as well as gold. Bus stops give experience points and life potions as well.

battlepalooza tactics

Note that hacking takes a second or 2 to complete so keep your eyes peeled while hacking away. You are free to move around the special structure or even perform other actions so long as you maintain close distance to the structure you are hacking.

Experience points lead to levelling up your hero and each new level reached earns you a level up point that can be used to unlock and upgrade your items and the hero’s special skill. The hero’s unique skill can only be unlocked at level 6 and each action option can be upgraded to level 3.

A good enough level of familiarity with your hero and set weapons and items should give you an idea which of the action options need to be upgraded first. Unlocking each one should be the priority in every case, though.

As Battlepalooza’s own version of the bombardment or radiated zone that shrinks the safe area within the battle arena, there is a magnetic field that slowly eats away at the map until only a small radius is left to more aggressively pit players against one another. The safe zone shrinks every minute and staying outside of it deals continuous damage to you equal to 7% of your hero’s HP each second. As fewer players are left standing in the arena, the magnetic field’s effect becomes more intense.

Naturally, the objective is to be the last person or team standing. While you will still earn account XP, keys, and trophies at the end of each match, you gain more gold with every kill you make as you take the defeated hero’s gold. When changing game modes, you can choose between a normal battle royale, which is the default game mode, and a private battle royale that you can enjoy with friends.

Under the normal battle royale, you should click on it to change whether you want to go in solo, duo, or a full squad. Queueing will be different for each selection.

3. Focus Upgrades On 1 Hero, Weapon, And Set Of Items First

While it is important to get to know and even take as many heroes, weapons, and items out for a field test, upgrading each one should be based on a different strategy. Heroes, weapons, and items can all be upgraded and you will need gold as well as specific power orbs of the item you want to upgrade. As these resources are limited, it is best to focus your efforts and resources on a single hero first, along with a top favorite weapon and 3 items you always enjoy taking along.

Although this can be a challenge for beginners earlier as some of the heroes or items you want may still be unavailable for you, settling for the next best choices is a viable option. It is well understood that the gacha system of acquiring new heroes, weapons, and items as well as securing additional power orbs for the ones you want to upgrade are largely reliant on luck, remember that there are specific items you can purchase from the shop’s daily deals.

battlepalooza upgrades

With this in mind, it becomes logical to save your gold even if you have enough power orbs to upgrade some of the heroes and items that you have but will not extensively use.

Every bit of upgrade you perform on a hero, weapon, or item, increases its stats. To some extent, this is what newer players feel gives more experienced players a tremendous advantage. While upgrades do provide stat boosts, it would actually take several upgrades to gain some advantage as far as stats are concerned.

Keep in mind that stats, and even faster reflexes do not make up the entirety of what makes a player strong as Battlepalooza is designed to make strategy, whether as a solo participant or a team member, the most important aspect of the game.

4. Consider The Initial Matches As Practice Rounds

Regardless of whether or not you have played countless battle royale games prior to diving into Battlepalooza, you will certainly need time to fully pick up the new strategies needed to dominate each match.

The controls and core mechanics are as simple as they come but the isometric perspective and the “hacking for goods” feature that makes the game unique can render some of your tested strategies variably applicable. As such, you simply cannot expect to simply get to know characters, weapons, and items from reading about them and be straight on your way to the top of the rankings.

battlepalooza match result

As far as numbers are concerned when it comes to familiarizing yourself with each item on the inventory, securing a firm grasp of how the hero, weapons, and items handle and play in the arena takes time. What works well for you as well as what to use against specific opponents and teams can only be fully realized and applied after several immersions in real combat.

Beyond all that, you need to be aptly familiar with the environment itself. Matches in Battlepalooza tend to be a lot quicker than most, if not all, battle royale games and each short-lived match for starters should enable you to map out each arena location enough to incorporate farming and hunting routes as you gain more experience.

Although another unique feature of Battlepalooza is that the arenas you compete in are based on real-world maps, you should still be able to have a semblance of familiarity with each one as you engage in more matches.

5. Use The Environment Strategically

While the battle arenas you engage matches in have their own random elements that contribute to making each match a unique experience, there are fairly consistent aspects of the environment as well to help you strategize better in various situations. By environment, we mean the trees that are scattered across the map and the magnetic field slowly enveloping the battle arena. Strategizing around these two environmental objects can help you gain an advantage over your enemies as well as prevent them from taking advantage of you.

For starters, trees and bushes automatically camouflage players within them, providing a bit of a camping spot, as well as an ambush point against unsuspecting players. Note that some heroes walk slower than others so landing the first blow on them in addition to the element of surprise almost ensures a kill with the right skill combinations.

On the other hand, venturing to farm for resources as well as hunting other players within the battle arena should make you ready for potential ambushes coming from nearby trees. As such, always be in the ready whenever closing in on a shaded area.

battlepalooza environment

Battlepalooza makes it a lot easier for players to avoid the approaching magnetic field. As each player typically starts the match close to the edges of the safe zone, going the opposite direction almost always takes you deeper into areas safe from the perils of being taken out by the magnetic field’s effects.

Although the manner by which the safe zone shrinks is also randomized, a quick tap of the mini map at the upper left corner of your screen can show you where the next safe area will be once it shrinks.

While the magnetic field primarily serves as a danger zone for you to keep away from, it can be a good starting strategy to stay close to it. Doing so leaves you with one less side to keep close tabs on as there are low to zero chances of an opponent popping up behind you from within the magnetic field. Staying too close to it and very strictly, however may deter you from amassing resources you need to stay competitive, so make it a point to balance your movement between the two while you have yet to engage in combat.

6. Know When To Strike And When To Flee

Having a fair amount of information and experience can help you gauge whether you can take on an enemy in a solo fight or not. In the same manner, working with a partner or a squad can often tell you how your team might fare against others depending not just on the combination of heroes you have, but also the relative level of coordination the team has. As much as information and experience does give you an advantage, there are other aspects of the game that can impact your decision on whether to engage or pull back from a fight.

In some cases, you may encounter 2 or more opponents trying to kill one another. In these instances, being late to the party can be an opportunity for a relatively easy kill, especially if the other players are not as attentive to you as compared to one another. Make an attempt to land the finishing blow on any opponent, preferably utilizing one of the many action buttons in your arsenal.

battlepalooza battle strategy

It is highly likely that the remaining opponent would have also suffered some damage and can serve as an added opportunity for you to take them down as well with your remaining cooled down items or skill.

Relative to this, utilizing skill activation, in tandem with properly timing the consumption of your potions can be crucial in every engagement. While fast reflexes when it comes to aiming and activating skills and weapons are important. Ensuring accuracy and mastering timing will often prove to be the more important element.

7. Take Time To Spectate After You Get Eliminated

Being eliminated from a match should not be seen as the end of the learning session especially if you are just starting out. There are a lot of things you can learn from the remaining participants especially the one that managed to eliminate you. Many battle royale games exhibit a spectate mode and given that Battlepalooza has various unique elements, it is best to linger around after being eliminated to check on how the remaining player managed to outlive you.

It does not necessarily mean that all other survivors are better than you as you spectate them. You will come to realize that luck can likewise play a role in your performance as well. While spectating other players, the objective is not just to learn from the more experienced contestants but to also identify simple or careless mistakes made by the other players.

battlepalooza spectating

The kind of immersion you experience as an onlooker can teach you a lot of tactics much like experiencing those scenarios yourself. If reading about each hero’s skills and each weapon and item’s capabilities are informative, then spectating can take all those information to the next level.

It works just as well when you are engaged in a match with a partner or a squad. If by some unfortunate instance you got eliminated ahead of your crewmates, then take the opportunity to stick around and spectate to see how your team is doing without you. Like solo battle royale sessions, spectating teams can help you discover synergistic team combinations and strategies that you may be able to apply on your next team battle.

Likewise, it can be a chance to witness teams that exhibit behavior you know is detrimental to the crew’s performance and you can learn from their mistakes as well.

8. Remember To Claim Rewards And Freebies

There are a lot of instant rewards you can obtain with each match you engage in Battlepalooza. Beyond that, however, there are some extra rewards and freebies you can claim to help hasten your farming and overall progression in the game. Some may require a bit more effort than others but as there are no limits as to how many matches you can engage in on a daily basis, the amount of rewards you can gain as well as the rate of your progression rests largely in your own hands.

Once you are able to freely venture into the different icons on the home screen, be sure to check your inbox that you can access thru the envelope icon at the upper right corner of your screen. The inbox holds notices, events notices, as well as gifts waiting for you to be claimed. Be sure to check on this whenever you see an indicator on the icon as some rewards wound up here as well.

The in-game shop is your go-to place to purchase power orbs, boxes, gems, and skins for your heroes and weapons. Note that even gold as a basic currency has much value here especially relative to daily deals that can helpo you target specific power orbs that you need more of. One of the daily deals will always be free so be sure to claim it once each day.

battlepalooza rewards

Battlepalooza makes it so that every match you engage in has its pay off. Regardless of your performance in a match early on, you will earn trophy points but once you have ranked up a lot and subsequently performed poorly, trophy points may decrease. You can check the current status of your trophy points by clicking on the trophy icon at the upper left side of the screen.

You can also swipe across the various rewards that you can earn once you reach the required number of trophy points for each one. Note that trophy points are good only for the season and your overall performance within the season will be rewarded again at the end of it.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have for Battlepalooza. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of learning points from the topics we discussed and that you enjoyed reading it as well. If you have played Battlepalooza extensively enough and have stumbled upon a useful tip, trick, or strategy in addition to what we have uncovered ourselves, we welcome you to share them with us!