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Battle Odyssey Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Essential Tips You Need to Know

Battle Odyssey is a puzzle-RPG hybrid game from Gameloft and by this you probably know what we mean – it’s a new title that combines Match 3 and role-playing game elements, or two of the most popular mobile gaming genres out there. This title takes place in Pondera, a fantasy world far beyond the ocean (and) lush with magic, but being corrupted by evil, and it’s only your elemental powers that can save Pondera from evil. If you need some help in doing that, we’ve got just what you need in the form of this Battle Odyssey cheats and strategy guide.

1. Don’t Use Your Ability Points Unless You Really Need Them

When you defeat an enemy in Battle Odyssey, that will give you ability points, or AP. You’ll use these points to chain different elements together, and create some impressive combos once you’ve got a lot of AP saved up. So with that in mind, it would always be better if you save up on your AP and don’t use those points unless you really need them. That would mean using your reserve of AP to create combos against particularly tough enemies.

2. Choose Your Leader Wisely

Your crew can have a maximum of five allies in it – four will be your members, and one will serve as the crew leader. Whoever is your leader would be able to power up allies of the same element; an example would be the Sun Knight, whose leadership powers up those with the sun as their element. Then again, you’ll also notice that some allies don’t have leadership skills at all – do not, in any event, promote them to the leader position.

3. Activate Crew Combos

Another thing to remember about crew formation is the crew combo. If you have specific allies on your team, you can activate a crew combo to improve passive skills in the same way leaders do. You’ll have to be familiar with your team composition, and prioritize forming a team where the allies work well when together.

4. Know How The Star System Works

All levels in Battle Odyssey have a star rating system. You get one star for completing the level and nothing else, two stars for beating the level’s boss with your HP above a given percentage, and three stars for completing the level within a given time. Yes, there is a bit of time pressure here, which means you have to work quickly, effectively, and efficiently if you want to have more three-star levels. Make sure to use healing elements in order to keep your health above the specified percentage.

5. Be Familiar With The Elemental Tree

Yes, we’re talking vintage elemental mechanics here, similar to rock-paper-scissors. Fire beats earth, earth beats water, water beats fire, sun and moon defeat each other. If you attack an enemy with the same element or a neutral element, that will result in less damage than usual, but damage nonetheless. Clearly, what you want to do here is attack fire-types with water-types, water-types with earth-types, and so on.