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Century City Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Get More Gold

Pine Entertainment’s Century City is a new mobile game for the iOS platform that is all about mining golds and building up your own Super City. All you need to do here is to keep tapping on the display of your iPhone or iPad, in order to gather money and build your city with the money you earn. You also get to play mini-games within the main game, and these will typically provide you a lot more ways to growth your money. So if you want to be a millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire, and so on, check out the following Century City cheats, tips and tricks for earning more gold.

1. Be Careful In The Mini-Games

No, these aren’t the mini-games you know and love from the Super Mario series – in Century City, some of the mini-games can actually harm, and not help you earn more gold! For example, the mining mini-game is a boom-or-bust situation – if you do well, you can benefit exponentially and get a whole lot more gold, but if you don’t, you could lose a large percentage of the gold you’ve already earned. But if you have gems, you can skip that and other mini-games. You can also skip them by watching a brief in-game ad.

2. Don’t Mine

In fact, we’d suggest that you lay off the mining for the most part. If you’re gunning for an upgrade and trying to raise a lot of money, and you don’t have any gems at your disposal or free ads to watch, it’s best to stop mining. If you’re in the city view you’ll still earn money even if you don’t tap. You’ll also be able to use the helicopter from time to time for some extra gold.

3. Focus On Upgrading

The moment you see an exclamation mark on the Menu button or on the Back to Surface button, that means you can upgrade something, or make a new investment. Don’t hesitate – head to the menu and unlock everything that’s now available to unlock. The mini-games may be deadly stuff, but all upgrades will help you earn money faster.

4. Earn Infinite Amount Of Money, Here’s How

There is a way to earn an infinite amount of money in Century City, and it’s actually quite simple. Provided your investments are making a lot of money, turn off your phone’s auto-sleep option, plug in your device, and let Century City run in city mode. This is best done before you go to bed at night, as you should be waking up to an insane amount of money generated during the several hours you left your game in city mode.

5. Collect Money Offline

You can also earn more money when you’re offline. Look for the icon located above one of the buildings, then tap and hold so you can get a reward. You can also use this technique when unlocking mini-games, but as we warned you above, some of those mini-games have a better chance of making you lose money instead of earning it.


Wednesday 19th of April 2017

My game stuck 100% on zoo. Y have 3 friend for unlock the zoo help pleaze tanks