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Battle Force Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Defeat the Monsters

With its 8-bit graphics, Battle Force does have a certain old-school charm to it. This Ice Fang game is only available for iOS devices as of this writing, but hopefully an Android version will be see the light of day in the neat future as well. This is a game where you can collect heroes, form a team with multiple heroes to fight mysterious monsters, level up their skills and equipment, and come up with tactical battle decisions. It’s an RPG/card battler in terms of genre, and if you’re new to this type of game, we suggest reading these Battle Force cheats, tips and tricks to help you get the hang of things.

1. Enhance Your Cards

There are several ways in which you can enhance the cards you have. For starters, you can go to each card’s skill page and perform some upgrades. You’ll only be spending coins for that, and as you’ll find out, coins are quite easy to earn. You can also enhance your fighters’ equipment, and that’s going to require materials. You can buy materials with coins or gems, or acquire them via drops. Lastly, you can upgrade your cards through additional experience points – that means using them in battle whenever possible, and grinding previously completed levels for XP.

2. Evolve Your Cards

Evolving is different from enhancing, and this process will require you to get the card’s spirit. You can find this in chests, though it is also possible to take a fighter card and sacrifice it, so it turns into the spirit of the card it previously was. If you’ve got enough spirit, you can then use it to evolve a card of the same type (this is important), and add another star to its rarity. Sure, it’s going to go back to Level 1, but an evolved card is invariably better than one that isn’t.

3. Watch Ads To Earn Gems For Free

RPGs typically won’t give you the option to watch ad videos to earn premium currency. Fortunately, Battle Force allows you to; once you hit the Free Gems button in the main screen, a video will appear, giving you five gems once you’re through watching it. Keep repeating this process until you’ve got enough gems for a chest with two to three stars.

4. Keep In Mind That Notification Maintenance Is Important

You should always keep tabs on your notifications, much like you do on your mobile device. These notifications will tell you if you’ve earned coins, gems, cards, spirit, and the like. And since these all can help you succeed in Battle Force, it’s important to clear your notifications regularly to ensure you remain on top of things.

5. Be Connected In Order To Play

Battle Force is one of those games that require you to be online so you can play it, as pointed out by one of the game’s reviewers. So if you’re distracted by the ads and other distractions that come with playing online, think of them as a necessary evil.