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Ball King Tips & Cheats: 6 Tricks to Get a High Score

Ball King is a casual mobile game developed by Qwiboo, and it’s available for both Android and iOS users. There really isn’t much to this game – all you have to do is throw objects through the basket, and the objects in question aren’t just limited to basketballs. You can play in two game modes, and unlock new environments and new objects. Yes, it’s oh so very simple to play, but we’d understand it if you’re grasping at straws and looking for ways to beat your highest score. So read on as we give you a couple of Ball King tips and cheats.

1. Practice Your Aim

Just like you would, when shooting a real basketball, practice makes perfect when it comes to aiming your shot in the right way. Ball King, of course, is not an actual basketball game, and the aiming mechanics are a bit different from real life – no, a lot different. Drag the aiming line in such a way that you’re forming a 45 degree angle to the top left in relation to the hoop. You can tweak your aim once you’ve done that, depending on the situation.

2. Earn Coins The Easy Way, Here’s How

You can watch a free advertisement video after losing a round, and that’s going to gift you with free coins. So how do you earn more coins, and earn them fast? It’s simple – keep on losing rounds, especially in challenge mode, where it is easier to lose. The more you lose, the more ad videos you can watch, and that would mean more coins for you, and more money so that you can buy a new ball…or an object to toss into the hoop.

3. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get More Free Gifts

Another way you can earn free coins is by getting a free gift, which would arrive every now and then. Now if you want to get more free gifts, therefore more free coins, what you’ll need to do is set your device’s time forward to coincide with the time remaining before your next gift, then return to the game. This second cheat can make it very easy for you to rack up an impressive number of coins.

4. Different Objects Don’t Just Look Different

While Ball King is a casual title, there are actual differences in the performance of each ball, or object. Indeed, the difference goes far beyond physical appearance here, as different shapes would react in certain ways when they hit the rim or make their way to the hoop.

5. Take Your Time In Challenge Mode

Challenge mode, as we mentioned, has a higher “mortality rate,” meaning it’s easier to lose in there than it is in time trial mode. As such, you’ll want to take your time to ensure you’re making the best shot possible.

6. Speed Is The Name Of The Game In Time Trials

Conversely, time trials will require you to shoot the ball as quickly as you could, so this is where you have to act quickly, while at the same time having a decent aim at the hoop.