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Puzzle Number 9 Tips & Cheats: 5 Tricks to Top Your Highest Score

Puzzle Number 9 is an iOS puzzle game by Plasmaworks that will have you creating 9’s and combining them together to achieve higher numbers. That sounds easy enough, and the game does have potential to be quite addicting, but it also can be quite hard to master. Puzzles are randomly generated, so that way no two games of yours would be the same as the other, and that means you’ll really need a sound strategy to consistently solve those puzzles and reach higher numbers. We’d like to help you coming up with an effective strategy, so let’s check out our list of Puzzle Number 9 tips, tricks and cheats that you can use in the game.

1. You Can Create 9’s From Smaller Numbers

Just as long as you see the possibility to come up with a 9, go for it, even if it means combining smaller numbers. You can combine three 3’s, or maybe a 2 and a 7, or probably two 2’s and a 5. There is really no limitation to the number of smaller digits you can combine – it’s even possible to combine nine 1’s to come up with the number 9.

2. Match Numbers Side To Side, Up And Down Or Diagonally

Now, that you’ve created a 9, where do you go from there? You would then be allowed to match side to side or up and down, or even make matches diagonally as you combine two multiples of 9, just as long as they’re equal and they’re close to each other.

3. Match An 8 And A 1

This is quite an interesting hint, but it is still something you need to do if possible – match the number 8 with the number 1. That’s going to turn both those numbers into a 9. But if you combine any other numbers with each other, only the last number will turn into a 9, while the other numbers will have 1 added to the previous number – for example, what used to be a 3 will turn into a 4.

4. Play Without Ads

This is a puzzle game with no time limit, but then again, advertisements could throw some players off their focus. If this sounds like you, then simply switch your phone to airplane mode, or turn off your Wi-Fi. You wouldn’t always want to do this, though, as ads are the developer’s main way of making money out of the game.

5. Undoing Previous Moves Is Limited

The good news is that you can undo previous moves in Puzzle Number 9. The bad news, unfortunately, is that there is a limit (25 max) to the number of times you can undo a move, and that the game won’t tell you that once your undo’s are up, you have to spend money to get more. We’re talking real money here, as Puzzle Number 9 doesn’t have any in-game currency. But if you really want to get all those 25 undo’s right back, the only way to do that is to delete Puzzle Number 9 and re-install it.