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Badminton Blitz Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Win More Matches

Badminton Blitz is the latest casual PvP title from 707 Interactive, the same company that brought us the highly acclaimed Ninja’s Creed. Just a week after its release, Badminton Blitz has already amassed more than 500 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store and continues to maintain largely positive reviews from its users.

Just like the other games under 707 Interactive’s current app portfolio, Badminton Blitz holds simple gameplay mechanics that players across ages can easily pick up. No actual expertise in badminton is required, so anyone can simply enjoy matches straight away. The simplicity and straightforwardness of Badminton Blitz’ gameplay is also perfectly matched by its graphics and interface.

badminton blitz victory

As easy as it is to learn how to play Badminton Blitz, however, it takes a lot of time and dedication to master. While the quick tutorial provided gives you all the basics you need to know to play, the strategic part of gameplay and the reflexes you need will come from a series of actual matches. Beyond your avatar having increased stats and better rackets as you make progress in the game, the actual learnings you realize from one match to the next are equally contributory to your progression.

Now, if you find yourself struggling to win matches, then stay with us and read our detailed Badminton Blitz guide, which is packed with tips, tricks and strategies to jumpstart your virtual badminton career!

1. Understand The Basic Stats

Truthfully enough, winning matches in Badminton Blitz is not entirely dependent on your stats. Naturally, it gives you advantage in different respects, but strategy and reflexes also equally matter as much. There are 5 different stat attributes that affect your performance as a badminton player and each one is as important as the other. Stamina, offense, defense, ball speed, and speed either contribute to helping you score against an opponent or prevent the opponent from scoring against you.

Stamina is a basic attribute that you constantly need to improve on. Every time you move and swing your racket, stamina is consumed. Although it replenishes over time in a match, being engaged in a match long enough can easily deplete your stamina, especially if you constantly move and swing about.

Offense and defense are like 2 sides of the same coin. Having a strong offense can make each shot difficult for your opponent to catch while having a sturdy defense makes it easier to catch whatever is thrown at you. In essence, the challenge in terms of making a successful shot or catch will be dependent on the disparity between each of the stats of each player on the field.

badminton blitz stats

Ball speed relates to how fast you can make the shuttlecock travel with each swing or smash. While most players might assume that a higher offense might affect ball speed as it should, it does not. Speed determines fow fast you can move back or forward to adjust your positioning in the court.

Depending on your play style and preferences, however, some stat attributes may be more appealing than others. In any case, it is best to have a fair understanding of each one as choosing from among the stats which one to prioritize building up is a constant decision point you will encounter.

To start off, you will be made to choose between an offensive player, a defensive one, or a balanced type as you start the game. Offensive types naturally have more offense, making it a little more challenging for opponents to catch the ball or shuttlecock. Defensive players, on the other hand, focus more on defense stats and can find it easier to catch the ball. Balanced type are average in terms of attack and defense stats and do not excel in either. As you reach new levels, these attributes will grow based on your preferred style.

Although you cannot shift to a different style later on, your choice of which racket to equip can influence your overall stats. This can lead to having a multitude of options on the numerous possible stat effects that rackets can provide. Again, the best racket is the one that matches your play style, which should be the basis of which stat attributes you should prioritize.

2. Consider The First Matches As Practice Matches

As a neophyte in any competitive game, you cannot simply expect to start racking up wins as soon as you engage in a match. If you happen to do given your starting stats and beginner badminton racket, then you should consider yourself as either very lucky of very skillful as it can be a challenge for beginners to score a win early on. Setting the right expectations can go a long way and if you only see the first few matches as training sessions, then you will not be discouraged or frustrated with its outcome.

In the same manner, you should not be discouraged from engaging in matches despite experiencing a long streak of losses, even after you feel that you should already start winning. Win or lose, there is always something to earn from each session. You will still earn experience points even if you lose and even lower amounts of trophies contribute towards progression through the achievements and the glory road.

badminton blitz practice match

Beyond quantifiable benefits, you should consider each match as a training session and try to learn as much from your opponent and some mistakes that you also make within it. Despite going through the tutorial can give you a solid idea of what to do, being in an actual match is the best way to familiarize yourself with each action.

One detail to look into is your opponent’s current stat attributes shown before the start of the match. Although you will no longer be able to switch rackets at this point in time, it is still a good idea to take note of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses based on the stats. In case you encounter a player who has higher stats than you in every respect, do not be readily discouraged as you can still win. On the other hand, you should also not underestimate opponents who showcase lower stats than you as their skills in the court can be a surprise as well.

3. Try Out Different Rackets Before Upgrading

Beyond competing in badminton matches against friends and random people online, Badminton Blitz adds more fun and excitement in the assortment of costumes and rackets you can equip and customize your character with. While the former is largely cosmetics and also expensive to tinker with, the latter is as basic as preparing for matches. There are plenty of ways to obtain various rackets for your character, and finding the best one for you should be among the basic tasks you should look into as soon as possible.

Badminton rackets you can acquire come in different rarity grades ranging from D (lowest) to S (highest). Naturally, the class D rackets are the most common and the easiest to obtain, sporting the lowest stats possible at base. Each racket, however, can be upgraded by sacrificing other rackets to feed it EXP and requires a certain amount of gold as well. Higher grade rackets cost more to upgrade as well.

badminton blitz rackets

As it will be easy enough for you to collect a lot of different rackets in a short time, it would be wise to hold off on the upgrades until after you have secured one that you are likely to use for a long time. Since even free chests can reward you with class A rackets, you should wait to receive one until you start expending gold and other rackets to upgrade it.

In some situations, a higher grade racket may not be the best fit for you. Each racket comes with a unique set of stats and not all of these stat attributes go up with each upgrade. As an example, you may obtain the class A racket, Stox-Wind, which can boost your offense tremendously but add 0 to defense. If your play style swerves more towards playing defense or keeping your player balanced, then it will not be a good fit for you. The B-grade Mi-O, on the other hand, will provide less boost for stats but focuses on increasing defense. If you are more of a defensive player, then it might be a better racket for you.

It can happen that you will already be decided on a particular preference when it comes to the stat attribute build of your player. Some players, however, may feel the need to test the waters with different builds before they can decide. In any case, there are benefits to be earned from testing out different types of badminton rackets. As the initial matches you engage in ought to be practice sessions anyway, you should take into consideration trying as many rackets as you can for the duration of your training.

You can click on the “Attribute” icon at the left side of the main screen to customize your player and at the upper right side of the page, tap on the racket button to view your collection and equip your choice of racket. If you see something you like, remember to lock it by ticking on the locked icon at the right side of the panel. Doing so will render it invisible in the upgrade option and ensure that it will not be accidentally sacrificed.

4. Accomplish Tasks And Achievement Objectives

Each match you engage in comes with bits of experience and trophies and each win you bag comes with a free treasure chest. Beyond these immediate rewards to earn from your activities, Badminton Blitz also provides extra avenues for you to earn even more rewards. These come in the form of tasks and achievement objectives that all relate to the usual accomplishments you make in the natural course of progressing through the game.

The tasks, which can be accessed via its icon on the left side of the screen, serves as your daily missions in Badminton Blitz. You can easily achieve a lot of the task objectives even without knowing what they are. For efficiency’s sake, however, it is best to look into each objective early on and let it serve as your guide towards progressing through the game. The tasks laid out are the same each day and you should consider it as a routine to accomplish on a daily basis.

badminton blitz achievements

On top of earning gold, gems, and various items for accomplishing each task, you also earn activity points that can earn you extra rewards at the bottom of the page. You only need to amass 140 activity points to claim the top rewards but if you are very eager to make progress in your virtual badminton career, you should aim to earn all 225 activity points.

The achievement section, which you can access via its icon on the upper left side of the screen, holds a wide range of objectives that serve as your milestones in Badminton Blitz. Naturally, these objectives take a while longer to accomplish than daily tasks but offer great rewards as well.

Beyond the daily tasks and achievements, Badminton Blitz also holds a Glory Road event each month. Each match you engage in, whether you win or lose, earns you trophies. These trophies can earn you rewards from the glory road event, and you can check your progress by clicking on its icon at the upper left side of the screen. There are numerous rare rewards to be earned on top of huge sums of currencies and some of it are difficult or impossible to earn anywhere else.

Given that activity is the only requirement to earn these rewards and that there is nothing in Badminton Blitz that prevents you from playing as much as you desire, then all the rewards from the accomplishment of objectives are practically within your reach. Although there is still the matter of strategizing better and honing better reflexes to be better in each match, dedication and perseverance can help you make tremendous progress in the game.

5. Regularly Claim Free Chests

There are plenty of items available for purchase at the shop, located at the lower leftmost corner of the main screen. While there are some attractive items to spend your hard-earned gems on, the best part of the shop is the victory chest that you can obtain for free, all for the cheap price of watching a 15 to 30-second video ad.

badminton blitz free chests

Each chest contains 1,000 coins a random racket between D grade and A grade. Although it may take a long while before you can chance upon an A grade racket for free, the cool down time for the free chest is only a minute and 30 seconds. More so, there are no limits as to how many you can claim per day, so you can essentially obtain a good racket for free and be able to beef it up at the same time with the other racket freebies.

While playing in matches is not at all that tiring, it may still happen that you are unable to play. The free chests via the shop serves as the perfect alternative to spam on, considering its impact on your progression relative to the rackets and coins you can gain. While taking a break from matches or simply unable to focus on the game, you can just log in and play ads once every 90 seconds to keep on amassing rackets and coins.

6. Employ Basic Match Strategies

Even if you have no knowledge of the actual rules in a badminton match, the means to score and win a match is easily understandable. As we mentioned earlier, Badminton Blitz is easy to learn but difficult to master and beyond practice and patience, you also need to hone up some serious strategies to perform better in each match.

To start off, one of the basic rules to keep in mind is to stay in the middle of the court, or your side of it. If you noticed, most shots will land on either extreme sides of the court, and while you will often have to move back and forward several times within a match, the difficulty lies on having to run from one end of the court to the other just to catch a shot.

Just like in real tennis and badminton matches, the basic strategy to follow is to always move back to the center of the field after successfully receiving the ball. This way, you can freely move back or forward to catch the next shot and save yourself from the hassle of having to run only after the opponent has struck the shuttlecock. It can be a difficult habit to establish early on but once you have the hang of it, it will come as naturally as playing.

Stamina is a very vital aspect of each match and while you would want to constantly be on the move, it is not always necessary. If you have made the habit of always moving back towards the center of the court during the rally, then you will come to discover that being at the center can often leave you with less stamina to spend as you can reach a bit back and forward with close enough shots.

badminton blitz strategies

As much as you always need to ensure that you have plenty of stamina to go with, you should avoid letting it distract you by constantly looking at your stamina bar during the match.

In relation to the stamina bar that may serve as a distraction for you while you are engaged in a match, there are other features of the game that may also swerve your focus away from the match. One of these is the smash button that vibrantly flashes when you are ready to perform a super smash. While the super smash is an excellent weapon that help you score in a match, being distracted by it or attempting to use it at the wrong time can lead to trouble.

Instead of getting a little too excited to use it, make it a habit as well to ignore it right until the right moment comes. In this sense, a smash or a super smash is weighed similarly and should be used only at the precise moment.

As far as strategic plays are concerned, there really is not a lot to know except for being unpredictable. It is one thing if you enter a match against an A.I. and a completely different setting against a real person. What you naturally need to do is come up with surprises every once in a while. As a beginner, there are chance for you to miss a catch right in front of you and the same goes for your opponent.

For more experienced players, however, the rally can go on for a long while without each player earning a score. What you want to usually go for is to play consistent shots up to a number of times before unleashing your score-netting assault. When and how should be entirely up to you.

Lastly, and as basic as it sounds, you should refrain from directly keeping an eye on your character. With much patience and practice, you should be able to know where your character exactly is and can monitor his or her location using your peripheral view. With that parked on the side, you attention should be more focused on where the shuttlecock is and where your opponent is standing. This will eventually lead to not just being able to catch and return the ball to your opponent but also provide you opportunities to plan a little ahead of time.

That is all we have for our Badminton Blitz guide. We hope that you found our article educational and entertaining as well. There are certainly more learnings to obtain from actually spending more time in matches but we are confident that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you will help you yield more wins in future matches and tournaments. If you have spent a great deal of time honing your skills in Badminton Blitz, and chanced upon some unique tricks and strategies in addition to what we shared, be sure to tell us about it in the comments!


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