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Ninja’s Creed Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Every Challenge

Ninja’s Creed is the latest action mobile game from 707 Interactive, which is available on iOS and Android platforms. Like the rest of 707 Interactive’s mobile games, Ninja’s Creed features simple, yet attractive graphics and a straightforward gameplay.

Within a month after its release, the game has easily garnered well over a million downloads from Google Play alone and continues to rake in largely positive user review ratings from both Android and iOS users. If you enjoy sniping action games and in the current lookout for one that allows decent progression in a short span of time, then Ninja’s Creed just might be the game you are looking for!

ninja's creed strategies

At first glance, the idea of being a ninja assassin utilizing bows, crossbow, and other ranged weapons to eliminate targets might seem overwhelming. Following the initial tutorial session, though, and actually experiencing a level with the game’s interface, can quickly make you realize how simple it is to make progress in the game. In a gist, you will clear levels to earn money and then purchase new gears or upgrade them to beat the succeeding levels with relative ease.

As easy as the initial levels appear to be, you can expect Ninja’s Creed to ramp up the challenge level as you progress in your adventure further. If you are looking for faster and more efficient ways of beating every challenge, then read our Ninja’s Creed beginner’s guide below! Our detailed guide comes with loads of tips and strategies that you can use to beat every challenge!

1. Focus On The Main Story Progression

On your first dive into the world of Ninja’s Creed, which is the basic tutorial session, you will be taking on the initial levels of the game. It naturally starts off with the simplest of objectives to familiarize yourself with the basic controls, and should serve as the perfect opportunity to grasp and adjust the control sensitivity as well.

If you feel that each swipe on your device is not producing the best results, you can always head back to the main menu and tinker with it via the options menu at the bottom of the screen. By default, sensitivity is set to 50% and you can adjust the slider left or right based on your preferences. Depending on your device’s capacity, you may also adjust the graphics settings especially if you are experiencing lags or slowdowns. Once you are done with the settings, you can click on the start button at the lower right side of the screen, tap the missions button, and proceed with the main story.

how to progress with the main story fast in ninja's creed

The main story actually provides a simple narrative to immerse you deeper into the lore surrounding the protagonist and the world within Ninja’s Creed. Beyond that, progressing through the main story will initially serve as your key to unlocking the rest of the game’s added features and game modes. The most basic mechanics are actually first encountered within the story mode making it as your best stepping stone to hone your assassination skills and prepare you for the greater challenges in the other game modes.

On top of the main goal, which varies from one stage to the next, there are challenges you can achieve with each attempt as indicated by stars. It is of utmost important to read through both the goal and the challenges although you can clear the mission with only a 1-star rating. Earning more stars in a mission naturally comes with more rewards, and the total amount of stars you earn across all missions also relate to earning additional rewards via the archives.

In any case, what you should focus on initially are the goals, considering that main missions can be revisited after you complete them, anyway. With succeeding levels only becoming available after you complete the first one, you would want to push as far as you can to have more available stages for replaying later on.

Another aspect of the game to consider is the increasing stat requirements that recommend upgrades on your arsenal. As this will be the bulk of where you will need to spend, or rather invest, your hard-earned cash, you would need to constantly grind for more money to sustain the needed or recommended upgrades. In most cases, you can still push through the main missions even without the recommended upgrades but while that will make the run more difficult, it makes completing additional goals impossible.

Once you have reached a point where moving forward in the main story becomes too difficult or impossible, then it is time to venture into the other game modes as well as replay previously conquered levels for some extra cash and potential star earnings.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

Although speed and precision both play an important role in your performance on each level, the latter is more important in our book. You can speed up the targeting part of each assassination attempt in Ninja’s Creed, but if it results in a miss, then the outcome is much worse than taking a little more time to spend on aiming. As such, you should concentrate more on making every shot count, although expectedly, you will take a little more time clearing levels early on.

Main goals in every level require you to eliminate a target or protect someone and in the earlier levels, time offers little to no consequence. As you make progress through the story chapters, though, missions will begin to include completing the level within a certain period of time. In some cases, your targets will move out and away from the screen and the mission fails instantly as soon as they are gone. Likewise, there are armed enemies who can kill you as you try to shoot them down while others may also hurt or eliminate the people you need to protect on the mission.

ninja's creed tricks

Given the unique possibilities that make quick shooting important, it should be noted that rushing to take aim and shoot might cause more harm than help. This relates especially to the arrow limit that your quiver can carry and emptying it out takes a long while for it to replenish its stock. Whenever you shoot at a target and miss, they may behave differently as well. Some will flee the scene and can result in an instant mission fail, while others will fight back and can kill you in time.

For best results, focus on landing accurate shots even if it takes longer. Once you have practiced enough through various levels and scenarios, you will naturally take much less time to aim more accurately. More so, do not let the concept of rushing pressure you into making mistakes and consider it as a distraction even if the mission says otherwise.

3. Upgrade Only When Necessary

As you make progress in the main story, as well as the other game modes in Ninja’s Creed, you will amass cash that will initially be more than enough to purchase several upgrades at a time. Every bit of upgrade has its perks, of course, and will contribute to a better performance in the succeeding levels you use them on. There are 6 stats you need to work on and each upgrade can improve 1 to 3 different stats at a time.

To give you a better understanding of each available stat you will need to improve on, we will run through each one briefly. Damage relates to the destructive strength of each shot you unleash and while the lowest amount of it can still penetrate through human targets early on, some targets later will not be killed in one shot. This stat is affected by the arrow rest, arrow, and bow-grip upgrades.

The bow’s range determines how far you can shoot and given the variability of distances your targets can offer, you would naturally want to have this at its peak to ensure that each shot can reach the target. This can be improved with arrow rest and bow-grip upgrades.

ninja's creed upgrades

Your bow’s stability can be noticed when you are at rest and currently aiming at your target. In the earlier levels, where your bow’s stability is practically at base level, you will notice that your aim will not stay in place all through out. To eliminate the diminutive shaking, stability needs to be improved and both bow-grip and bow string upgrades can increase stability.

Accuracy works much like stability except it affects the disparity between your aim and the actual spot where the arrow lands. It is hardly noticeable in earlier stages and has less impact on shorter-ranged targets but once you are required to shoot enemies far from you, accuracy will play a very vital role in the success of your assassination. The mechanical part of your bow is the only one that relates to an improvement in accuracy.

Improving your quiver size means having more arrows in stock. If you play enough through the main story missions, some of the goals will actually require all your arrow in stock to eliminate all targets and without enough arrows, the time it would take to replenish extra ones will more likely result in a failed mission run. Only the quiver upgrade can increase this stat.

Last, but definitely not the least, is reload. As multiple targets become a common aspect of your goal in latter missions, you will need all the arrows in your quiver to accomplish the quest. It takes a while to reload early on, making it very difficult to complete the goal if you miss a shot. By upgrading the arrow and your quiver, reload time will be lessened bit by bit and while it can be hard to notice and appreciate, it does contribute to your overall performance.

While every bit of upgrade is important, you will have to work well within your budget and save up for future ones even if you still have some extra cash. Whenever you select a stage that requires specific stats that are higher than what you currently have, you can instantly move to the upgrade window and purchase what you need before proceeding to the mission at hand.

In this sense, it is best to follow the recommended stats provided at the start of every mission instead of upgrading blindly and consequently not meeting the required stats for a given mission. Naturally, continuous progression through the missions will sooner or later still leave you needing enough money to support the rising cost of subsequent upgrades. Beyond moving forward with new missions, though, there are replays as well as other means of earning extra cash.

4. Take On Bounties For Extra Cash

Every mission you take on as you hunt people down as an assassin in Ninja’s Creed consumes stamina. You have a maximum of 10 stamina, which is enough to do 10 missions, unless you attempt and fail in some of them. Stamina replenishes once every 7 minutes, though, and the first replenishment is free.

Every mission you take on earns you experience and as you reach new levels, you will earn gems and have your stamina restored to full. For the most part, you will level up in earlier stages faster and will most likely get a full refill of stamina before you run out of it. The more pressing concern is running out of cash as you will constantly need to spend it on upgrades. Although progressing through the main story missions will net you bigger lumps of cash, spending time as a bounty hunter will yield cash faster, although initially at smaller amounts each time.

how to earn extra cash in ninja's creed

The bounty hunter side missions are among the first to be available to you as you progress through the story mode. If you are in a pinch as far as story progression and cash are concerned, then this should be where you spend your extra stamina on. Bounties are typically missions with a single target and while some will be a little harder than the usual, difficulty is not progressively increasing.

One trick to make it easier for you to complete bounties is to browse through the scenario even before starting the mission. In some cases, you can already see the target even before the mission starts. As some of the crowds and scenarios can be littered with details and other people, grabbing a pre-mission advantage is the best way to go.

There are daily tasks and hunting lists as well that add unique game modes to Ninja’s Creed. Daily tasks provide huge rewards but only has 1 mission for you daily. Hunting list can be a tough level to complete and typically has a huge gap in stat requirements compared to the previous one. There are also armed conflicts that require you to own specific sub weapons before you can engage the missions. In any case, be sure to look into both these added features whenever they are available and accomplish tem if you can.

5. Swipe And Release When The Crosshairs Reach Your Target

In most FPS games, the usual control scenario is that you will swipe and hold the virtual d-pad in place as you attempt to perfectly lock your sights on your target before actually shooting. As a force of habit, you will more likely keep holding down on the virtual d-pad even as you charge up your bow for that killing shot. This will in turn result into potential shaking and goes against the bow’s imperfect level of stability.

The rationale behind the need to keep holding down the virtual d-pad in most conventional FPS games is the need to be very mobile given that multiple targets may require varying levels of prioritization as far as shooting goes. In most sniping games, which relates to the gameplay of Ninja’s Creed more, you would want to lock on the target firmly and avoid unnecessary movements as you take your shot.

ninja's creed tips

It may take some time getting used to but you will certainly feel the improved shots once you make a habit of releasing the d-pad once your crosshairs align with your target, or a target’s head to be more specific. What you would typically do with this strategy on is keep swiping until you find the sweet spot and charge your bow at the same time then release the d-pad before releasing the shot.

In time, there will most likely be a longer gap between the releases of both holds as you may swipe faster and more accurately with repetitive experience.

6. Mark Your Targets Predictively

There would be hardly any challenge in Ninja’s Creed if your targets are inanimate objects. As most of your objectives involve humans as targets, it can only be expected that they will move around. Some are immobile, making shots very easy but some will move from one place to the next. Although mobile, some of your human targets will pause in-between short walks unless they are alerted by a missed shot or a dead body close to them.

In any case, your primary instinct may prompt you to chase a moving target, constantly swiping to the pace of their movement as you wait for them to pause or until you are certain you have a clear shot. It may work in some cases but the farther the target is from you, the more difficult it will become for you to nail a shot on a moving target perfectly.

ninja's creed targets

Instead of reactively chasing down your target, however, the better alternative is to employ a predictive approach. Although some moving enemies will change the direction of their walk or run, their paths will never curve. This means that enemies will only be able to travel in a straight line, making it a little easier for you to predict where they will be in advance. In this sense, you can always swipe away to the spot where they will be in the next half-second or so, and you will be ready to shoot a little ahead of time.

Following this strategy also makes it easier to land a headshot when needed, although most shots you land on enemies are practically critical hits. It may take time to adjust your pre-emptive shot based on the target’s distance from you although it hardly makes difference. Mastering this skill is very essential when you are tasked to eliminate multiple targets and there are no workarounds against the others trying to flee as soon as you kill the first one.

7. Use Your Eagle And The Environment Wisely

Your bow, hidden weapon, and crossbows are not the entirety of armaments at your disposal as there are unique and creative ways to dispose of your targets or make it much easier for you to spot your objective. You will be able to utilize your eagle within the tutorial session and make spotting a target among the crowd of people a lot easier.

Expectedly, the eagle-eyed vision you can temporarily revel in will not be abused, given that it takes a long while for it to cool down and become available again. With that, it is very important to hold off on using it until extremely needed.

how to use your eagle and the environment in ninja's creed

Beyond your eagle, there are a lot of objects in the environment that you can use to eliminate targets or distract them. This is why it becomes important to look at the scenario well before starting the mission, on top of trying to locate targets described in the mission. Initially, it will not be easy to spot items that you can shoot at for varied effects but some have a distinct glow whenever you aim your shots at them.

Chandeliers, for example, have wires that can be snapped using your arrows and it can drop down and crush your enemies. There are bottles you can smash to separate groups of enemies and make it a whole lot easier to dispose of them without alerting the others. Always keep a keen eye on these details as it will make your mission a lot easier.

8. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Video ads have always been linked to free mobile games, especially casual games that hardly offer any premium items. As some games may be a bit more persistent in playing video ads devoid of any affirmation from players, this set up can be a turn-off for some players. While Ninja’s Creed do contain video ads, the ads will only be played if you choose them to. For the most part, though you would probably want more opportunities to play some video ads as each instance of doing so earns you much needed resources to progress your hero.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to earn cash and gems in Ninja’s Creed without subscribing to ad boosters. From actively completing missions and reaching levels down to reaching certain star counts within the archives, the pace is good enough to make you feel the progress that you are making. By playing ads whenever an opportunity to do so becomes available, however, you can speed up the grind for cash and gems and be able to afford upgrades much sooner.

how to earn free diamonds in ninja's creed

For starters, you can play a 15 to 30-second video ad after each mission to double your cash rewards. This becomes even more important as you take on higher-paying missions within and outside the main story. On certain occasions, an ad opportunity will pop up on the main screen to offer you 20 diamonds if you choose to play an ad, this can be spotted at the upper left side of the main screen as well. As diamonds are the premium currency in Ninja’s Creed and much more challenging to farm, you should grab every opportunity to earn them for free.

Note that some of the weapons you can purchase are exclusively available only with gems. As such, you should strive to earn every bit of gems you can get your hands on to be able to secure a better gear for your arsenal.

And that’s the end of it for our Ninja’s Creed beginner’s guide and we hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed preparing it. We likewise anticipate that your assassination performances after reading our guide will improve and are confident as well that you will be on your way to dominating each level. If you have played Ninja’s Creed as much and have stumbled upon a unique tip, trick, or strategy in addition to what we have mentioned, be sure to let us know about it in the comment area!


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