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Bacon Escape Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Extending Your Runs

Illusion Labs has released a new iOS game called Bacon Escape, the same company that gave us Mr. Crab 2, an “App Store Best of 2016” game. In Bacon Escape, you play the role of a pig who’s trying to escape prison and make it to the imaginatively-named Happyplace, which is just that – a happy place for pigs. You’ll be chased by your zeppelin-riding captors, and as you keep running through 3D mountains, deserts, cities, and other landscapes, it’s basically a run to freedom. An endless run to freedom, that is.

When it comes to endless runners, it tends to be a case of “you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.” But even if there are so many similar mechanics shared in titles filed under this casual genre, most good endless runners have their own unique features. And we want to help you figure things out and make it as far as possible in this game, so read on if you’re looking for some Bacon Escape cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Skull Signs Mean Danger

You will encounter quite a few devices in the in-game world, and some of these devices may be unfamiliar to you; most of the time, it’s best to see how the devices or contraptions work. But you should also keep your eyes peeled for the signpost with a skull. That’s usually a sign that the next contraption could end your run and kill you if you’re unprepared. Tap ahead to find out how the device works, but always be prepared by looking out for those skull signs.

2. Button-Mashing Is Strongly Discouraged

We see this too often from mobile gamers – in an attempt to brute-force their way through the game, they tend to do a mobile version of button-mashing, or tap like their character’s life depended on it. In the early levels, it’s not much of a problem if you’re the type who taps wildly and indiscriminately, but you will reach a point where there will be more traps to watch out for; your taps will need to be more accurate , as moving quickly without any attention paid to your surroundings would only doom your run at the end of the day.

3. What Are Apples And How Can You Use Them?

We sort-of get why apples are used as currency in Bacon Escape, but they’re not your garden-variety, basic currency – this is your premium currency, and you will normally spend them on reviving your character ASAP. You may choose to spend your apples on animal characters and carts, but your apples will still be best-spent if you’re using them on revives. Look for the apple signs while you’re on a run, and follow them – while the skull signs are a warning that danger is ahead, apple signs are, quite obviously, your instant ticket to more apples. They’ll show you paths that have apples to be found in them, though the caveat here is that they will usually be split paths.

4. What’s The Deal With The Different Carts?

It seems that Illusion Labs had tried to set things up in such a way that the various carts available to unlock are truly different from each other, not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of weight. We’re not sure whether those weights have some sort of bearing or if the weights are just empty stats, but it looks like it’s a case of the latter; a good number of gamers have noticed that cart weight doesn’t influence how quickly or how slowly they move. In other words, there might not be any difference at all between the big and the small trucks.

It would have been cool if the smaller carts that don’t weigh that much would effortlessly be launched off ramps, or if the heavier ones would be more durable, albeit slower. But just like the alternate characters, it looks like the carts are merely different aesthetically, and that the weights are numbers that give Bacon Escape a fancier, less casual feel.

5. Color Confusion

At first, all the traps would be of one color, but you will eventually be faced with the red traps. These can be deactivated through tapping and holding; as long as your finger is holding down on your device’s screen, the trap will turn on or off, or may also move. Letting go will allow the trap to reactivate. For those who are just starting out, the standard blue traps can be activated with one tap, and that’s a completely different mechanic from that of the red traps. Still, it can be confusing once the red traps make their presence felt, so make sure you’re focusing intently so you don’t get confused between red and blue!

This wraps up our list of tips, tricks and cheats for Bacon Escape. In case you know more hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section!