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Tiny Gladiators Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Help You Win More Battles

Ready to enter the arena and defeat some enemies in gladiator fights? Well, now’s the time for you to do so, as BoomBit has just released Tiny Gladiators for iOS and Android devices. The game is a mix of fighting titles and RPGs, and you will be heading off to four distinct regions, with each of these regions chock full of enemies to defeat. But defeating these garden-variety gladiators is not the only thing you need to do here – you’ve also got bosses to deal with among your enemies. And as you beat more of them, you will be uncovering a mystery and achieving your ultimate goal, which is to find out the fate of your father. Of course, you’ll have to upgrade existing skills, learn new ones, and buy new gear in order to make your gladiator sharper in battle.

Want to learn what to do to improve your gladiator and to win more battles, including those against the bosses? Want to get closer to achieving the ultimate goal and solving the aforementioned mystery? We’ve got answers to those questions and many more, as our Tiny Gladiators strategy guide hopes to cover all of the important points for players of all levels of expertise.

1. Use The Jump Attacks

When fighting an enemy gladiator, it’s important to hit them, but just as important to avoid getting hit. And there are few safer approaches in these fights than attacking while your character is jumping. Charging at your opponent with all-out offense is usually a shortcut to defeat, as opponents can easily string together a flurry of blows that will leave you unable to fight back. What you want to do instead is to keep yourself safe from damage, or as safe as you possibly could. All characters in this can do double jumps, so you can attack while doing a double jump to ensure you’re even safer. You will lose forward momentum, as is always the case when you’re making these aerial attacks, but on the plus side, this could allow you to string together a combo of your own.

2. Defense Trumps Offense, So Make Sure To Block

Again, we cannot stress this enough – trying to win fast and furious by charging at the enemy is all well and good, if losing often and losing fast is your idea of a fun gaming experience. We know that’s not the case, and since we want to help you win those battles more often than not, we would strongly advise you to block enemy attacks. While blocking, which is done by holding back or away from an attacking opponent, doesn’t entirely cancel out damage, it does significantly reduce it.

3. How To Block Smartly

While still on the topic of blocking, we might as well teach you how to block smartly. We would suggest blocking when your opponent is getting up after being knocked down, or when they’re launching jump attacks of your own. You will end up knocking down your opponent if you’re able to come up with a full combo string. Once your opponent is knocked down, you can still attack them, but they won’t get knocked back for about a couple seconds or so. As the computer AI can get predictable (doesn’t it always?), AI enemies usually attack the moment they get up. Make sure to be ready to block when this happens.

As for blocking enemies who are making aerial attacks, it would depend whether they’re controlled by the AI or another human player. When it comes to AI opponents, they tend to leap around with little reason or rhyme, but they can sometimes smarten up and try for an aerial slam on you. Your goal when blocking is to prevent enemy combos, but you should also look both ways, as opponents can sometimes leap to a point where they end up behind you. As such, you might end up blocking the opposite direction, and you do not want this to happen.

4. Stars Aren’t Important In Your First Try

Each of the battles in Tiny Gladiators are graded by a star system – your health should be above a certain level/percentage at the end of a battle in order for you to get so many stars. But you shouldn’t trouble yourself over getting three-star levels right from the get-go, especially if you’re a beginner. The difficulty level of the gladiator fights increases progressively, and quite rapidly – that means you’re sure to squeak by with one-star levels early on in the game. You can always replay those battles once you’ve improved your character far enough, and not only will that get you the stars you had missed previously (assuming your health is high enough), this is also a great way for you to farm for coins.

5. What Chests Should You Buy?

There are two chests which you can buy in this game, a common, cheap one that costs only 200 gold, and a more premium one that costs 2,500 gold. A two-star 200 gold chest will come with gear whose power levels are at 180 to 240, but the four-star 2,500 gold chest has gear rated at 205 to 350 – consider that improvement, especially on the high end! At first, you’ll have no choice but to buy the two-star chests – you can, at the very least, hope for some solid gear to start you off. But once you’ve bought and opened a few of these cheaper chests, you should start saving up for the four-star chests. You’ve got one per day of the latter available to open for free, so turn your phone’s notifications on so you can open these chests once they’re ready!

6. As Usual, Your Passive Skills Can Often Be More Important

It’s common for gamers to focus solely on the active skills, yet neglect the passive skills. This oftentimes bears repeating, but you should never fall into such a trap! In Tiny Gladiators, you’ve got two active skills and two passive skills, and those latter skills tend to be more important than the active ones in both cases. Your first passive skill increases your max health by a given percentage. Make sure you’re upgrading this skill early on, because it could improve your chances of getting two or three stars in a level, instead of one. You’ll have more health for the enemy to chip away at, making it likelier you’ll end up with more than one if you upgrade this first passive skill early on.

Health regeneration is the second passive skill, and it is, once again, a percentage-based way system that’s in play here. Investing points in this skill means you’ll regenerate health faster while in the middle of a battle. While you may not notice a difference once you spend a few points for the first time, the effect will be much greater once you move on to later fights and find yourself regenerating faster than you ever imagined.

7. Keep Upgrading Your Character

We shouldn’t even be mentioning this, but relying on max health increases and faster health regeneration is not going to cut it by itself. What you should do is to upgrade your character constantly, as you’ll still want to deal out a lot of damage when you’re up against computer or human-controlled opponents. Yes, it’s true that the above passive skills are very important, but they might not mean a thing if your character isn’t upgraded on a regular basis.

These would be our tips and tricks for BoomBit’s new mobile game, Tiny Gladiators. If you know additional hints for the game, feel free to drop us a line below!

I am Lambert

Friday 25th of August 2017

No Wayne. Neither you can buy not you can earn. Just what you have to do is change player in the beginning of the game. Each player has it's abilities. Choose one from them and begin the game. Remember the game will be started from stage 1. But you'll have your gold and coins as per the previous player plus your weapons. Good luck. If any issue occurs then ask me. :)


Tuesday 15th of August 2017

Hello I have a question maybe you can help... how does someone acquire whirlwind and earthquake moves, can you buy them or earn them or what. I would like to add those skills/moves to my fighter.