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Asphalt Street Storm Racing Cheats, Tips & Hints for Advanced Players

It wasn’t too long ago when we talked about Asphalt Street Storm Racing, the new iOS racing game from Gameloft. Just like in previous releases such as the CSR and Nitro Nation games, this new title puts you behind the wheel of any one of several high-performance cars, as you take part in drag races against human and AI opponents alike. And when it comes to its differentiating factors, this is one of the few titles we know where you can race against three other human opponents, not to mention a game where you’ve got a ton of parts to upgrade. Can you choose the right mix of upgrades and defeat everyone in campaign mode, or defeat an opponent with pink slips – the other racer’s car – as the stakes?

Our first Asphalt Street Storm Racing strategy guide was rather comprehensive, as we talked about tips and tricks mainly designed for beginner to intermediate drivers. Now we’re going to up the ante a bit, as we now focus on advanced tips in this new strategy guide. Still, if you aren’t too experienced and haven’t been playing this game for too long, you might find a tip or two in here to be rather useful.

1. Take Part In The Champions Clash

Want to win a ton of rewards, including deliveries, but most especially a lot of cash and diamonds? You’ll then want to get your fame rating up to the 950 mark and race in the Champions Clash. This is a special game mode where you compete against human opponents over a period of three days, with the races taking place in the evening in a pouring rain (in-game, not in the real world – you can race here at any time!), and specific requirements for each day – for example, you may need to switch to a turbocharger, race without nitrous, etc., in order to qualify.

Based on what we’ve observed, the opponents in the Champions Clash are just as weak as the ones you encounter in regular races – it may be on account of the fact that this is a new game, and not too many players are taking advantage of the multiplayer features. Regardless, it should be a breeze to rank among the top players and get the top prize. And that top prize could just net you more than enough currency to buy a new and better car!

2. Be Careful When Upgrading Superchargers And Turbos

Due to the above restrictions, you will still have to install a supercharger AND a turbocharger. But be careful not to spend too much on one over the other! Generally, both supercharger and turbo offer a similar effect on your car’s overall rating, so there doesn’t seem to be any preferred choice when deciding which to equip on your ride for the next race, in terms of performance. But keeping the Champions Clash restrictions in mind, we would recommend applying one upgrade to one of these parts (for Champions Clash), and several upgrades to the other (for campaign races), and only leveling up the part you’re using for Champions Clash purposes if the competition suddenly gets too tough for comfort.

3. Take Note Of The Percentages In The Upgrade Section

While still in the topic of upgrades, we’d like to remind you of something we said in the general strategy guide for beginners/intermediate players – listen when the game tells you to upgrade all part categories evenly. Failure to do so may result in problems on the racetrack – you may have a harder time winning races, or even making perfect starts and shifts. And when talking about making sure your car is as balanced as possible, you should be looking at the percentages next to the part categories. These will tell you how far you’ve gone in the upgrade tree, so you want to avoid one category being substantially more or less upgraded than the others.

4. Upgrade Only If You Can’t Beat The Next AI Opponent

Although a lot of the upgrades may appear to be affordable on the outset, the drawback here is that there are a ton of parts, all of which need to be leveled up at one point or another in order to increase your rating and ensure a balanced ride. That’s going to cost you a lot of money, to say little of all the time you have to wait in order for the upgrades to complete. As such, you’re better off upgrading only if you can’t beat the next AI opponent.

5. The Videos Don’t Always Work

Not really much of a tip, but more of expectation-setting here. You may be wondering why the options to watch ad videos aren’t always available in Asphalt Street Storm Racing. We’re not quite sure why this is the case, apart from the fact that Gameloft has just released the title. But we’ve noticed that ad videos for cash or speeding up upgrades or speeding up car deliveries aren’t just sometimes, but often not an option after all. We hope this is something Gameloft sorts out in a future update, as it can really get tedious to wait for those upgrades to be finished.

6. Only One Car Per Class

Here’s another money-saving tip for those who are focused mainly on keeping their cash reserves as intact as possible for upgrades, or breezing through the campaign races. As each of the game areas (New York, Paris, Hong Kong) have specific car class requirements for you to race in them, you’re best off taking the one-car-per-class route until you’ve completed the campaign mode, or unless they’re required for you to progress.

7. How To Get More Blueprints

We briefly touched on blueprints in the first strategy guide, so let’s talk about how you can get more of them – you’ll need a total of six blueprints specific to a certain car in order to unlock it.

Basically, it’s all about deliveries and logging in regularly. Deliveries often come with blueprints inside, and you can get them by doing well in the Champions Class, or by completing achievements. You can also spend your gems to buy deliveries, although you’ll need to strike a balance between saving your gems for vehicles that can only be purchased with them, and spending them on deliveries.

You can also get car blueprints by logging in to the game – blueprints are available every few days or so as rewards for daily logins, so make sure you’re opening the game at least once a day, even if you have no plans of taking part in any races due to a busy schedule. Just wait until the game prompts you to claim the rewards and you’re good.